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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

two films to avid and one to watch
Busy weekend. spiders on Friday night, Yanesha dropped by on Saturday, then spiders on the evening. Kelly came back for a post club beverage. On Sunday night Yanesha came round to cook tea for me -she did a really good prawn in hot sauce dish and introduced me to okra which I'd never encountered before. Amy came by on the bank holiday monday evening with some beers and I cooked us both a stir fry. Aside from being sociable I've also been working on the pond and lined the edge with pavers and lined them with pebbles rocks and stones -sounds wierd I know but looks good. Dante is still drinking ot of it though. Started training my leaning dwarf conifer. Planning to go to Eating The Elephant on Thursday night, seems a few people I know may be there. Better drag my self to training tomorrow.

Spoke to Sassi very briefly on MSN Messenger on Sunday. She finishes university imminently, then she'll be heading into the fast moving exciting world of accounting ;p Well whatever works for her. Been talking to Vicky on myspace this evening and watched a film called Serenity from Joss Wedon (or however you spell it) it was pretty cool. I'd reccomend it. Actually on the film front two films to avoid are "Magnolias" which was 3 hours of shite with a "what's the fucking point of that!?" ending, and "Sideways" which is allegedly an intelligent black comedy. In fact it's some far side of middle aged divorcee who drinks too much skating on the edge of depression and breakdown whilst arguing with his mate who's trying to help the whinging bastard -after 45 minutes I had to turn it off.

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