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Friday, April 28, 2006

Time out
At last I have two weeks of no uni and no placement and best of all no coursework. Nice. Tought I'd sort out the garden a bit. Whoever said gardening is a relaxing pastime has obviously never seen my garden. what a garden is really is a collection of trees and plants battling for resources and trying to choke, starve and strangle each other whilst the wildlife tries to kill everything indiscriminately. I found a tree in the corner of the garden had been making a break towards the centre of the garden. i kid you not. The tunk was about 40 degrees from horizontal and it had curved toward the centre. Never thought a tree could move so much. Part of the reason is it's fight with the bush thing next to it, they're always jostling for space. I sepent n hour sharpening and fire hardening timber to make stakes to hold it in place and hopefully train it into the shape I want. It's a fucksight taller now so fingers crossed it'll start to grow upwards instead of sidways. Cut the grass, it's a mess tho, gonna have to do alot of patching on it.

I've had 3 dwarf confiers in pots for two or three years and they're pretty root bound y now so I've decied to try and make them into bonsai. Done one as a formal upright, remains to be seen if it survives tho :-s think I'll do one in the slanting style as it had tilted in the pot anyway and been growing llike that for a while. Also have a ficus I've had for years that needs the roots pruning, think I'll repot that as a clump bonsai perhaps.

Spent yesterday at Christines. We worked on the mess that is her garden. Both strimming at the same time we got it done. I found with the safety guard removed I could have a longer strimmer wire and cut more with it. My legs are still tingly and itchy from all the stings from diced bits of nettle tho. Her garden really needs turning over completely, leveling and planting from scratch. We then went to get frogspawn from her mums pond to populate mine with but it'd sunk so we only got 3 eggs in the end -she's gonna get me some from the church pond at some point :)

Today I hired a dinner suit for the HAGS ball. That's next friday. And bought pavers and cement to redo the pond edge -decided I don't like the way it loks at the moment so changing it. Looks like I'll have to sell off some Kenmare shares this month to meet the expenses I'm incurring.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another birthday
Just finished being 32. This blog is now 3 years old. Spent tonight talking on MSN to (Manchester)Vicky and Sam then swapped a few texts with Kelly. It's been a pretty bad year in retrospect but it's had it's good points, such as meeting Christine, Sassi, Mark, Adam, Vicky, Kate, (Manchester)Vicky, Kelly, a few other people. So as the lovebites of Friday night fade (thank fuck!) I start new year. Anything can happen, although it may not, and although things may not get better they might get no worse. I've no idea what the year holds but fingers crossed it's gonna be a good one. Not seeing much of Christine these days. hmm.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter. Woopifucking doo..
Good friday came and went -what's good about it? Everywhere is closed, couldn't got training or to my usuall friday night haunt. Went out for a drink with a colleague to meet a couple of mates at a pub in town. Fucking hell town is expensive place to drink in. Anyway it was an ok evening got back and had some wine. On the Saturday went to Lund pub to meet a few people, all couples, and all heavily pregnant.. hohum.. then to spiders for drinks and drinks. Easter sunday I was mooching around the house being a pissed off lil bugger as I do now and then when Amy came online and we decided to head out for a drink. she put some makeup over some bitemarks I had acquied earleir in the week -bite marks.. I ask you. Gross things.. we wound up going for a meal and to the Piper lub. Got home and Amy decided she needed another bottle of wine so we got one. Easter Monay today -but that's really just another suckass Sunday. Bit of a dull day, chatted to a few people on MSN. Just spent nearly 3 hours on the phone to Christine, I think we've put the world to rights -or about as right as it's gonna get.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy Bee
Well it's been a while, yet again.. That's probably a good thiing tho as it means I've been a busy bee. Finished last placement ok, got the CAP document done -all 6000 words of the thing. Currently working on a very dull essay. Socially it's been a busy time, went out for Tat's birthday for some drinks then a meal then more drinks then to Sassi's birthday. Went for a drink with Amy and her mate a couple of weekends back before I went to spiders and she went to Attic. Wound up going to meet her in Zebra afterwards -that place is a fucking hole so I shan't be going there again! Anyway there was some guy out who had a crsh on her and unfortunately had a pink and purple stripey jumper -guess he must've borrowed it from his sister or his gay cousin perhaps? He wasn't too impressed when Amy left with me hohum.. you'd think he'd've got the message but talking to Amy later he evidently hadn't.. Well she's doing ok anyways, working on the same essay as me. Actualy she just got diagnosed dyspraxic which is a pain but probably explains her bruises for her -that and gets her a grant from the LEA for some pretty cool kit like I got for being dyslexic.

Went out a couple of times for drinks with Vicky, she's got back with her ex -which isn't a bad thing. Kelly is back out again after her 9 weeks of staying in with a busted bone great to see her out again. Bumping into Christine in Spiders quite a bit, which is a good thing. didn't see her for a while and rather missed her smiley drunken way. She came round for some wine a few nights back. I think we met at the wrong time and fucked things up, life's a bitch tho -what can you do? Anyway it seems we've got alot of unresolved stuff between us and still mean alot to each other which is good and bad at the same time. I was talking it over with Cat and it was looking bizzarely like I was growing up but then on Monday night it turned out that's not to be anytime soon. Life's a bitch. Just been to Uni with Yanesha this lunchtime -she had a library book to return that I wanted to use for my assignment. We had some coffee and a natter, don't think I've really spoken to her properly before, anyway I invited her round for tea tonight.

Been training alot lately which I think is a good thing. Even managed last Saturday :) Kinda achey just now tho. Decided to try and improve my health, and just bought a nice heavy Judo suit which should make the Friday Kata sessions more physically challenging for me. Well gonna try and go for a swim now then read through these dull library books looking for stuff to reference in my dull essay.

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