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Monday, March 06, 2006

Death, near death, new aquaintances and alcohol
Haven't blogged on here for ages. Someone in my class died on Thursday night whilst driving home from uni. That was quite surreal, strange to see so many people so upset -including the ones who started the course this year and hadn't even known her a month. Class got cancelled and we drank alotta coffee then went to Sanctuary (the student union) and the Gardeners Arms. When I left I stopped by Sassi's on the way. I thought I popped in for five minutes had a cuppa and left but later Sassi told me I'd been there for over an hour and they weren't sure if I was awake or not for most of that time. Oops.. well drinking from 11:30 before dinner is obviousy not a good idea. Don't think I've mentioned Sassi on here before, we've had friends in common and been around the same places for years but not really spoken much untill relatively recently.

Later I went to Spiders. Had a dull night really, I was tired and and drank myself sober. Shared a taxi to Sassi's place aterwards. Walking home at a qurter to 4 in the morning someone tried to run me over. Quite annoying, he had to sswerve across the road to hit me but I moved between parked cars and he missed.

Was going to go to 'Rock The Rez' on Saturday but at the last minute decided I couldn't be arsed. After a few texts from Sassi I decided to go out afterall and grabbed a black cab down to uni. Glad i did. There weren't many people I new in there, Just Sassi, Millie, Claire and a girl called Vicky I'd spoken to briefly ast week in Spiders. Had a few email conversations with Vicky during the week. I spent most of the evening talking to her. Afterwards there wa a prty at Sassi, Fiona and Malin's place. I walked up there with Vicky. She's rather nice, certainly smiles alot. We got there and had a drink, and nater. didn't see much of Sassi unfortunately. Then eventually I headed off and walked home Vicky along with Sheridan. We popped into hers for a cuppa then I left at around 4 or 5 walking home through what was left of the snow. Got home used a nearby skip to disose of some old skirting board then spent an hour on the phone with Kelly (who hasn't been out for ages thanks to a broken ankle).

Woke up on sunday after a couple of hours sleep with a cold, annoying -and my own fault really from spending so much time walking in the snow ,grr> coulda stopped at Sassi's on Friday and didn't really need to walk Vicky home on the Saturday afterall. Got a text message off Vicky, nice, spent the day doing very little other than chatting with her, Sassi and Amy on MSN messenger. Rang in sick today, spending the day being knackered and feeling rough. Had 2000mg of vitamin C so far, probably double that by evening.

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