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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nights out and cunts
well a couple of people will be a bit dissapointed as seem to have fallen into some kind of relationship with the colleague I went out for a drink with. She's rather nice so it's all good ;) Had a surreal onversation with Christine about it so we're no longer doing the casual (but damnably good) sex thing together. She's talking to her ex again and not sure what's going on but she's still happy and smiley.

Went to spiders on Friday, spent alot of it talking to Sassi. Afterwards went to the Office with goth Laura and two other people. Had a couple of beers, not really interested in paying for a dance although Laura had a few. A ladyfriend's mobile phone number has appeared on my mobile, that must've been from Friday night too.

Last night went to Spiders with Cat, Amy met us in there -her first time there in ages. I'd been hoping to bump into Kelly but she'd left ill before I saw her. Went back to mine and shared a bottle of wine with Amy :)

This morning found some fucking cunt has smashed a window on my car. Turns out the fucker smashed about 30 car windows on mine and neighbourig streets. Luckily he got caught by an off duty pig. Fucking amazed that the local farce actually caught someone to bue honest. I'm out of pocket £60 excess plus gonna have to not go to placement tomorrow whilst I wait for it to be fixed. My placement isn't a part of town you want to park a car with a window missing.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

After the drunken friday night what I really needed was a quiet night in. But as if that was ever gong to happen. Instead I went for a drink with a girl outta my class. Went to Pave for beers then the Piper for more beers, apple sourz and sambuca. After kicking out from there went back to mine and polished off two bottles of Cava and half a bag of crisps between us. At some point Billy dropped by around 3 and was surprised to see company. Saw a side to Amelia I'd never seen before, turns out she's not always the shy quiet creature she appears to be. Twas a very cool evening :)

Went to visit a relative in hospital today. My folks were there and my aunt, who as usuall asked me if I was "courting". I said I wouldn't really call it that but kind of. So then she went into stupid questions mode about my lovelife/sexlife which yeah I really do want to discuss with her and my folks, not. Had a look at the ill relatives observations which was interesting kindof. After what seemeed like an age but was probably just a half hour I got tired of the deaf and don't listens saying what and went home.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back at the office
Busy bee. Back at uni and so on. Still oing to Spiders alt. Been talking to Kelly quite a bit. Not seen or heard anything of the ex since before xmas. Went to Spiders last night and then a few of us headed off to The Office for a change. I didn't actually go for the dancers just the beer :) Spent most of the time there talking to Suzanne. One tof the dancers was there witha broken collar bone. I sorted her sling when we were leaving. Taxied home and found Kelly online around 5am. Feeling rough at the moment. Supposed to be out tonight with a colleague.

Just downloaded aload of Transvision Vamp videos. Cool.. feeling a bit rough and wondering if there's more to life -it'll pass tho..

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Friday, January 06, 2006

A burning thing
Got a package from thailand today. It was my fire poi :) Woohoo! gave them a quick test spin in the garden. Managed not to burn myself! Whilst spinning (with a neighbour watching from a back window) I noticed that I was much more carefull with the things on fire. Must be a subconcious self preservation thing. I found spinning the fire poi quite an adrenalin rush, much more so than using my regular heavy poi. Unfortunately after refueling and having a another session this evening one of the poi hit me in the head and broke [grr] seems the link joining the chain to the wick wasn't too good I checked the unbroken one and could see it had started to open too. Cheap shite I guess. Could'a been pretty nasty. Is it was the broken burning wick ricocheted off my head and hit the ground burning a few leaves on the oldest of three yukka in my garden. Thank fuck it didn't go into someone elses garden! The centre of the wick is a thin metal tube and that cut me as it hit me but ot to badly. I've washed out all the carbon as I didn't fancy being tattooed. Just ordered some new fire poi from a uk firm.

Whilst they were working they were cool as hell anyway. The noise of the flames wizzing round is really something. Looking forward to getting my new ones :) Just been checking fire poi safety inof on the web. I did remove my top and wear close fitting thick denim but next time I'll wet my hair too as the one theat hit me did singe and eyebrow -don't think anyone'll notice it tho hehe (phew!)

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 starts pt II
Went to Kellys mate's house with a bottle of cava in my cot pocket. Almost everyone else had hit the hay. We messed around in the kitchen for a while (no, not like that you sick pervs!) and talking -ok piss taking really. She's had a text from a male friend who was a bit intimidated by the spiky haired bloke hehe. Met her mate Lee. We carried on drinking I got a few names wrong. "Start the year as you mean to finish it!" was the catchphrase of the night. Eventually the telly came on as people started waking up. The mother of the guy who's house it was was staying over. Eventually she surfaced and started asking who everyone was. I told her was a gatecrasher who'd found the place open and wandered in hehe -don't think she was impressed with that haha. At one point I opened my eyes and realised I'd been asleep with Kelly using me as a pillow (how rude!) so I decided to make an exit. I couldn't wake her up so I moved her onto the sofa and popped a duvet on her before leaving. Headed home with a killer sore head, stopped to buy food in Co-Op then at the checkout realised I had no cash at all.. oops. Got home said Hi to Cat, she said I looked wrecked still. Time to sleep now.

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2006 starts
The year is over. 2006 started well tho. We had a few drinks at mine then went to Spiders, kick out was almost 3, left with Claire's number, went to the White Room. Left there at 6:30. I was gonna hop into a cab with andy and his mate but after we just missed black cab I discovered there were 2 other people to get theboked cab so with me there was too many fo one cab. Eventually I said I'd head off and get home and leave those who had the taxi booked to get their cab as theye'd planned. Andy who'd arrived in the White Room after 5am walked back with me as he knew the shortest way. We discussed exes and put the world to rights as we went. Sahme I never saw Christine tonight

Was planing to go to bed after typing thi drunken drivel but Kelly just phoned and I'm off out again..

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