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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This could be love..
...love for fire

I was just getting down to writing an essay on social inclusion and maternity [big yawn] when my mobile rang. It was Tat, haven't seen him out in ages so that was cool. He asked if I was busy tonight and I said 'Nope.' He and Leah had got two tickets to see Alkaline Trio in Nottingham but were too knackered to go ..so he was wonderng if I could use them. Hell Yes! He even drove them round :) Oh yeah I also found a 20 quid note what a roll I was on! I needed someone to go with so checked my MSN messenger and saw Boob online with an Alkaline Trio logo as his display pic so I asked him if he was doing anything and if he fancied a trip to Nottingham. "are you being serious?" He thought I was taking the piss hehe.

He came round, we taxied to Cott where I'd left my car at the weekend and hightailed it to Nottingham. It was foggy as fuck and I made the mistake of flashing a police car to get outta the way when I wanted to pass at 90. When I saw the crest on the door I dropped back for a bit. Doh! We even missed a turn in the fog.

I don't often do gigs these days but they were totally amazing. No bullshit, no posturing just full on punk rock'n'roll darkness. They played stuff from Goddamnit, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, From Here To Infirmary, Good Mourning and Crimson as well as one song I didn't recognise. I hadn't expected them to be so good live especially with their newer stuff as it's so much more more produced, but they pulled it off convicingly and it all worked together so well. You wouldn't guess they'ed been playing some of the songs for about 8 years there was so much energy and enthusiasm. They even played 'Clavicle' which was mine and a previous girlfriend's song (aw..). I've been listening to them for years but had no idea they had such a following, it was so cool to see the venue packed to capacity and about 200 people bobbing in time and singing along to 'my' band LOL

I snapped some pics and sank a couple of beers, bought a couple of bootleg t-shirts outside (shall give one to Tat sometime) then we crawled home through some seriously thick fog.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Gaps in my memory, gaps in my blog
Neglecting my blog again. That real life thing gets in the way sometimes.

Met a couple of new people recently. A few weeks back I emailed someone on myspace 'cos she had an Alkaline Trio video on her profile, she was online and emailed me back then recognised me in Spiders the next night. Also started talking to a little goth girl who seems quite on the ball although when I asked if she wanted to go for a drink sometime, meaning a coffee on campus, she thought I meant a date. It was worth it tho just to see the horror on her face! :) I let her off the hook tho and told her it was ok to say no. She seems ok tho. had a look at a couple of her profiles she's evidently a thinker like me. That's cool. What's a bit annoying tho is whenever I talk to someone new everybody around me assumes I'm on the pull ... Hell, last weekend talking to another girl things got a bit wierd when she thought I was quite successfully trying to pull her. That was very wierd. Hasn't happened for a while.. Wound up talking online to Kelly about it for ages after I got home.

ON Saturday night I went to Beverley with Colin and Andy, no one else was up for a beer -"Fucking couples" as Col said before Andy reminded him of his most recent stint with a girl who hated his mates and wouldn't let' him out hehe. After that I went to Spiders to hook up with Ben and so on. Saw Kelly out too, her mate Nicole was a bit miffed about me and Kel winding her up about a kiss that never happened. She was going to give me a lift home (in their taxi assume) but I wandered off and met someone I used to trin with years ago who wanted me to dance. I acquiesced then coudn't find Kelly again, she phoned twice but I couldn't hear a word anyway. I left with Ben etc and got a taxi home on my ownsome. Then got a drunk call from Kel and we talked till about 5 am. Nice way to wind down after a hectic night. Didn't see Christine all weekend.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Did my first injection today. It was a subcutaneous insulin injection with a clever dose measuring syringe. Placement is going ok seen some clients. Unfortunately one the people I've been working with is now off for a while which can't be helped.

Interesting stuff: a bloke who lived near my childhood home is up on 12 counts of indecency involving boys under 16, not good. Did he do it? I dunno yet, have to see what the court decides.

What else.. the lump in an exes breast turned out to be nothing to worry about. Good.

Been to spiders last weekend. Sam was out on Saturday. She's quite an amusing creature. I've seen inside her head actually.. three cross sectional views. Quite impressive. There's two new pictures of me on one of the spiders websites. I look a total fucking gimp as usual. I seem to have got a really at face on them somehow. Speaking of photo's I wanted something cool for my myspace site and msn space so on Monday before training i got Cat to photograph me doing some firebreathing. With digital cameras it was a bit tricky cos of the split second delay but I think we got one that's ok.

Went to the library yesterday and bumped into a girl I knew years ago. she's a student at mickey mouse universty too. Se said I've lost weight.. not sure if that's good or bad really. Cat's just got back from Bug (lucky her!) and I ouht to turn in too. Time has been moving way too fast for me of late, hence m lack of blog entries. Writing 4 essays for uni at the moment. Just sent my ex a first draft of the first one to see what she thinks.

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