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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

This weekend seven fires were started in the same part of town within 15 minutes of each other. The Humberside Police are investigaing to see *if* they are linked. What the fuck do they think? Of course they're fucking linked you thick shit tit helmet wearing twat! Just what are the odds that they might not be.. Will our ladyboys in blue find the perpetrators? I sincerily doubt it unless whoever did it decides to start telling everyone. I'm afraid that once again i'm giving the 2nd most incompetent police force in the UK a vote of no confidence.

I'm being a bit unfair tho.. I actually saw a pig doing his job last week. Shock horror! He didn't even have the requisite bag of takeaway food in his hand. I was merrily cycling home and rather than chance the 10" wide cycle paths our council have painted on the part of the road commonly called the gully (those jokers..) I opted to go along the pavement dodging pedestrians instead of cars. Anyway I happened upon two people with strangely breast shaped blue hats and flourescent yellow waistcoats. I figured they had to be police men as what parent would dress their kids like that? One asked me if I could get off my bicycle as I went past with brakes screaming. I said 'sure' and started to dismount then I thought what the fuck, it's not like he asked if I would dismount there and then. So instead I carried on my merry way and dismounted at home. It's not like the humberside police farce ever make proactive use of that cctv system of theirs anyway is it? If they did they might have seen some cunt setting light to wheely bins at the weekend. And then (and I know this is pure fantasy now) if they'ed put down their takeaways and coffees and got of their fat council tax financed arses they might've got the fuck before he lit another 6 fires and damaged 2 homes. But then I suppose Saturday night isn't really a busy time for them..

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Had a strange few days. On Tuesday my ex and I shared a bottle of wine. We did some reminiscing and stuff. Both regret things ending, but that's life it's a bitch. Helped Christine move house from a crappy estate where everyone seems to have expensive cars as they don't pay for their houses and tatty tracksuits seem to be standard issue, to a village just outside the city. We shared another bottle of wine.

Bumped into a girl off my course in Spiders the last 2 weekends. Talked to Cher about the breakup for a while last nite. Saw tall Paul for the firt time in a long time. He is looking to head back to Manchester sometime.

This morning I took Julie to the train station and helped her get her stuff onboard. It was along goodbye as the train apparently wouldn't start and everyone had to wait for that to be sorted. We shared a hug as you do promised to stay in touch and stuff then I wandered off whilst for probably the as time she left Hull by train.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Had my exams and got my coursework handed in at uni -turns out the person I spoke to when I went to hand it in the first time could've resolveed it there and them instead of me having to fill in more paperwork and hand it in the next day instead. Well not a huge shock I guess. Hmm the mickeymouse Uni website is down at the moment. Has been for hours. Nice one.

Not been up to much as I always say.. still shaking off my illness lucky me. Went out this weekend to the usual spot. Bumped into a student from my course in the club. Met Tat for the first time in ages. He and his lady just got engaged. Quite funny that they met at almost the same time as Julie and I. Er hmm.

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