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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Exam time and deadlines slide by
Got a sicknote this morning to use for mitigating circumstances for the exam I had this afternoon. the doc told me to take a week off in it. Means I coud use it for my exam on Friday as well but I think I may be better by then. After visiting the doctor and so on I went to hand in two assignments but was 50 minutes past the deadline. That's a pisser.. it means I've got to go through the process of applying for miticgating circumstances or 'absence with good cause'. I don't think it wil be a problem but it's not what I need on top of an exam on top of what I'm told is a chest infection -although that doesn't explain the kidney pain. The place my ex works have had problems with glandular fever so I'm guessing it's probably that and the kidney pain is really my adrenal glands, shan't worry about it though as I reckon its probably treated the same and I'm definitely on the mend with the antibiotics that the emergency doc proscribed over the weekend.

Anyway had an exam at mickey mouse uni today. There were no less than 12 spelling mistakes on the psychology section where sentences had their first letters missing.. There was a bit of a delay for me as I hadn't actually been told which room I was supposed to be in so wadered in and around the library for a while looking into rooms. Eventually I found the room I was meant to be in but my exam pack hadn't arrived so I waited on that. Exam conditions seem to be a little less formal in Learning dissabilities or the "Can't Read Club" as I think of it. I'm glad the uni caters for the needs of the illiterate elite like myself but I was amazed when I found we were allowed to use a sociology dictionary for the sciology part of the exam which included questions asking for definitions of terms that you could just pull out of the dictionary... anyway I didn't use a dictionary. it was quite an easy exam I think. Shame I didn't do any revision at all. As it stands I think I may have scraped through without the need for mitigation but if I'd not been ill and had done a bit of revision I think I'd've done pretty well.

Next up is a physiology exam on Friday morning. going to attend some study sessions for it first though although I still feel pretty low.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Poorly.. @$%&!
Not a good weekend so far. I had bit of a cold during the week but when I went out on friday night it decide to get a whole lot worse and my kidneys have decided to start aching, my temperature is a toasty warm but not really worrying 38.4 deg C. I'm supposed to be concentrating on revision for exams during the week and putting the final touches to an essay for Tuesday but can't get into any of it. Spent most of Saturday in bed. I hhave trouble sleeping at the best of times and this has made it alot worse. Got woken up this morning my male cat poking me in the face with his paw. Thanks Dante. I don't really do ill and 'manflu' isn't really me, I know it'll pass soon but I'm a bit worried as to whether or not that'll be in time to do the work i need to. Atually spent Sturday night at home alone channel hopping and web browsing. Played about with my msn space and made a myspace page.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Had the final interview for my current placement. It finishes tomorrow. Spoke to Julie on the phone, she's found a flat in Lancaster so she's a happy "strange little bunny". strange living with her and strange living without her for a while I guess. Well my world is a bit strange anyway at the mo :) Went training, there was 5 of us there. Did some linework and combinations then ran through sanbon gumite and kick blocks with Will. My left ankle is really fucking painfull today. Not sure why it's years since I broke the fucking thing and I still haven't got full mobility back in it. Went for a beer after training, some kind of staffordshire terrier took a like or a dislike to Will and kept running at him and barking, in the pub.. Strange. Got a text from Christine, she's free on Tuesday evening so I called her back and we're going for a meal tomorrow night. Downloaded a coupe of Horrorpops videos from eDonkey. Naughty me.. It's Cat's birthday today! 23 years old.. the poor dear.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Loony and more pondlife
Another busy weekend :) On friday went to spiders and met a girl who was a fetish and bondage model, would up back at her mates for more drinking and wound up watching porn, music videos and web toons till I left ust before 6am. We were in a bloclk of flats and when i managed to get out of the building I was totally lost, made it home eventually.

Went into town to get Cat a birthday pressie on the Saturday daytime and bumped into her again, the odds against that are pretty high but life's full of surprises. To celebrate Cat's birthday we went to Pizza Hut then Sharkeys then Spiders. It was a normal night untill some australian woman started talking to me. Nohing too odd about that except for the fact she was totally fucking loopy. One minute she was talking normally the next she said "I know you, we've met before. I recognised you when you set your eyes" (in an ozzie accent) I unno what that meant but she got really verbally aggressive before saying "You fackin what?!" and storming off when I decieded to make my escape and wished her a pleasant evening.

Went home a spoke to Julie on the phone and got a text of Christine who came round. Took her a while to get here as she got lost and I had to go find her. Walked her round to her mates this morning, probably gonna meet up on Tuesday. Had a chat with Colin on the phone, then Julie woke up knackered in the transitional phase after her night shifts, she's heading to Lancaster this evening to look at flats.

Spent a half hour watching my now teeming wildlife pond. At least 2 of the sticklebacks I dropped in are doing fine, some water snails have appeared and a shitload of small whizzing things are whizzing around in there. There's some pondskaters walking about on the top and I keep seeing wasps investigating the shore edges. I wouldn't want to put my hand in it but think it looks pretty cool in an albeit geeky way.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

The week in view
Went to the learning disability people ths week. I've now got a sheet of orange lastic to overlay stuff as I read i to make things easier for me. I'm also getting to do my exams on a computer as my typing is better and faster than my handwriting aaaaand I get an extra 15 minutes per hour on exams. Pretty good stuff I guess, I'm also awaiting a grant to buy stuff like laptop, paper and books with. what else have I done.. went to the dentists were she noticed the filling in my remaining milk tooth was broken so she rived it out and pt in a new tooth coloured one so now you can't even see it :) Took an hour and I had an injection in my gum then listened to her riving, drilling and scraping the old filling out before doing the new one. It wasn't too bad and the injection although uncomfortable wasn't that painfull -she must be a better dentist than others I've seen. Cool.

Julie is on nights again so not seeing much of her at the moment. Talked on the phone briefly and exchanged text messages. She's handed in her notice at work so the countdown to her leaving is now underway. It's a bit strange to be living together still tho.. hmm. Anyway went out on Tuesday night for a drink with a new aquaintance, she was good fun and I had a great time. We talked about the normal stuff you discuss when your out for a drink with a girl you don't know but would like to know better music, clubs, threesomes and past relationships. Been texting each other a bit today.

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Transgender fraudster on yahoo! Messenger
Spent this evening chatting to a nigeran fraudster on Yahoo! Messenger. He was claiming to be a girl from birmingham -although he didn't know it was the curry capital of the U.K. but there you go. Anyway he was claiming to be a she stranded in Lagos and asking me to send him £200 for a hotel bill via western union. I strung him along for an hour or so before saying I couldn't find "westren onion" and saying goodbye..

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Alcohol, Therapy?, Girls, Blogs and Junkies
Wasn't in the mood to go training on Friday evening so I didn't.. did some poi spinning for the sake of excercise tho. Went out to Spiders with Billy, no Mel or Cat for a change. Drank a few beers but mainly vodka and energy drinks. Was quite a social evening anyway :) Had a bop to Therapy? Screamanger:

With a face like this I won’t break any hearts and thinking like that I won’t make any friends
Screw that, forget about that I don’t wanna hear about anything like that
Screw that, forget about that I don’t wanna know about anything like that
I’ve got nothing to do ’cept hang around and get screwed up on you
Your beauty makes me feel alone I look inside but no ones home
Screw that, forget about that I don’t wanna hear about anything like that.
Screw that, forget about that I don’t wanna know about anything like that
I’ve got nothing to do ’cept hanging around and get screwed up on you

Been one of my favourite songs of all time :) Not a happy little number but at least it's got lyrics most of us can relate to at some time or other in our lives. Well life rolls on.. I was talking to a girl James introduced before I dissappeared to the dance floor then resumed chatting when I got back. She was nice, and into the Guanabatz, so we swapped numbers but I wound up coming home with her and her pal. Bit strange trying to explain that your ex girlfriend lives with you and stuff.. She did comment that I mentioned my ex-girfriend alot in conversation. Hmm.. The caffeine loaded cocktails kept me up all night so I heard Julie come home and popped downstairs to say hi and make sure she was ok and so on -I think I make a pretty good ex really. She was a bit surprised I had company but said she was alright. The girls left in the morning and I slept through most of the day. Got up cooked shellfish and heated a pizza, woke up Julie just before 5 and gave her some food and chatted till she went to work. An Ex is for life afterall.

That evening I went to Pave to meet Richard, Billy, Mike and Mel and sink a few beers before going to Vicky's housewarming :) In the pub loo some guy dropped his phone in the urinal trough -yuck. Left after last orders and nipped home for some food and to look at a map ogf Hull before heading off to a party with some beers and a bottle of wine. I planned to flag a cab but that didn't happen. Got to the party eventually. Had a pint of wine . Talked to Vicky, Tina and someone new to me called Yana. Tina finishes her nurse training soon -lucky her! Left there about 4am and staggered home flagging a black cab on bev road before sleeping half the day away again.

Spent this evening playing with my msn space. Julie has started a blog which is possibly a good thing, shame a ex feels the need to throw in his short thoughts.. but that'll probably pass. I have a feeling his room temperature IQ and drug fucked brain probably means nothing too interesting or thought through will come from his direction. I met him nearly a year ago, he wittered for a while about his job (yawn) before driving home over the limit.. coolnot.

It's been a busy social weekend for me and I'm shattered from too much alcohol not enough sleep. Julie's on a nightshift and Cat got home very merry about an hour ago I gotta hit the sack. Uni tomorrow, then training..

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Nothing doing
Hmm finished uni around 12 today.. I can't help thinking we could be timetabled better. My latest ex bought me some dinner, nice. We're still talking which is probably a plus, definitely split forever though which is a bitch but then hey so is she ;) Just kidding she's alright I guess. She's gonna be on nights for a while so I'll be left to my own devices for a bit, I'll be out tonight and at a housewarming tomorrow.

Not up to much today. Had about 5 hours sleep last night and not much more the night before. Decided to take last night off from study having finished an essay the previous night. Had a look at my pond, it's going ok there's little bug type things swimming around in it and the plants are growing but I noticed it was really full of mosquito larvae.. not good. Bought a kiddies net on a stick from a toyshop and used it to aquire 4 sticklebacks to control them. Just hope the little fish don't breed and overrun the pond. I can always take em back out if they become a problem though. Anyway I avoided catching any red bellied males so hopefully I only have females in there.

Just paid off the outstanding £2486.83 on my credit card balance in one go! Woohoo! it's like it sounds tho.. I've had the credit card balance sat in an ISA gathering interest for a couple of years whilst I made minimum payments and shuffled the balance around to avoid paying interest. It seems those days are now over as the credit card companies are charging for balance transfers.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

All of this and nothing
I'm back on placement now, the distraction is a good thing. Many people say bad things come in threes. Guess what.. yup I had 3 things happen. One was the break up with Julie (bless her), the washing machine broke a couple of days ago and last night I managed to lose one of my really heavy poi. I've no idea where it went when it left my hand but I did hear a loud thud as it landed, no doubt on a neighbours property. Hope it didn't do any damage. Made a replacement last night.

Tonight's been pretty bad. Been Julie and I talked for a few hours. It's ironic how much you can learn about each other when you break up with each other. Been a bit of an emotional ordeal as I'm sure may more evenings will be.. at the end of the day we'll all get by and I guess a long distance relationship probably would've been a pale shadow of what we'd had before so maybe this way is better..

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Alone against the world
My first weekend of single life is drawing to a close. Not been the best weekend ever. Went out and got totally hammered on Friday and Saturday, alcohol won't help you solve a problem but it can block out the pain, be it a broken bone or a broken heart -I've used it for both over the years.. Had a 2 hour telephone conversation with my dear ex. Told her some stuff that I'd never told her when we were together... My mind is a very dark place, lucky me. I let her in on some of the stuff I think about alot and I know it's not good but I've been coping as long as I remember and I see no reason things are gonna change. To be honest if they did things would be easier for me but that probably isn't gonna happen. She says I'm an angry person as in I hate the world alot and she's probably right but maybe now she can see why. Guess it doesn't really matter now tho. We oth want to stay friends anyway.. although in truth once she moves away we'll probaby never see each other in person again which is a very strange thing to think of. Funny how you don't appreciate what you have untill it's gone.

Tonights happy musical quote for the day comes from the song Glazed and was penned by Speedo of RFTC "Early graves and broken hearts who wants the world when your burning in misery." Anyway I'll keep smiling on the outside and keep up the sarcasm. This shit has knocked my college work for six, just hope I can pull things back on track.

Well on the bright side at least this blog can stop being so fucking happy and pathetically lovey dovey and get back to being pissed off with everything like it used to be.

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Went to Spiders again. Didn't really feel like going out at all but had to do something. Told a few more people about Julie and I splitting up. um.. People are surprised we broke up. Weelllllll life's a bitch.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

It's not for real -what?!
For fuck's sake! Went out to meet people in some village pub and let everyone know about me and Julie breaking up and -get this! people didn't believe it was a permanent thing! Aaaaaaaaargh! It certainly looks permanent to me people! Everybody seemed so sure we'd get back together I was nearly convinced myself. Anyway went to club and met a few people -most of whom didn't believe Julie and I are history either. It'd be nice to think that but fuck me I think I'd know. The number of people who said we were a good couple or I just needed to tell her was unreal. >:-( Anyway despite all that had a natter with James about opportunities missed and the advatages/dissadvantages of being 'friends' with ladies, danced to I can't remember what, drank alotta energy drinks had a pizza outside then headed home. Had a sympathetic message from my email buddy who invited me to spill my guts. Well guess I'll do that after I've had some sleep before I turn in.. nite all.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

A perfect day to drop the bomb
Hmm very tired but feeling restless and can't settle down. Very pissed off about the whole Julie thing. We had a talk about it last night and it wasn't too easy for either of us -i think if it was it'd mean we'd just wasted the previous 18 months being together anyway. We did deal with alot of stuff that ost couples don't have to and it's really frustrating that just when things are looking up it all falls apart. She's gone till Monday now anyway. I'll just get on with it. Heading out to the usuall spot tomorrow night.. don't really I care about much at the moment. Haven't done much today, cycled into town and hung about, met Jo and had a chat, spent few hours on MSN chatting to Mel, had a text conversation with Julie in the afternoon and exchanged messages in the evening. Haven't done the uni work I needed to. Can't fucking concentrate. Need to get some sleep so I can work tomorrow. Can't see it happening tho. Fuck.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Single life
Ok Julie and I broke up on Monday but had our "proper break up talk" on Wednesday, this evening. It could've gone better -as in "er ok let's not break up after all then" but it didn't so we are now totally unequivacally split forever. Emo rock'n'roll! Hey ho let's go! Roll with the punches.. fight like a dog bite like a shark, shark.. er hmm getting a bit too into my dodgy music quotes... anyway we've split up forever so there. Seems a major problem was she couldn't read me at all. Well to be honest we couldn't read each other too well but I liked that as it meant we didn't find each other predictable -ok it did mean "safe" ground was hard to find but fuckit at least we weren't ever headed into matching clothes territory. We were supposed to be having a this weekend away for a wedding but it was her mates so I'm no longer going -shame really. Although I'm sick as fuck of bloody weddings 'we're a couple. We'll be together for ever! Buy us gifts! -Just fuck off will you!' I was looking forward to us going away together.. well fuck that too I guess..

Anyway Cat and chap in tow came home which nipped our discussion in the bud which is a bummer, but then we were probably going round in circles at that point anyway.. life's still a bitch. Julie had an early morning so had to hit the hay and I decided to go out and drown my sorrows and kill as many of my evidently defective brain cells as I could. It must have been obvious we weren't happy campers as Cat asked me if I was Ok a couple of times. I gave my stock reply of "Yeah, on the outside I gotta be.." After leaving Julie a message to let her know I wanted her to be happy whatever happened (which I really do!) I grabbed food from nearest bad chippy then headed out to Poz. It was OK inside, maybe wish I'd got in there earlier for drinking time but it wasn't busy. Saw Alex who I trained with ages ago and last saw on Julie's second night in spiders (hmm thats a night with a shadow on it..) and had a natter with Adam who I haven't seen since xmas. Think i had alot of booze, danced to cover of Blue Monday with Mel and Tracy. Didn't dance to much else. Talked to a few people from training and roundabout. Told Billy, Mel, Debbie, Will and James about my new breakup. Everyone asked if I was OK so self defence mechanisms kicked in and I made some jokes at my own expense -sarcasm is a gift I cannot waste and even if Im the target I just have to do it! Drank lots -actually bought more vodka and generic energy drink than I could down and gave some away(!).

Went for food to the chicken spot nearby. After most people had cleared off some tall fuckwhit was hanging around and talking shite. Mel sad he creeped her out then he came over and stood way too close to her so I chucked my food down him -I wasnt that hungry anyway. He turned to me and invaded my personal space so I told him keep off and moved his arm, as you do. He took the hint and went back into the shop for a bit and bothered people in there then came out about 10 mins later. He'd noticed I appeared to be happy to lamp him so told us he'd keep his distance. Billy pointed out I was looking a bit agitated and Steve suggested he'd best avoid breaching my personal space and fuck off home, so he wandered off. Funny that, "And it all breaks down at the role reversal".. Billy said he thought I was going to twat the pillock, to fair I probably would've settled for popping an armlock on him and driving him to the pavement.. I've had a rough few days so I deserve some leeway, and if we're gonna be brutally honest he was seriously inviting it anyway.

When I was last at Mike's I'd mentioned Julie and I were on the rocks, as it were, and he mentioned I was bit er dicey when I was alone before -well to use his words "fuckin' psycho".. he even mentioned it to Julie when we first got together.. I'm probably older and calmer now. No more drop kicking pint glasses or hitting people that piss me off or er other stuff -they were fun days I guess.. but I hope to be a nicer single person to be around than I was back then. On the other hand what am I saving myself for.. I guess if I want to stay on my current career path I'll have keep that shit under wraps anyway. Everyday as it comes... go me..

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Insrance companies suck
Still waiting to get my excess back folowing a car accident back in May. I called the other guy's insurers (Norwich Union) today with their claim number to ask what was going on and they denied ever having contacted my or admitting responsibility even though I had their claim number and fucking phone number. I called my insurers and it turns out my insurers got the other guy's number plate wrong -even though I'd posted them it on the forms and told them it numerus times in phone calls..

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Another ending arrives
Just broke up with Julie. Hmm not a massive surprise I suppose but still a dissapointment. Not entirely sure what to do now. She's leaving for Lancaster in a few weeks anyway -a city I'll probably not be darkening with my presence again... As we live together now it's gonna be a bit strained whilst we wait for her departure. Feeling a bit disassociated at the moment, whilst still feeling pissed off. Our relationship wans't perfect and we had to deal with some things that woud have probably split up other couples. Now we have split up anyway...

..well life's always going to be a bitch I guess.

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She's back at last
Julie came home after two weeks away and to say it was an anticlimactic return would be an understatement.. things are very much on the rocks.. We got invited to some friends for a meal but Julie declined the offer (cheers babe) so I went alone and explained her absense. hohum.. Well anyway it was nice to get out and see people. I brought a bottle of wine with me. Emma and Mike did a proper sunday roast :) stayed till late chatting over coffee before heading home. Discussed my current relationship and it's current state. Emma says that it sounds like J and i are out of the honeymoon period and into "normal relationship" territory now.. not sure I like it here.

On the plus side I've got a spam email in piss poor english from some cunt trying to rip me off with advance fee scam:

>From: mrs_parkerson@handbag.com
>Subject: From;Mrs M.Parkerson
>Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 14:46:01 +0200
>REF NO; AIF6162688-09
>To the e-mail bearer,
>Sequel to the annual lottery draw of the above named establishment in europe,conducted
>on the 25th of July ,2005.I am glad to notify you that your e-mail address
>attached to ticket No ;627462108TW won in the third category a lump-sum of
>Eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars(USD850,000;00).
>Congratulations and be advised to keep confidential till your prize is processed
>to avoid multiple applications/filings.All participants were selected randomly
>by a computer software ballot device.
>This promotion is sponsored by a group of corporate establishments and accredited
>charitable organizations in Europe.
>Be informed that a minimum of 10% of your prize must be donated to a remarkable
>charity organization in your locality.To file for your claim and other enquiries,please
>contact your fiducial agent;
>Mrs Winnie de Vries,Adexec Consultant 11(e-mail; agent3@adexec.com)
>Congratulations once more,
>Sincerely yours'
>Mirabel Parkerson(Ms)
>NB;Kindly state your ref No and Ticket No when filing for your claim.
>Book yourself something to look forward to in 2005.
>Cheap flights - http://www.tiscali.co.uk/travel/flights/
>Bargain holidays - http://www.tiscali.co.uk/travel/holidays/

Apart from the fact I never enter lotteries as I think they are for fucking losers -your more likely to be hit by a fucking meteor than win big... well even if i did I'd know not to enter one who's organisers can't speak fucking english and who the fuck would enter a lottery that you have to pay out $85000 to collect your winnings from anyway?! And why the fuck would a lottery in the Netherlands be paying out in US dollars? As I have probably said before any bastard thick enough to be sucked in by this kind of rubbish is greedy and stupid enough to deserve getting ripped off. Well that's my opinion anyway.. Nice to see TISCALI are advertising themselves on the footer -says alot about their take on corporate responsibility..

posted by martin 01:58

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