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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Social Weekend
Went training on Friday then off to a laid back houseparty type thing. Was pretty cool. I was slightly embarrased to discover that my box of grolsh had expired just over a year ago but we figured, what the hey, late in the night it'll get drunk.. I did anyway.. as in drank to much not as in rudestuff.. Anyway yeah it was at the house of one of the lads from training. There was a couple of faces I recognised from being out and about but hadn't talked to before and a couple I had. There was a huge icebucket with cans in it, bits to eat, and some pussycats wandering in and out. We talked about everything from chmistry to celtic history and language history. Drank lager, vodka (bloody mary's made properly are actually quite good -I live and learn), ten year old whisky (out of curiosity) and a colossal tequila -not enough shot glasses so a tumbler it was. with salt and lime :) I left about half five and walked a young lady home to someplace on bev road then went through the park to mine.

I noticed an empty skip behind an open gate on my way home and in my drunken state cogs turned and the next thing I knew I was carrying seven bags of soil ..from my pond excavation up he street to drop in it. I finished lugging bags of mud by about 6am then played with my poi in the garden for a bit before going to bed exhausted. There was no chance of me making the Saturday training session..

Saturday, I woke very late phoned Julie then lay in bed for a couple of hours more not wanting to get up. I felt dead. Went out for hangover food to bring me back from the brink -that being oysters, lemon and olives. Yum. Spent the afternoon watching a bizzare japanese cartoon called Battle Programmer Shirase which I wasn't entirely comfortable with.. Went to a wedding on the evening although to be fair what I really wanted was to embrace the oblivion of sleep.. When i got there it was a decent bash, Cat was a bridesmaid -she was a happy bunny as were the bride and groom :) I was a bit ropey and pretty glad of the buffet, had some bud and some malibu.. The music was great as Cat and the happy couple had gone to the trouble of burning CDs for the DJ to play instead of the usual musical wedding fare -that was way cool althogh we did get two of those jive bunny type cds where you get a few seconds of each song for about ten minutes whils the DJ has a slash, fag, pint, wank or whatever a middle aged guy called Alan does when no one's looking.. The DJ also kept starting to play a song then lowering the volume after a few seconds. To be honest after about 10 minutes I was telling people the DJ sucked ass but the music he'd been given to play was pretty cool. Never heard Rob Zombie at a wedding do before :) At the do was a a strange white and beige clad fella who kept putting hs hands on his hips ..he turned out to be someone Cat saw very briefly. I think she had a lucky escape there -I'm not alone on that as numerous people felt the need to tell or text her the same thing. Still being a caring and supportive friend as I am I only took the piss for about two hours hehe. Shame I couldn't get drunk enough to dance but I think that had to do with drinking so much the night before really. Sent Julie some texts.. Around midnight we headed off, Cat went to spiders where I'd've loved to go but my finances wouldn't stretch that far :( so I went home and typed up this rubbish hehe. Right gotta eat again...

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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Career Opportunities, the ones that never knock
Busy day getting rid of topsoil from back when i dug the pond. It's now either in the tip or in one of seven bags on the patio. Left a big space with dead grass on the lawn. Think it'll heal tho. Went training. We had a really good session with lots of sparring. spoke to Julie. She had a job interview this morning and was offered the post this evening.. woohoo(?) well she'll be happier over there and I'll have more time for training and study I guess.. bit of a shitter tho really. Cat had an eeniing in with her new bf. They looked so cute on the sofa together in the same Multiple Injuries t-shirts hehe.. A couple of people from training went to Pozition so being on my hols I went along. It was pretty cool, I miss the place even if the Dj does play alot of pap tunes. I was on double vodka and generic energy drinks -the price varied from bar staff to bar staff but hell it's cheap enough.. :-) told people about Julie moving away for a new job. Billy decided to soothe my pain by getting me a drink an a fistfull of testtube drinks Debbie was very drunk and kept asking if it was over between us as J is leaving. I smiled and said I'd just have to have two girlfriends. Truth is I dunno what th fuck will happen. Well I guess we'll try it anyway... Got invited to a party on Friday, probably go along, it sounds cool and it's walking distance from mine. I was thinking of going to see Julie this weekend but forgot I'd already said I'd go to a wedding on the Saturday -not sure I could afford it anyway to be honest -it's a bit far to go to sleep on a floor in a noisy house where people are gonna get up early. Well i should be asleep now, Zoe's poping round tomrrow.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pondlife and bike
Went to see Mike and Emma's to get some logs for a logpile to go in my modest garden -ties in with the wildlife pond for encouraging biodiversity.. went into the wood with Mike and we brought out some dead wood then out came the chainsaw. Never used one before and I got the feeling it was an accident waiting to happen but despite out lack of any safety gear (such as gloves mebbie) we managed to cut up the wood and not ourselves. I wound up stopping for tea and left with a mountain bike that a previous tenant has discarded. Cleaned up the bike today, it had a flat tyre which I took to mean a puncture but once I filled it with air it stayed inflated. I had expected to need new cables, brake blocks etc but in fact there nothing wrong with it that a bike pump, a bucket of water and a bottle of oil couldn't solve -surprising what people will discard really.. I haven't cycled for ages and went for a 6 or 7 mile test run. Nice. I stacked the logs by the pond and dropped one in, it's been slowly floating around for a few days, I reckon it'll take about a week to sink. Today I decided to bite the bullet and buy some plants to go in it. One car trip later and I popped 5 pond plants into the water, only two are visible at the moment. Apart from that I've been struggling with a essay for uni. It's a bit dry, the subject is a bit wishy washy to my mind but it's halfway done so I'm getting there ..don't think it'll be my best piece of work tho. Been speakig to Julie by phone, she's liking being away at the moment and has a job interview tomorrow. Tonight I'll be watching downloaded films.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Make-believe camper van!
OK I spent most of the day working on an essay, had a phone talk with Julie (babe!) and decided I deserved a drink for all my hard work. Went to Beverley for a natter in the Green D. then Mike and Emma headed off and Bill dropped off Col before giving myself and Mel a lift to Spiders (where else?). Had a cool time in the club. Met a young lady I'd got off wtith a very lng time ago.. she seemeed ore pleased to se me tan her fella.. Ben was in -at last! Some wierd freaky guy tried to pick up me or Mel -we're not sure which.. ugh! Had a natter with Phil and saw SteeJay for the first time in ages. Met up with Cat and Steve at the chinese (where they tried to overcharge me a quid but refunded it in the face of overwhelming evidence -that being a menu with prices on it..).The food was crap anyway... don't really know why I go there.... guess it has to do with convenience although when you have to fight your corner not to get ripped off by the fat fuck behind the counter and then wind up with a tray of unedible overspiced rubbery mess I guess it's not so convenient afterall... hmm make up your own mind people! Outside the chinese with Mel, Cat and Steve we somehow wound up talking to the strange guy and his mate. The strange guy had decided Mel was egyptian and Cat was Romany or hispanic -the armchar anthropologist silly cunt failed to notice my fucking monobrow but there you go... I convinced the fuckwhit I was a new age traveller and won an arguement about not paying road tax and stealing deisel then made a totally invented point about real gypies giving new age travellers a bad name. There's one born every minute and I think I met two of them tonight. Cat, Mel and Steve were in stitches as I succesfully argued about my made up VW camper van and it's environmental impact. hehe..

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Got up at 12:00 checked the new pond I'd finished filling at about 2am the night before. The water level had dropped by about a foot.. meant there was a hole in the liner. damn.. bucketed out all the water I could then hauled the liner out.. washed it down.. held it up and found the hole. Went out for a repair kit and came back with the kit and an old blue carpet I'd shamelessly pulled out of a skip. Patched the lining on both sides and chopped up the carpet and used it to line the pond and protect the liner. Fitting and refilling the liner was a bit of a nightmare but I managed then headed out again and got more stones for the edge and some topsoil to drop in (for tiny things to live in). Put some wood chippings around it and all over the flower bed. going by the size of the 100 litre wood chippings bags I reckon my pond holds about 450 to 500 litres of water. Cover exposed liner with hessian and topsoil then stacked up some stones nearby for slimy beasties to live in and sat my winged gargole thing next to it. The final effect is pretty cool I reckon :) Just needs a bit more soil, some round pebbles and a piece of wood adding then I can think about dropping some plants into it. That was my whole day. Didn't find time to eat till after 10.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

On Saturday I decided my garden needs a pond. A wildlife pond. I'm not really sure what brought me to that conclusion but I spent three hours digging it out today. Got sand, liner, concrete, borrowed a spade and made a start. It needs to be at least 60 cm deep so frogs and whatever can survive ice in the winter so I've dug it to about 70 cm with a couple of shelves for aquatic plants. Didn't get it finished today though as I don't have any stones to edge it with. Have got a great big hole in the garden though..

I was sat on the patio taking to cat when Dante ran into the garden from wherever cat's go, he went to the drain, sat on the grill and took a whizz in it. Dunno where he got that from.. I trained him to use a toilet but I think the drain must be his idea. I only hope Mika will follow his example.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Lost and found
Went to Pave for a few beers after training tonight.. saw a familiar looking lady. It was an ex ladyfriend with her current chappy. Haven't seen her for ages.. she seemed happy enough :) Probably thanks to not seeing me for ages ;) we swapped numbers and pointed out current partners anyway. still in Pave I met an exes uncle and caught up on the gossip of that ex and her short lived marriage -pity... want everyone happy..

Went to the usual club in the end and met some other blasts from the past including a formaer snog who was out with her girlfriend -coolness.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Full contact poi
Just finished uni for 3 while weeks. Got 3 days at my placement before the "holiday" starts. I'm going to have to spend most of it working on an essay and catching up on other work tho..

Nice day today so spent about 2 hours spinning poi in the garden :) I decided my homemade poi were too light and filled them with dried kidney beans, now they weigh in at just over 4 oz. I've made the stings adjustable from a metre to about half that and attached them to some finger straps. Works nicely -except when you mess up and they hit you.. I use a box to protect my important bits..

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Bombs and book thumpers
Just been catching up on the days news.. I tend to live in a media blackout these days. Just been hearing about London. What the fuck goes on with these fucking islamists? Do they believe everything they read? If they want to go live a 600AD lifestyle then why don't they just fuck off to a desert island and fucking well stay there, they can fight each over their schisms or whatever till theyre all dead -I mean martyred... Believe it or not the qoran doesn't mention explosives unless I missed that bit -it's a long book.. but a quick google tells me the qor'an says "Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except through justice and the law." (6:151), "Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except for a just cause." (17:33) so I'd translate that roughly as "don't indicriminately kill and maim people and definitely don't kill yourself 'cos Allah made all life sacred and who the fuck are you to decide when to end it".. Er but the same book does also say "Kill them wherever you catch them" (2:191) and of those offered islam but not interested "if they turn away, seize them and kill them wherever you find them." (4:89) although some muslims such as in this article suggest that even those verses are being misread by the bomb jockeys. I seem to recall there's a verse about beheading people somewhere and one about fire.. Theres some instructions on doing business which sounds alot like "fair trade" to me, why don't the islamists concentrate on those often overlooked verses instead? It'd do more to make the world a better place than blowing up bits of it.

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Report time
Had a meeting with a psychologist to go through my dyslexia report. Was quite interesting.. she explained the results for me. In a test caled Test of Word Reading Efficiency Sight Word Efficiency Test my score puts me with 21% of the population -that's the bottom 21% though so in a room of ten people 8 would sore better than me. The other low score was called the Test of Reading Efficiency Phenomic Decoding Efficiency Test where my score put me in the bottom 27% of the population on that one.. The Wechsler Memory Scales Logial Memory test put me in the 45-55% group which means bang on average. There was a few average scores and a couple of good scores (in the top 10% on a couple!) but most of the results were described as "significantly below the level that would be expeted based on his intellectual ability". In a nutshell I have a towering intellect but can't follow a TV Guide and even I could I wouldn't remember what I'd read anyway haha! Well I've managed to get this far on my lonesome pine and I guess things are going to get better as proper support gets put in place. Don't think I've done too badly.. before starting uni I turned down a job paying 24k which is pretty good for someone with learning dissabilities educated in pigfucker country :) Looking at various dyslexia websites I keep seeing people refer to it as a "gift" as apart from the aforementioned inaility to follow a TV Guide dyslexia is often accompanied with good empathy skills.. great stuff. So not only can dyslexics not follow a TV Guide but they are lucky enough to feel the pain of those around them. Woohoo! ..taking the piss a bit.. it's also often accompanied by a slightly different world view and good problem solving skills which probably isn't a bad thing I guess. The thing is I got where I have today without actually "studying" as such. I got through GCSEs, just scraped some poor A-Levels and passed an HND at uni all without doing any proper study, no revision and in some cases without even opening text books. this course is going to be much different though. I have to learn a hell of alot of facts, things which I can't figure out on the spot or argue my way around.. In September the uni starts running sessions to help dyslexics learn and study but I have two exams and an essay to write before the first one of those :( Getting the support stuff in place is very slow going, I have another meeting in about 4 weeks time.

Meanwhile.. I've made a better interface for the uni's piss poor blackboard system and let my colleagues know about it. Hope they find it as usefull as I do. Just checked the tracker, looks like a few people have already had a look at it. I should have spent that time studyng really but the system is so poor I just had to do it..

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