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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Julie's on nights. Went out for a meal with Cat and Billy. Had a couple of beers and put the world to rights. Poppe to the White Romo briefly to say hi to a few peeps. Multiple Injuries have a gig there tonight, couldn't stop there for it tho as aparently I have a busy day tomorrow on my placement -I certainly hope so anyway.

Just been checking my counters... seems I've had a visitor from the beeb and (as usual) lots of people looking for ho0kers in this city.. sad bastards.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Uni this morning the, spoke to a student who thought I was young enough to be dependant.. hehe... like that :-) then went into town to get a new phone. My Samsung E700 has died after 18 months. The ribbon cable from the flip out section is fucked so the screen is very bright and white and the camera doesn't work when it's open either. I opted for a Motorola RAZR V3 because its very pocket freindly being so thin :) also it was free as I was keeping my contract anyway.. Met James in town, he'd cycled 10 miles for a charity thing, and went to Queens Gardens to meet a few people and watch some junkie rattling on a bench.. There was a guy I used to to trin with who recently embarked on a political career, seemed happy -he came in fourth out of eight which bearing in mind the predictable big 3 I reckon is pretty good. Best of the rest kind o thing :) tried using some poi but gonna need to work on that. Picked up Julie from the station decided to low of training and spend some time with her as I haven't seen her since Thursday morning and she's got some nights this week. Tried teaching her some juggling.

Can't fucking sleep. Piss bored at the moment... night all.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Animated squirrel with attitude
I have just found the website that the internet was made for! Well ok so the internet started life as a U.S. Department of Defense project called ARPAnet and was more too do with maintaining uncle Sam's ability to rain nucear hell on evil commie nations than giving people a forum to voice opions and swap missinformation and porn but you know what I mean.. Aaaaaaaaaaanyway back to this website. Check out Foamy the Squirrel and www.illwillpress.com for more cool toons.

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Spiders last night :) Too much vodka, too much red devil, too many buds... :) :) Saw Gemma, she was 20 yesterday. Think I first met her about 4 years back in the Room. Saw a few people from the karate club out.. had a boogie to Therapy? and something else. Got a call from Julie at half two she'd been out in Lancaster.. strange how we seem to have our best nights out when we're on opposite sides of the country.. hmmm Got home around 3, watched a very bad film till 5am. I think James gave me rather a cool business card at some point. Feeling a bit dead to the world today. Was lookin forwards to going out to York this evening but I can't afford it :( So a night in studying it is.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What do James Dean, Cher, Tom Cruise, Oliver Reed, John Prescott and I have in common? We all look good in latex? Nope, as if Cher could carry that off ;) It's dyslexia. Really. Yup. I went to the learning dissabilities people last month to see if I was worth checking for dyslexia, they interviewed me and submitted me for assesment. The initial interview suggested dyspraxia but the assessment ruled that out completely. The battery of tests covered all kinds of stuff and to be honest was quite good fun. What the tests turned out was a very pleasing IQ :-))) which wasn't matched up to by my average (or in one case low) scores in a variety of reading, writing and short term memory tests. So the diagnosis is that it looks like I have well-masked dyslexia. "Well-masked" means my little brain has found it's own ways to cope with things I have problems with. a couple of the girls on my course found they had dis dylse dyslexia (who the hell chose that word!). I was surprised as their written work seemed pretty good to me and their handwriting was a fucksight better than mine. So I looked into it and found a few common factors like a artistic inclinations, "good with computers", unusual pen grip and other things which seemed to fit me. One of the girls told me she was very upset when she found out, I said she should be please because it means she's got this far with no help at all and now she's been diagnosed things can only get better for her. Having just found out my diagnosis I am quite pleased and feel, I guess, vindicated in that my shitty handwriting was something my shitty teachers used to berate me about alot. Now it seems to me there was pretty good reason for it and the fact they failed to notice just reinforces to me what useless fucks they were. On the downside it's a bit of a pisser to think about what I might have actually accomplished had I been diagnosed and properly supported when I was still at school instead of being left to muddle through on my own. Mind you bearing in mind the cuntry bumpin schools I went to I think if you left knowing the difference between a pig, a cow and tractor you'd exceeded expectation.

Rock'n'roll.. hmm let's have a looksy at a brief list of the afflicted: Alan sugar and Richard Branson two of the country most well known and succesfull entrepeneurs; there's a busload of succesfull actors, writers, and entertainers; then the inventors like Alexander Graham Bell and James Dyson; the miscellaneous bright sparks like Einstein, Edison and Leonardo da Vinci. Lot to live up to there then.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Last weekend was really good. Went out for a meal and then too Sharkeys to celebrate Mel's birthday on the Friday and went to fetish night in Preston on the Saturday night. Been a busy week of uni and placement, spent Thursday night sorting out the garden.. This weekends turning out to be a crap one :(

Spent this evening adding a linux firewall to my ADSL link. I had an old PC sat doing nothing so bought a USB 2.0 card for it and downloaded IPCop. That was Saturday night..

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Paint it black -and red, white and grey
Nice day on placement today, had a drugs dinner.. (not what it sounds like!) we finished early so I went into Beverley to get Mel a birthday card for Mel. Went home pulled out a small canvas an some paints, cut up a cereal box to rough stuff out on and painted a picture whilst listening to Project 1950 by The Misfits. My plan was to give it to someone but I like it :-( and wanna keep it :( Not sure what I'll do yet.. I'm like a toddler with a crayon who's drawn his "hawse".

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