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Monday, May 30, 2005

Another rant about the Humberside Police
Quiet day. Visited my parents this evening. My country fat cat, Kim, is looking better thanks to the addition of cod liver oil to her diet.

Drove back to Hull just after midnight, followed what I strongly suspect was a drunk driver for about 8 miles beforeour routes seperated. Got to Hull were pissed people standing in the road and holding open taxi doors and generally chatting outside the Mainbrace brought traffic to a halt, just in front of a Humberside Police van.. keep up the good work..

Speaking of the nations second worst force, and I know I often do, it seems I'm not the only person pissed off by the Humberside Police Farce's uniformed yobs inability to park properly a retired officer in Scunthorpe is taking legal action about police vehicles parking on double yellow lines. They are allowed to park on double yellows but only for "operational needs" ..if for example an officer is going to a sandwich shop to buy lunch that isn't operational so if he parks on a double yellow it's just as illegal as if you or I did it. On a more serious note here's how the Lincolnshire Police fucked up and someone died just to show it's not just the Humberside farce that let people die through negligence. But then this is the Police force that sent an xmas card to the guy who commited the real "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"... well they thought he was a nice guy and he did know alot about guns, they let him get a shotgun license -he did only shoot dead 2 people afterall.. the mind fucking boggles.

Final Force fact for the night... other Police Forces refer to Humberside as "Mexico". Why? Because in the eyes of other professional law enforcers Humberside is a fucking lawless desert. G'night.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Poorly head
Got a killer headache today. Probably alcohol related. Went to Spiders last night with Billy, Mel and Debbie. Wound up talking to someone from the place I went to school many years ago. He knew alot of the same people I used to hang about with, two of them are married with a couple of kids. Strange how things work out.

Bit of a wasted day today.. just hannging about hoping my headache will go soon. Julie's visiting her folks for the weekend, Cat's gone to Angie's so I'm all on my lonesome ownsome. :-)

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Friday, May 27, 2005

At uni today I got a call from Laura. Haven't heard from her for a while.. she told me she's nearly 3 months pregnant. We were an item for quite a long time and stayed friends ever since, although since meeting our current partners we haven't had much contact. I'm not sure I've really taken it in yet but it feels very strange. There's a picture of us on arachnophilia in one of the 2003 image archives.

She says her and her fella are both pretty pleased about it although it was a surprise for them. I hope they stay happy and do cope well with the kid when it arrives and all the icky stuff that goes with it. I actually believe she'll make a pretty good mother but I still can't imagine her with a bump or a pram.. I guess life just gets on with things at it's own pace.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ticket to sleep
Went to see my doc about problems sleeping. It's nothing new for me but whilst I was working Ii'd spend the day standing or walking around my desk to stay awake, now I'm a student it's more of a problem as I have to stay awake sat through lectures and meetings on placement where that's not an option.. She told me I was the fourth person that morning to see her about insomnia. Guess I'm not the only person with bodies hidden under the house then ;) She asked how long it's been a problem and laughed when I said about 15 years. Rules out depression and boatload of physiological illnesses so that's good. On the downside she said she probably can't fix that easily. I've tried alot of things over the years but with limited or no success, never tried "proper" sleeping pills but don't really want to. She prescribed me an antihistamine called hydrozine. Sedation is one of its side effects. I'll try it tonight and see how it goes.

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Went to placement for the day... went home.. went training.. went to the pub for a pint (to counteract all the goodness of said training).. went home.. made a delicious tea.. started eating.. loud crunch.. found a piece of glass in said tea.. binned delicious tea and had grilled BSEburgers with polenta instead as there was nothing else in.. not sure how the glass got in there but coulda done without it.

Weekend was ok. Finished painting the green room on Thursday night, Juie's folks arrived on Friday. We'd decided to take them to thai restraunt but there was some discussion which I steered clear of, eventually the decision was made to go to er the thai restraunt. :/ On Saturday my folks popped up for tea. Think it went ok. First time our families have met each other... was a bit wierd for Julie and I. Other good news.. 2 of the tree seeds Cat got me in a bonsai kit in a box have sprouted in the past week. Got an income tax rebate after only 3 months of chasing up HM Revenue and Customs being misinformed, having documents returned incomplete, sending complete documents again, a few phone calls, a long time on hold, phone messages being lost (their end of course..) and repeated explanations and call transfers I finally got a cheque for a quite sizeable tax rebate. If I wasn't so tenacious I think the claim would've dissappeared and wonder how many other people's have..

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Uni Tomorrow
Missed training n Friday as I was fannying about with my computer replacing a duff northbridge fan. I ordered an Extreme Spirit (where do they get these names from?) heatsink and fan from some web site by phone and it was supposed to arrive the next day but of course it didn't.. anyway the new fan is in and running quietly -at about twice the speed of the original.

Went for a chinese meal on Friday night with Julie. The staff seemed confused by our order but the food was great as usual. Never had sake hot before, it goes to your head faster ^_^ We were the last to leave the place and sauntered home to watch one of the worst films of 2004. It was called Birth and moved verrry slowly to a pointless end just when I thought it was going to get vaguely inteesting. Thank Dog, the dyslexic diety, that I'd downloaded it from peer-to-peer instead of hiring it.. Saturday was another night in with another film.. this time it was Sin City. The film adaptation of Frank Miller's hugely violent comic series. I'd read one of the stories years ago and was curious about it's transition to film. I gotta admit it was spot on. Julie thought it was total pap though and didn't bother following the storyline. Gotta admit the dialogue is terrible ..but it was in the comic too intentionally bad metaphors lifted from old american detective stories.

Spent most of today sorting out my timetable for the next semester. Once again it's a mess of different timetables all formatted differently with some referring to the next semester as semester 2 and others as semester 3. It is Semester 3 of the academic year but my course started in Sememester 2.. I don't mind what they call it really but it'd be nice if all the modules could call it the same thing. Of course half the room numbers are missing but that's not a surprise. I've published my timetable on the web ad put a message in a blackboard discussion group to let other students know about it -it may be handy for them. I've also knocked up a WAP version like I did last semester so I can check it on my phone.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

I've won what?
Got a letter from Spain saying I've won a shitload of money on a lottery I didn't enter. All I need to do is send them my bank details and they'll pay me a huge wad of cash! I'll probably have to pay a commission or some tax thing off first before I receive my winnings tho. Yeah right.. if I was a fucking idiot maybe. It's yet another advance fee scam to seperate the incredibly stupid from their cash. Read all about it here. I don't get many of these scam type things but I suspect if your stupid enough to fall for this one then any money you lose you were going to wind up losing anyway -afterall you'd need an IQ in the low double figures to believe you really could have won a lottery you never entered. Considering the odds of winning a national lottery you actually have entered I think you probably need an IQ in the low double figures to really believe you might win something anyway. Well then there's greed to be considered too I guess.. at least with this scam your not being invited to help some dodgy general or politician missapropriate money from a third world country like the majority of the nigerian 419 scammers -now I think about if you are happy to help a dodgy general/politico/banker rob the worlds poorest nations you deserve to get ripped off anyway.

I've been getting emails from some numbnut in Mexico who thinks I'm someone else with the same first name. Apparently he's a bit anxious about something in the past. I can't make out the complete email though as it's seems to include colloquialisms I can't make out. Wonder if he'll send me anything interesting.. got an animation today.

Saw a blackbird in the garden at lunchtime. A bird in my garden is a rare and noteworthy thing thanks to the mad cat lady at the back who encourages every cat from miles around to congregate in her yard where she leaves a shedload of food and on top of a neighbours bombshelter where the mad old coot throws even more food. I've even seen her putting catfood out for the pigeons on prinny av. She's showing no sign of heading for the next world for that overdue reunion with her brain and dead hubby yet..

Went training tonight then had a quick one in the Tap & Spile with Will and James. Lost two games of pool set the world to rights then headed home to Julie, Dante and some desperate housewives. ya not hugely rock'n'roll I know.. would like to have headed out to Pozition but can't really afford it and need to study tomorrow anyway.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Weekend came and went. Consent was a bit dissapointing on the Saturday night, not sure why but it was really dead. Went training on Monday night.. er.. Dealing with insurance company to get the car fixed is a bit of a pain. The third party they have authorised to investigate/deal with the claim had a trainee call me up today for details I've already given out twice already. She kept having to put me on hold and ask her trainer stuff. I'm going to snailmail them all the info instead.

My computer is making an annoying whirring sound. The fan on the northbridge is dying. No point trying PC Wor1d for that kind of thing, but I still wasted my time trying -didn't bother asking the staff, they'd probably have thought a "northbridge" is something that crosses the river.. Just ordered a new one from some online pooter firm.

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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Not the best of days
Got the info for my next uni placement through last week. I went to look at the place today. Turns out the people at mickeymouse university wrote the wrong fucking place on the form they sent me. Well it's the right building I guess but it's split into two areas and they managed to tell me the wrong one. On the details for my previous placement they gave me the wrong phone number.. so anyway having done a placement with the elderly I now have a brand new placement, this time it's with.. oh right the elderly again. Er ok. Always been one to appreciate a bit of variety.. nevermind it's only 12 weeks. 3 whole months. Wonder what I'll get next ..another elderly unit perhaps? I've nothing against old people and my last placement was really good but I'd been hoping for a different client group this time round ..and they did send me a form saying my placement was with an adult unit which got my hopes up.. aaaaaaaaaaanyway... I'm growing to exect less and less of from this course. Still catching up with physiology which is interesting though -of course it would be better if the workload was a bit more feasable but I've noticed project management doesn't really come into nursing.

Cat's got a new laptop so I spent 3 hours updating it and getting it working with the wireless bridge today for her. What else.. did some work on the garden.. went training, not a bad session.. Julie went home for the weekend, I'll see her tomorrow. Some fuckwhit crashed into the backend of my car at some traffic lights on Springbank. Could have done without that. Not been a great day really. Just went to the pub with Mike, Col and Billy, we tried our luck on a quiz machine which pissed on us, didn't feel like heading to Spiders tonight as I'm in a pretty shitty mood and wouldn't exactly be fun company.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Had my first proper exam today. Go me. Think it went ok, I could've done more revision but reckon I've passed. The subject matter was a bit dry but I reckon most of the academic side of the course will be -although I still hope to discover a hidden interest in sociology or psychology sometime. We went for a drink afterwards and some lunch.. waffled about the exam and our next placements. Found there's a few other students gonna be at my next place. Cool. We left the pub following a dismal team effort on a quiz machine ..I said we need a proper night out next weekend and suggested Donna organise it -if I organised it we'd wind up in spiders or a rock night somewhere.. We're not a hugely social bunch as far as students go, I reckon that probably has to do with the age range on the course -hell I'm a mature student too.. Heading to Consent this weekend, Julie's booked a hotel room for us :)

On the bank holiday Monday I went bowling with Billy, Mel and Lucy. The girls used barriers to stop the ball going in the gutter and I'm probably one of the worst bowlers I've seen hehe so I lost the first game and drew last with Lucy on the second.

Went for a run last night. The Kung Fu club is on hold now which is a shame as I liked the way we trained there. The karate club is pretty good but not so "street" oriented. Anyway if I'm gonna get back into shape I'll have to find time to do more running and training. Hmm Julie says I'm already in shape.. but I don't think she's completely objective about it.

Technical bit
My blog's been getting some hits from very wierd searches lately. I'm thinking about adding some meta tags to stop robot crawlers crawling the whole site and also stopping search engines caching it. The two metatags for that are:

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Walking home this evening we came across some kids who'd found a syringe with a needle attached in the street. One was the local daftlad who woud've probably picked it up if a young girl hadn't already told him not to. She asked us what she should do with it, all we could do was tell them not to touch it. I went home and called the Council to get rid of it. But ...street cleansing aren't working till 05:30 in the morning... I left a message with the chap who answered, can't remember what department it was but he'll hand it over to street cleansing when they start. Not sure how long it'll take Street Cleansing to send someone out for it. Tried the Humberside Police's "New Single Non Emergency Number" 0845 60 60 222 I got through to a PC Turner on the advice desk who told me it was a council matter as the Police don't have the equipment to deal with it and they would not be coming out for a needle. I completely believe it's a health and safety issue but don't believe for a minute that the Humbersde Police Farce are so piss poorly equipped that they don't have a sharps bin, some tongs and a box of latex gloves somewhere in the city. I reckon the fucking "Scenes of Crime" people have access to gloves and tweezers, the driverhandymen will have pliers that even a halfwit could press into use as tongs then put in an autoclave afterwards and how hard would it be for the pigs to beg an empty sharps bin from Hull Royal? She told me that the council deal with needles. I told them the council wouldn't be doing anything till tomorrow and the kids are playing in the street now. It went round and round for a bit with but ultimately nowhere at all. I asked her who I was speaking to and she dentified herself as PC Turner, I then said "Right if a kid gets stabbed I shall bear that in mind then." the line then went dead, maybe she hung up on me. So having found the Humberside Police once again fail to Protect Help and Reassure the local populace I then did some more google searching and found a site mentioning the Hull wardens and how many hypodermic needles they clear up in a year. Great looks like they're just the people I need. I gave them a call, but it was nearly 8pm on a Sunday so I got through to an answerphone.. I left a message. I have my doubts as to whether or not they'll deal with it tonight. I also doubt the thing will still be there by the time the council get their arses into gear to take it away. I really can't believe it's so hard to get a hypodermic needle removed from your street -especially when you tell the powers-that-be that kids are playing round it. I thought about removing it myself but you can't put it in a wheely bin... besides which I do pay Council Tax which is supposed to cover that kind of thing. Letter to the Hull Daily Mail time then..

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