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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Still studying loads and living the life of a recluse :-( Well except for Good Friday when I headed out to Mike's for some beers and food. Met up with a few old faces and a couple of rabbits. Talking to Emma in the kitchen whilst a game of football was being played outside she said I seemed to be the only one who a hasn't really changed with age. Guess either I must've been a haggard looking kid or I'm a spotty adult hehe ;) Later that night a few of us met up in Pave for, yup, more beers. Julie had got back from a Manchester shopping trip and joined us. Barry and Bon are engaged which I thought might be on the cards Rob's looking at other jobs and had a story about some incompetent pleb at some agency or other he'd spoken to. I was reminded me of the time I called agency about a job advertised as in the northeast of england. I'd asked the guy on the phone if by "northeast" they meant Hull (as agencies used to do that). The guy on the line replied with "Both you know and I know that Hull is not in the northeast of England." Well I was sure of 2 things at that point, one being the location of the city I was phoneing from and the other that I was talking to a fucking idiot. Surprisingly I didn't try that agency again.

Watched Dodgeball on thursday night with Julie. It totally cracked us up. Then on Friday I downloaded some cracked DVD copying software and made a copy :) Go me.

Julie's gone to visit Juliet in Brighton for a week leaving me to get loads of studying done.. I'm plowing through it but there's a hell of alt to go and I don't seem to havee enough hours in the day or the right motivation at the moment. Started a card index to keep track of articles having given up on writing an access database to do the job. It's all a bit geeky but I gotta keep track of the research articles somehow and I think I'll gather alot of them over the next three years.

Missed training 'cos was too busy studying Barry called but I had to cancel. Just been swimming to make up for my lack of activity. Did 2 1/2 km which I guess is pretty good as it's nearly a year since I last swam. Right gotta go cook..

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Been neglecting my blog a bit. Just had reading week and I/m on holiday now. Thing is there's so much to do I'm using the 2 holiday weeks for study too. Went to the Piper on Friday with Julie, Billy, Zoe, Donna and Sarah Jane. The place wasn't as packed a I remember -maybe to do with fire regs or maybe just cos the students are on holiday. that was pretty cool. Must get there more often. Went to the Kingswood last night for the worst pub meal I've ever had. It was so bad I felt obliged to take the cutlery as I left feeling hungry with the taste of oil in my mouth. I really couldn't believe how bad it was, I told Julie I thought the chef (or is it cook in pubs?) must've rung in sick and the glass collector was covering for him.. I had whitebait starter which looked fine but the flavour had cunningly been remmoved and replaced with old oil, hopefully of the cooking variety, my main course was some chicken breast thing. It appeared to be made fromthe smallest chicken I have ever seen but tasted suspiciously like the processed chicken lumps you get from post club kebab shops. J opted for a lamb gristle pudding which came with some (instant) mashed potato that against the odds was actually chewy. Oh yeah Julie's glass arrived with lipstick preapplied to the rim and my soda water had some unidentified fibres in ..both went back. We'd had lunch there before and been quite impressed but evidently if you ask for more than a sandwich your luck's out.

Gave J a lift to the trainstation today then hit the library. Got there before it opened and had to wait, I was the first student in the place which was a bit strange. Got a textbook I needed -gonna scan a chapter I need. Right back to the books..

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think this god's got a sick sense of humour
and when I die I expect to find the sick fucker laughing. Got home from work met Julie went for a haircut, all's pretty normal then just as I'm going to give Julie a lift to work Cat gets a phone call. Bad news. I had to leave to get J. to work but could see cat wasn' happy. Turns out there was a car accident and a freind of hers died. Here's the local paper's story. Tragedy is the only word that fits. The dead daughter had leukemia and was at the end of her third year of chemotherapy. I oten think life's a bitch but fck that I have got it eay and so has almost every self pitying fucker reading this. three years of chemo to die in a crash with a tree ..what the fuck is the point? Cat was unhappy, I figured she was upset as I left s got in some Bacardi Reef and ice cream to give her a boost. When I got back she was heading out so I went too. Billy came by and we hit the Hogshead (or whatever it's called today) then Sharkeys. We cheered Cat up thanks to heavily alcoholic cocktails and yeah the presence of "Pretty James" was a boost. Back home via Asian kitchen where her and Billy got takeaways. now I'm cooking on gas. Need to eat.. early monings. My placement is interesting, bit worried about coursework and exams tho.

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