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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Speed -without chewing gum
Last night I upgraded my Karoo internet link to ADSL. I got home tried to configure my brand spanking new Linksys WAG54G ADSL Gateway/Router/Switch/Firewall but had no luck.. I figured my line hadn't been switched to ADSL so called KC. It had been switched over three days early cool. So I begrudgingly dug out the Thomson Speedtouch 330 ADSL modem Kingston Comms had sent me but I didn't want. It came "free" with the £39 installation.. I plugged it in, installed the software, and failed to connect.. I ran the Karoo CD that messes up your internet settings and bingo! er failed to connect again. I called Karoo three times and after "reboot" and "reinstall your modem" I got through to a guy who asked me to check the modem settings as I was trying to connect. They were correct (of course) so it was a problem with the line. I'd have to wait for an engineer to call me back, which would be whilst I was at work.. hmm yet another Karoo installation that hasn't gone to plan. Anyway I gave up and spent two messy hours working on the corners of some coving I'm putting up. Then I gave it another try, just in case. I connected fine with the modem. Line was fixed then. Yay! I think I'll hang onto the ADSL modem in case there are any other line faults later on. KC don't support router access so if I ever need to call them it'll be handy.

I plugged back in my router and failed to get it working, although I could make it ping the DNS server it was picking up. I gave up and went to Julie's for tea. This morning I turned on the PC and router and got straight on to the internet. Cool. I think my PC acquired a new DHCP lease this morning and that sorted it. I'll hook up the spare PC tonight.

If anyone is trying to set up an ADSL link using a router with Karoo ADSL remember the following: Encapsulation is PPPoA VPI is 1 VCI is 50 and multiplexing is LLC. Set your router as a DHCP server. On your client PCs use DHCP to assign IP address but manually assign the DNS servers as and

When is a modem not a modem?
Modem means MOdulator/DEModulator and refers to how the device converts an analogue signal to a digital signal and back again. Your phone line is analogue and your computer is digital. ADSL means "Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line". Note the word DIGITAL. Your ADSL modem doesn't modulate and demodulate the signal at all.. so it's not a modem.. The same goes for ISDN modems, Integrated Services Digital Network.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

More family history..
Just been sent a link to a picture of a great grand aunt. Why's that worthy of note? Well it's in the Tate Britain collection and was painted back in 1905. The Tate also retains some letters between her and the artist. She was a journalist in Dublin back when the painting was done. Did a quick search on her name on Google. Found a few abstracts of archived historic manuscripts mentioning her corespondence. I also found an antiquarian bookseller who sold a book of poetry dated 1937 with an inscription to her written inside the cover, she then had a double barrelled surname having married. She also had 3 books published between 1900 and 1925. Did a quick search on one them "The Madonna Of The Poets" and found someone auctioned a copy on eBay some time ago, the catholic library still have a copy, and an antiquarian bookseller has a first edition (1908) for sale.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Relatively speaking
Just found a rather professional looking website about my family during the 1800s through to early 1900s. It's quite an interesting story of death, cholera, industrial venture, infant tragedy, art, an arranged marriage avoided, a secret wedding, peerage, emmigration and orphaning. It seems they had a noteable role in the development of Spains rail infrastructure way back when. It must've been pretty hard to research owing to changes in names, religion and geography. There's a picture of my great grandad aged twenytwo. I don't see any resemblance but my mother and Julie both claim it's there.. hmm. I think I may put a link to it on my homepage.

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Feeling peckish? I know I am.. I meant to go to lunch an hour ago but got distracted. Well it could always be worse I guess, have a look at the United Nations World Food Program "Interactive Hunger Map". According to the UN WFP there is enough food in the world to feed everyone in it.. so something's obviously not working. The thing is it's far more profitable to sell fat blokes donuts than send potatoes to Peru. Profits before people. Isn't global capitalism great.. Whilst the first world is fighting a losing a battle against rising obesity levels a kid dies of starvation every five seconds. That's probably 3 in the time it took you to read this.

Here's food for thought.. at a rate of one kid every five seconds how many pop it in the time it takes you to consume a bag of nutrition free, overly salted, fat loaded, processed potato crisps?

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

An email exchange with Sam inspired me to go running this lunchtime. I am now knackered. Just spent an hour struggling to stay awake through a team meetng. Spent ages last night trying to put up some coving but it was no joy, We got one small piece stuck to the wall and ceiling but I have a feeling its gonna neeed to come down. Looked like a really simple job.. My job has changed so I have to do early and late shifts now. They're only a half hour either way but I really don't want to do it, still gotta keep em sweet in case I need to hand in my notice -nothing from Uni yet though.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I've decided to stump up for ADSL. I'm justifying the extra £6 a month, and installation fee, by kidding myself I'll save cash by downloading music from peer-to-peer networks instead of buying it. Clever eh? I also reckon if I do get to Uni it'll be handy to have a fast link for studying anyway. I've acquired an ADSL router/firewall/switch/wireless access point which arrived on Monday and today I received my "free" ADSL modem from Kingston Communications today. Not sure if I'll keep the modem or flog it yet. Might be handy as a fallback. My phone line should be moved to ADSL on the 29th.

Last night Mika had yet another injection at the vets, and is going back for yet another checkup next month. The good news is I've finished my night class Yay! Monday nights are mine again.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

This and that
Went to see my doc today. I hurt a finger about 2 months ago sparring and it's still painfull and swollen. The doc thinks I've cracked the bone at the joint and it'll take a while yet to mend. There's nothing I can do to help it along and I'll pobably get athritis in that joint later in life. Not fantastic news..

Work on number twelve continues apace. Sanded down the dining room walls, been running around the stairs, hall and landing polyfillaing tears in wallpaper and scratches in plaster. Julie and Cat have been painting the landing, it looks very bright. My folks are putting a new floor surface in the kitchen.

Tonight I take Mika to the vets yet again for her hopefully final visit and go to my nightclass for the last session.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Went training tonight. No one else turned up but after an hour of kata and linework I wound up giving a group of kids an impromptu martial arts lesson. I never really wanted to teach kids, up untill tonight I've always managed to avoid it too. They muck around and play and stuff which is normal for kids but a pain in arse if you're trying teach them stuff. Anyway there was 3 of them and one was evidently interested whilst his mates were just there to kill some time. He seemed bright enough to learn anyway. After that I went home and sanded down a wall. Two walls. Called Julie back after missing three calls. Never heard the phone what with the sander and vacuum cleaner running, I reckon the ear defenders I was wearing might've been a factor too.. Later on Cat came back and went onto MSN whilst I sorted out my tea. She's just been let down by some guy because he can't be arsed to get out of bed when she goes to work. She doesn't seem too bothered about him, she likes her single life as it is, but she's pissed off it's something so stupid. I can't believe it's something so totally stupid. What a fucking muppet.

It's Laura's birthday now. I've written a poem to commemorate the occasion:

Happy Birthday Miss G,
now that you're twenty three,
you can have a drink on me.
Happy Birthday Miss G.

I think it's quite touching. Deep yet poignant.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Went out for a meal on Friday night and to Duke's where we saw Cher on Saturday. She looks different everytime I see her, not so pierced nowadays. We moved on to the Linnet. It was the first time in a long time we've gone out for a drink together. We spent the daytimes working on the dining room... platic wood and polyfilla tastic. Next thing will be installing the coving and sanding the walls. It's definitely looking better.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Focus Group 2 and Computer Stuff
Went to the focus group meeting. It was about remodelling Castle street. we were shown two plans one with a couple of pedestrian bridges an one with a tunnel that had trees planted above it. We all preferred the tunnel. If it happens it'll look way smart. This focus group was more interesting than the last one. The whole group seemed much more on the ball than the last one and it felt like we were contributing to something worthwhile. Hopefully our input will have a positive effect. For our troubles we made 25 quid, a pint of lager, 2 mini mars bars, 4 biscuits and 4 apples.

Sorted out Laura's internet access for her. There was a minor hitch in that her phone line didn't work but I got onto KC and they sorted it. There was a second hitch in that the password Karoo assigneed her just didn't work. This has happened every single time I've set up account with them for me or a mate. Anyway it's running alright now. I even put a small page into her webspace just because I could. Nothing fancy just a small Goole search front end. She needed it to transfer some stuff from her office to home, she finishes work tomorrow and starts a brand new job on Monday.

My car sold for £51 easily recouping the cost of the advert but I have to admit I was expecting some more last minute bidding than actually happened as there were 12 watchers on it. Still beats losing a kidney. Also flogged the old heatsink fom my folks' PC. Managed to repair their DVD drive for them, I'll probably be fitting it for them on Monday lunchtime. Not managed to see Julie tonight what with the focus group and sorting Laura's email. She spent today learning to take blood.. My girlfriend is a vampire -that sounds a bit like a Meteors song..

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Interview and Auctions
Went to an interview for a University course yesterday. I think I'll probably get onto it but would really like to know if I'd be starting in January or September. There were 8 people interviewed for the course and only 2 places left for January. I'd managed to lose my birth certificate which I needed to show for a Criminal Records Bureau check so had to go pay for a copy in the afternoon and drop it off in the evening. Whilst killing time waiting on a birth certificate I bumped into Vicky from karate. Had a quick catch up. The interview was quite interesting. After that we had a briefing which told us about how much cash we'll have to live on andthe number of hours study and work we'd be doing. It sounds a bit daunting to be honest.

Just had some stupid questions about ebay auctions. I have a single bed I don't want and can't get to the tip so I put it on ebay. I put it on for 50p and said "Buyer to collect from Hull address". Some numbnuts from Brid just emailed me to ask if I'll deliver it to Bridlington, thirtyodd miles away. I dunno which part of "Buyer to collect" threw him but as if I'd drive to Brid for a 50p sale. Doh. Another thing I'm auctioning is my car. My long suffering Daewoo. It's dead. I don't want to spend anymore on it so I need to get rid of it. I didn't want to pay the £50 it'll cost me to have it taken away and scrapped so I put it on an ebay auction with no reserve. Someone's just emailed me to ask how much I want for it... It's an Auction dude, it's an auction with no reserve I want whatever I'm bid, having set the starting bid at 50p.

Tonight I'm going to set up internet access for Laura then go attend a focus group about traffic congestion on one of the city's busier roads ..should be a hoot.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

And the winner is..
..the right wing religious nut. Roll on climate change..

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Who's gonna be President of Planet Earth
The election for the most powerful man in the planet is going on. Will it be a right wing religious nut or the liberal that gets the job? Assuming we don't get another vote rigging debacle and some dodgy businessmen manage to install the idiot son of one of their number, it's all in the hands of the american public.. Will they make the best choice for the world? Can they actually make the best choices for themselves? Bearing in mind more than half of U.S. adults are overweight (64.5 percent) and nearly one-third (30.5 percent) are obese and firearms injuries remain the second leading cause of injury-related death in the U.S. I'd say their decision making skills are a bit flawed. If they go for the right wing religious nut I won't be hugely surprised. Dissapointed yes but surprised no.

Hohum it's 01:20 and Kerry is ahead. My fingers are crossed. Exiting isn't it. I'd be interested to know how much Michael Moore and his campaign has affected the turn out. I've been following him on the web since last year.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Halloween in a Dark Place
Saturday night turned out nicely. I was bored out of my tiny mind and decided to give Julie a buzz before she went out. She was making a mask for halloween. She suggested I head up to Lancaster if I was stuck. So I knocked up a quick tea whilst getting ready, managing to scald my stomach with very hot cooking oil in the process. Didn't realise how bad it was till I got in the car and had the seatbelt chaffing my fresh burns. Drove right across the country with my shirt open to cool it. Got to J's folks' place. She'd made me a mask. er cool. Black leathery little number. We went to the Bobbin but left as it was packed out, some band were playing, and went to the Yorkshireman. I had a pint hoegarden whilst owing to medication J had a lemonade. We then headed off to the Dark Place, getting a lift from Laura and Gonz who decided against clubbing. There was complementary vodka's on the door. I downed mine then J's, then regretted it sincerely as it was the roughest thing I've ever drank -bearing in mind I once drank aftershave and whilst firebreathing have swallowed alot of paintbrush cleaner.. yeah that vodka was nasty. Had to have an orange juice before any beers. Julie was quite ill with a headcold that got worse as the night wore on but I think made the most of it. It was quite a cool night. First time we've been out in ages in fact. Despite her cold Julie looked incredible in a leather ballgown. As we left I gave Jeremy a bottle of Bells I'd brought along to tide me over after the bar shut at 12. After the doggy vodka I didn't have the constitution to drink spirits -it's Monday now and I still don't.

Back at Julie's folks I slid a bit downhill as the vodka continued to attack my internals. Woke up bright and early. Well we got woken up quite early which isn't the same thing really. Felt like crap. I'd got some of Julie's cold and a sore head. I totally blame the head on the dodgy vodkas. Couldn't face food initially which was a shame as J's stepdad was cooking breakfasts :( Eventually we had tappa's somewhere in the centre and failed to find a birthday pressie for a young relative of J's. The journey back took us ages as I missed a turning on the motorway..

Got home to find one of my cats had messed on the carpet but my long suffering housemate had cleaned it up. She's also cleaned the kitchen walls in preperation for painting. Went round to my lover's for the evening. I knocked up a hot curry to try and burn off her headcold. Think it worked for a while but by this morning it was back.

Got a text this morning from a mobile number I don't know saying "hello". It's been work work work. Spent lunchtime at hull uni looking for admissions to hand in a slip to say I will be attending an interview with them. Tonight I've gotta take Mika to the vets. Do some homework then go to my nightcass and stay awake for the duration.

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