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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Job interview with a drinking buddy
Had a job interview yesterday. It was strange. One of the people doing the interview was tall Paul from Spiders. I think I probably did a double take when I walked in. Strange seeing people out of context like that. The interview went ok, I think. It was all noddy questions about customer care rather than technical stuff. This is because there's alot of people out there with technical knowledge but lacking people skills the other interviewer said. I know what he means. He meant there's alot of geeks who know their techy stuff but have no people skills.. Hate to say but he's probably right too.. It was the only interview I've had that I've been asked to show my certificates at. Maybe it's a council policy type thing, I certainly didn't need to do that when I started work for the police. Unfortunately I don't think it'll be worth me taking the job if it's offered. It'd mean a drop in pay which I'm not hugely up for especially if I'm gonna be leavng in decmber should my uni application work out, and a drop in holidays back down to 21.. which could only be taken during the academic holiday period which sucks alot. If we were talking about academic holidays that'd be cool tho. There'ed be a car allowance which might make up the financial shortfall but I have my doubts. There's also a six month probationary period which strikes me as excessive. I'll carry on with my current job and wait on the uni application for now. It's not like there's no IT jobs in Hull despite what every employer says circa pay review time and I seem able to get interviews.

After the interview I met up with Julie in town and we trawled around the centre for the whole day. Got my payslip today, also returned home to find Cat's rent waiting for me. Happy day! Unfortunately it's gonna go on the car which is overheating, has an electrical fault and needs the power steering fixing. When I have time to get it to a garage.

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Poor, bleeding and reading.
Poor this weekend, so stayed in both nights. watched a pitrate of Hell Boy on friday. That sucked ass bigtime. Had to watch it to the end tho. I'm a bit retentive like that. Julie was lucky enough to sleep through most of it. on Saturday I fell asleep in the afternoon. That was wierd. I don't usually do that unless I've been drinking at lunchtime ..and I don't unsually do that at all. On saturday night we stayed at mine again and watched the excellent Jay and silent Bob Strike Back. Julie hated it but I was in stitches.. Even though I'd already seen it. Makes more sense if you've seen Clerks (which sucks!), Mall Rats and the boring IMHO Chasing Amy. We cooked something realy good with lamb, red wine and rosemary. Later on I found my female cat has grazed her tummy from licking too much. Licking herself is all he does if she's awake and who can blame her I suppose. I'm hoping it's nothing major though as I don't wanna have to go to the vets with her :-( Flead both of them just in case anyway. That made the male one jumpy for about 8 hours, think he's forgiven me now tho.

I did us some lunch but after bringing it to the living room had to pop back to the kitchen for a knife. I kicked a step ladder I'd left in the hall weeks ago. Bare feet. Hurt like hell. I swore alot, I said ow alot, I said argh alot, loudly. Julie asked what was wrong although I notice managed to keep her seat despite her concern.. Unable to say anything but "fuck", "ow", and "argh" I limped into the living room and showed her the bloody mess that only seconds before had ben a little toe. There was skin and nail hanging of and redstuff coming out from 3 different places. I lay on the sofa on the sofa cursing nothing in particular. After a lunch marred slightly by the agony of a mashed up bleeding toe Julie suggested I wash it and dress it. I hobbled upstairs and she washed it for me with saltwater and then cleaned it with an antiseptic wipe, that managed to make it hurt more than it had previously, then covered it. So I've been limping around all day much to the amusement of both Cat and Julie. Cat managed not to hear any of the incident at all. We went to Starbucks for a coffee where I grossed them out with a photo of my damaged digitus minimus pedis on my phone.

This evening Julie's working a night shift and Cat went to a gig. I stayed home reading a textbook about nursing. Need to do some background reading if I'm hoping to get onto the course I guess. Just been covering physiology. It reminded me of biology lessons when I was at school many moons ago.

Got an early shift tomorrow. Bollocks.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The past in print
Whilst sitting in a waiting room today I was leafing through a few magazines.. as you do.. when I saw a picture of a girl. Nothing unusual there but as I carried on page turning I thought she looked alot like someone I knew a while ago. I went back to it and read the caption an the article. Yup it was her. Wierd that.

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Eight legged scary things
Where the fuck are they coming from?! Last week I reached a new low when I asked Cat to eject a huge spider from the house after trapping it under a pint glass on the stairs. On saturday night I had to climb a ladder to catch what I think was the same fucking creature near the ceiling in the living room. On Sunday I found a smaller spider hiding in a towel. I recently chucked two more out that I found in the bathromm.. tonight I found another big bugger in the bath and as I used the shower to force it down the plug hole I saw it's frickin twin sat near the ceiling watching the procedingss. So it was plughole for him too. I've left the water running for a while to get shot of them. Don't want them coming back.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Spent Friday night in a quiet village pub. Wasn't quite the American Werewolf In London experience I'd told Julie to expect ;) Met up with a few mates from schooldaze. Mike's househunting hasn't really got off the ground. Emma's temping, no luck on the real job front so far. Claire seems to have had a promotion of sorts to deputy head of her department. Saw other Julie out, she's living in a house her and her ex bought when they were an item and are now selling. That must be so strange.. Sank a few lagers and a vodka leaving me warmly merry. I think we left sometime after midnight. Country ways and licensing laws don't always cross paths. It struck me we haven't all been out clubbing for ages and ages. Might try to organise a visit to Piper or Welly for an indie night sometime. Not so easy when people live all over the place and have to organise babysitters and petsitters if they're away overnight.

Julie had some good news on the job front, no timescale yet though. Still things are moving in the right direction at last.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Had a long late night conversation with Julie last night. She has trouble reading me, sometimes. I have trouble reading her too, sometimes. Sometimes causes us a few problems.. on the other hand it means we can surprise each other too. Have to see how things work out. She's on nights for a while now so shan't be seeing much of each other for a few days :-( She told me on Saturday night when we were it Lancaster I was talking to a bloke about computers and stuff for ages and she felt a bit jealous. That's way cute. :-p Nice to feel wanted. Gave her a lift to work tonight armed with a couple of DVDs to while the 12 hour shift away then went training. We did loads of throwing tonight and I got a skin pull across my right nipple. Feels like it's been grated.. fuckin ouch!

Been listening to the excellent Black Flag's "The First Four Years" CD. I've had it on vinyl about 15 years but stopped playing records a long time ago, on a whim I ordered it via amazon.co.uk. It's got some really early stuff on it including material they've done with the 3 different singers they've had over the years. Recommend listening for everyone and their granny, especially "Wasted" and "Six Pack".

Starting a college night class next month to learn how to study again. Quite important if I'm gonna head back to Uni. I didn't really know how to in the first place to be honest. I sometimes think it's amazing I've got where I am today without ever taking decent notes or revising. I think I got through school and uni by some kind of knowledge osmosis.

Right gonna set the video to record Monkey then go read "The Handmaid's Tale". Back at work tomorrow after two days holiday.

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Dark Place on Friday. The Dark Place on Saturday.
Just got back form Lancaster. didn't do the Dogfest in the end as Bill andMel couldn't make it, so we went to The Dark Place both nights. Friday was a slightly 80's night with The Damned, The Alarm and a load of glammy stuff early in the night for a change. A mate of Laura's was up from London and he found Lancasters drink prices really low, on the other hand I find it more expensive over there than Hull. Gotta remember to start checking my change in there too hohum. Met julie's most recent ex briefly in asda then again in the club. For some reason I'd been expecting someone fatter and younger. Talked briefly in the club, he seemed alright although blissfully unaware of the drink driving limit. A pal of Julie's I'd not previously met thought it was wierd that I didn't watch her like a hawk and stick to her like glue.. he seemed to think letting someone have space is the same as neglecting them.. he then apparently went on to missinterpret my bodylanguage and try to tell my lovely lady I had a problem with one of her male friends. She put him straight on that one but wasn't too pleased with him, she didnt tell me till after we got home. Turns out he didn't think alot of Julie's ex. I think at one point he tried to draw me into slagging him off but I didn't go for it.. not being fourteen and all that. Also saw the daft bint who'd been trying to get my girlfriend to go out with someone else. Unsurprisingly we haven't spoken and probably shan't. Apart from that I had a really good night. Just past midnight I got a call from Laura (my fave ex not to be confused with Julie's buddy) asking me how to put a computer into the swedish language. Strangeness. Think I sorted her out over the phone.

On the Saturday we went to a couple of pubs first. One sold "Jagermeister" a black liqour with a taste of burnt sugar. It was hellishly sweet but medicinal at the same time. Had three of them on top of beers, and half a tequila rose my lady palmed off on me so I was probably a bit pished when we go to the dark place. She pointed me to a topless guy stood a meter away waiting to be served at the bar. I looked blankly at him then read the name tattooed on his lower back. She smiled as I realised it was an ex from ages ago, I'd heard stuff about him before. Strange bloke. They were in the same club, a small one bar club at that, but he didn't go talk to her all night. If I saw an ex out I hadn't spoken to for five years I'm pretty sure I'd say Hi and hows it going and so on. I'd probably be a bit curious about who she was seeing too to be honest.. is he a nicer boke? better looking? and stuff like that -if he had it'd have been yes and hell yes by the way hehe ;-) He sent her a text later on instead. It was a bit strange I thought, not like he didn't get the chance to. She hasn't actually got a huge crowd of exes which is what it probably sounds like reading this but two of them still go to the same club. I left Julie catching up with various other people and went for the dancefloor having got up just drunk enough for that but not too drunk to talk or stand.

Just gotta sort out the miaow miaows then I'm hightailing it round to Julies for the evening.

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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Julie came back from Lancaster on Monday night. Some pal of hers has been trying to pair her up with some other bloke. =:-O Don't think I'll bother pretending to be polite to that pal of hers should I meet her again.. Actually we're heading up to Lancaster tomorrow night. Someone Julie knows is having a leaving do or something so we're off to the Dark Place -which isn't the rock'n'roll darkness venue it sounds like ;) Thinking of going to the Dogfest in Morcambe on Saturday. Billy and Mel are up for it too. Just the Saturday though if we do.

Went home for lunch and saw Cat, she had the day off. She's been restoring old and damaged photos on the computer.

Got a sad text today. The mother of one of J's mates just died, aged 50-something, in a hosptial bed in Greece. She knew her quite well and is feeling pretty low. I'll go round later and if I can't cheer her up at least I can be there for her. The funeral is tomorrow.

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Cat and Sam came back from Spiders about 30 minutes ago. Cat's alot worse for drink, wouldn't want her head tomorrow. She went off to bed. I gave Sam a lift to her fellas place. She said Hannah had had her drink spiked in the club. I think she was a bit shaken that she hadn't been able to do anything for her when at work it's the ind of thing she deals with anyway. From what she described it sounded exactly the same as when another girl, Helen, had a drink spiked in May last year. I figured she'd taken something and then forgotten at the time, hadn't figured anyone would be spiking peoples drinks with hallucinogens. Must remember not to underestimate how shit people can be. Gave Billy a buzz to see how she was. He'd dropped Hannah and Lee off at theirs and said she seemed to recover in the car.

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Went to bed just after six this morning and got woken up at half ten by a delivery guy dropping off a free kitten care pack from Whiskas. OK I don't actually have a kitten but I do have 2 cats and it's free food for them.. just notice Felix are doing the same thing. I'll take one of theirs too then. Cool. Just signed up for that..

Spent today installing a couple of vents in my central heating system. Just before and after the boiler. Was very messy cutting the pipes as i couldn't drain them first. Got soaked. Had water spraying right across the kitchen. Fun. Thinking about it now I should've probably put in a stopcock type of thing. Ahh well that's the learning curve. My mother called when I was working on it and Cat told her I was busy wrecking the kitchen :) despite the mess it went without a hitch all soldered and water tight, event the compression joints on the boiler and vents. I actually enjoy doing stuff like that but it's a bit daunting to think of the consequences of if I fuck it up or bite off more than i can chew.

Spending tonight in. Yup saturdy night I'm home alone! Sam and Sal came round earlier on and had a few drinks on the patio before heading off to Spiders with Cat. Gave them a lift down. Two lifts actually. The first time the queue was huge never seen such a big queue there so I took em home again and dropped em off later. Queue was still huge. Earlier on Sam was telling us about her folks, was quite strange. I can't imagine anyone resenting their kid going to uni and getting a degree. Fucking wierd. Seems they'ed rather she live on benefits and drink in front of the TV at home. Wierdness. So her teenage rebellion took the form of doing well at school and later graduating with degree in psychology.

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Went to the Hogshead and Spiders tonight. Billy and I met up with Zoe and her mate Donna. Haven't seen Zoe for ages, lent her a really rare (and yeah valuable) u2 record just over 2 years ago.. think she likes it. As we went into the club i was surprised to see a computer monitor showing a picture of myself, Cat and Billy, it was a slideshow of images from arachnophilia.net. Just as I pointed it out to Donna it moved to the next image. Music was cool, got some Rocket from The Crypt. After kicking out we went back to Zoe's. Never seen it before but it was rather cool. i'm used to my "work in progress" house and her's has progressed way faster. She did me a vodka and cranberry but with so much vodka I'd've left in an ambulance if I'd drank it. Eventually hightailed it at about 4am with a couple of books I'm assured have decent sex scenes in -that's bedtime reading then. I'm a bit drunk, alot hungry and very tired.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Julie's headed west tonight for a long weekend. So I'll be off the leash when the weekend comes for me. Well ok there isn't really a leash, at least not yet... hmm ..maybe if I'm good.. We watched The Matrix:Revolutions last night. I'd seen it before but Julie had wanted to see it for ages. She wasn't too impressed with it tho. I don't think the second two films come close the first really. Billy suggested goig to DogFest in Morcambe this month. Had a quick look at the website. Looks pretty cool and just by chance I've already got the Monday after down as holiday.

Gonna make a start on replacing the skirting boards in the dining room tonight. With my lady gone, Cat probably at her mates for tea I've run out of excuses not to get on with it.

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