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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bank Holiday Weekend
Few drinks at the Hogshead on Friday night then spent the weekend at a hotel out near Leeds, it had a classy restaraunt, jacuzzi, sauna and pool. It was all a bit spur of the moment tho so I couldn't get the cats into a kennel. Cat was away (Leeds Festival) so Billy stepped in as catlookerafter. They seemed fine when we go back. I'd forgotten to tell him where their water bowl lives -upstairs on the landing- so I was amused to see he'd given them a new one next to their food. In Leeds we visited the Corn Exchange and the Armoury. There's some cool shops in the Corn Exchange, and the museum was quite interesting, probably more for me than it was for Julie. Got back yesterday afternoon, Julie came round later for a Sunday dinner and we watched Gothika.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

5 years on

I've been working at the same place for 5 years yesterday. Aaaaaaargh. This morning my computer blew up. Really. Sparks came out of the powersupply fan grill, there was a loud pop and then it died -taking 5 other people's machines down with it when the circuit breaker went. Power came back on but my PC stayed dead. I got internal IT to replace the PSU but no joy, the mainboard's fried. Oh dear. It's was a PIII Dell machine I'll be getting a new faster machine but I'll probably lose half a day reconfiguring it. Using a borrowed PC at the moment.

Went to Julie's last night. Decided to bring her some tea. I knocked up a paella. Popped it in my Shuttle Chef (TM) (that's a big steel pot in a huge thermos flask type affair). Got in the car. The car wouldn't start. Walked round instead. Gonna have to get a mobile mechanic to have a look at the car. More expense... Julie was tired and achy have spent the day doing restraint training -her job sounds great sometimes.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

At work :( The aircon is down. It's 27 degrees Celcius. Lights are off because above the suspended ceiling is flooded. The windows don't open far and we've got a handfull of deskfans running. It's hot and humid.. not the sort of climate that motivates you to work harder.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Family duty tonight, some relatives from spain flew over so it was a meal at the folks. It was quite a noisy affair as I'd expected. Entertaining though. I noticed my spanish has detriorated with lack of use whereas my brothers has improved considerably. Anyway I met a great aunt who'd never been out of spain before, one of my mother's myriad cousins and her husband. The aunt couldn't get her camera working at all, I found she'd got no batteries in it.. fixed that by borrowing from a remote control. Later she was on the phone to one of her daughters then after saying goodbye she put the cordless down on the table. we carried on mucking around and joking as you do then heard this tiny voice calling "Mamaaaaaaa" from the middle of the table. She hadn't disconnected the call.

Been a a pretty unproductive day today, didn't see much of Julie all weekend. Ahh well roll on Monday. It'll soon be Friday...

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Cat's Birthday(ish) and Fuckwhit Phonecalls

Did family duty on friday having tea with Julie's folks. We wound up watching the Garfield film. It's a bad film. A very very bad film. The kind of film in which even though you cant be arsed to folllw it you can predict every single thing that's going to happen. John will get it on with the vet (in a PG rated kind of way), Garfield will win back his friends, garfield will rescue Odie, the bald guy will wear the shock collar.. blah blah blah no surprises there...

Anyway tonight was Cats birthday celebration! She hit's 22 on Monday so did the funstuff tonight -whilst she's still young enough some mght say. I'm a shedload older than her anyway so I'll just keep gob shut though. We went to "So Wok" fr a meal, julicame out for that. it was really good. We all hooked up at mine for a beer first then walked round. The food was good, the service not so. I think our 16 person booking stretched the staff a bit. Comedy came from 3 of the Bundy boys, two of whom had never tried chinese food before (in 2004!?). They wanted something english with ketchup and wern't impressed by beef cow mein. Hehe. I think only Tat and myself managed to eat with chopsticks which was a bit surprising. Billy knows how to but opted for a fork. after the meal Angie and her chap shot off in a taxi, a shame that as no one really managed to meet him properly owing to the seating.. but I know how taxis can be o a saturday night.

Julie went to meet her folks in Pave whilst Cat, Tat, Billy, Mel, Claire Tracey and myself went to the Linnet for a bevvy. I did Tat a coy of maybe I'll Catch fire by the Alkaline Trio and presented him it in an Anne Summers bag :0 He got dragged off by a call from Lea to bring round some beer and never made it to the cub :( We got there eventually and met the Bundy lads plus Hannah, back from Finland, and Andy. In the club I also met Helen who I hadn't seen for ages -she figured it's been a year, could be right, Sally a few others and outside wound up talking to Sammi who's still impressed with my toilet trained cat. She's always a happy bunny. she also told me how to tell the difference between her and her twin sister. They're not totally identical but it's close enough to throw you after a couple of drinks. Wes had two sets of fangs in, cool. I showed Lee the WAP version of www.punkrockbundy he was well impressed and got me a vodka for my troubles.

Got home just after three. At 03:43 the phone rang with a number I didn't recognise at all, 01482857344. Was an exes mate after her number. He said he didn't want to speak to me though so I suggested he hang up then. So he did. Fuckwit. I sent her a text to let her know the inbred dumbass iraqi-hating squaddie shitbag called anyway.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Been working on www.punkrockbundy.com this week and made a WAP version of the site at wap.punkrockbundy.com for mobile phone users to look at. It's quite compact as you'd expect. I've put on a logo giglist, news, about and contacts pages. I've used blogger for the giglist and news pages, hopefully Ben will update them when they have something. When Bundy next to do a gig they can put the website name on the flyers, it's already on the CD covers. Coolness.

Julie's folks are up tonight so heading round hers for a meal. On Saturday it's Cat's birthday so we're heading for a chinese meal to celebrate that. On Sunday some spanish relatives are coming over so there'll be a big meal to celebrate that. It's gonna be a megafat weekend.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Popped into PC World on Saturday to look at barebones small form factor PCs. I thought it'd be a good place to start looking as I knew I'd seen them in there previously and their website shows a handfull of the things. I couldn't find them. So I asked one of the sales people. He evidently hadn't got a clue what they sell and suggested I speak to the technical staff. I spoke to one of the technical staff. She didn't know what small form factor PCs were.. I explained what they were and she said "Oh, hard disk holders." I despair. Where do they get these people and what do they ask at interview. Sometimes wonder why I bother going there. Well if you know what you want and can find it yourself it's ok I suppose, but, if you're gonna need to ask the staff anything at all then you're really wasting your time.

Later on I dug out the pressure washer and cleaned the patio, ripping up loose bits of cement from bewteen the stones as I went. Got a bit side tracked and wound up unblocking a drain too. Yucky job. Spent the eveing in listening to the Damned.

On Sunday I enlisted Julies help in renewing the patio mortar. Didn't take long with two of us. Went into town for lunch. Saw the new big plasma screen in town. It's alot like Sydney Operahouse in that I though it'd be bigger. Wasn't hugely impressive. It was showing a bikerace which the sunday shoppers didn't seem too interested in. Tax payers money very well spent there. I bought a punch ball on a springy stick, from Boots of all places. Julie bought one of those great big inflatable excercise balls which we played about with in the afternoon and listened to Fear Factory and Rob Zombie.

Had a teetotal weekend for a change, probably did me some good.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Fuck Off Big Telly can fuck right off...
Hull is getting fuck off big TV. Grate. As if paying a TV licence for constant sports on the box isn't enough us lucky Hull dwellers are now paying council tax for it too. As someone who can't stand sports this gonna be a major pain. The council's brainwave is to show the olympics on it then keep it permanently to show stuff like football. Like that's not going to cause an increase in anti social behaviour.. Fucking morons. It's costing a mere 675,000 quid. Apparently significantly less than half of that is expected to be recouped in advertising revenue though. This is the kind of thing our council spend cash on. We have fucked up patchwork streets, loads of derelict brownfield sites, the biggest shitty estate in europe, an obesity and type 2 diabetes problems so what does the council plough money into.. a huge (but not as big as you expect) fish tank, a new stadium and now a fuck off big TV screen in the centre of town. Nice one dipshits. Cheers for not spending the council tax I pay on my fucking street or on healthcare or public transport or sorting out our piss poor second worst in the country police force. But then what else could you expect from the home of the fat yob bastard Johnny Prescott MP.

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Been walking past a dead rat 4 times a day this week. It's appeared on my route to work. After training last night I went to the car in the rain and heard a bloke sat on a pile of rubble in the pouring rain singing Radio Ga Ga at the top of his voice. Not seen much of J this week thanks to her early shifts and me training.

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Monday, August 09, 2004

Was staying in on Saturday night but after some fun with canvas and paint I made the mistake of put on Vision Thing,Sister's of Mercy, which put me in a going out mood at about midnight so out we went for er just over an hour :) We drove out to York on Sunday for a look around. I don't go there hugely often so I'm never too sure where I'm headed once I'm there but it's a nice place to walk around. Gave Julie my cold :( On Friday night punkrockbundy.com came online and to my surprise went to pot thanks to the frames forwarding using a frame name I'd used in my index.html file.

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Friday, August 06, 2004

Ill at the moment. This is the third day I've stayed home :( Bored! Can't really concentrate enough to do stuff -I'd be at work if I could. So it''s a bit dull. Done lots of channel hopping. Looked on the internet. Nothing too major. Pah. Not very good at being ill really. I keep wanting to start on the many jobs that need doing on the house.. Julie's been over a few times, we're good :) I was hoping to go away somewhere this weekend but have to postpone it till I'm better. Done some work on the Bundy website in the evenings when my heads been clearer. Just needs some lyrics, audio files and a counter now. I'll sort out the counter after the domain name is up and running the other things are down to when I recieve them from the band. Sorted out a gallery on there and compressed all the graphics to speed things up that little bit.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Recently hit a snag on the relationship front. I knew it was coming, all weekend it's been like a dark cloud hanging over me. We came very close to breaking up. Part of it was our differences in atitude and lifestyle and part of it was a worrying about the future at the expense of the present type of thing, added to that was a catalyst of pissedoffbyworkness for both parties. We don't really argue as such so when a problem crops up, albeit rarely, it's sometimes perceived as being bigger than it is. I'm waffling.. anyway we've come through that and have hopefully learned from it. Well that's what people tend to say about stuff like that. Have to see what the future holds as it occurs.

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