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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Donna got married!
Went to Donna and Matt's wedding today, after getting my car back from the garage and forking out two hundred for the clutch... It went really well (the wedding -car's fine..) Donna was well happy, so was Matt. didn't see much of them in the daytime. Arrived at the church just after the bride :( i'd initially gone to the wrong church, was a mile up the road from where i was supposed to be. Why do we have so many friggin churches?! Anyway it went ok, Donna was obviously happy. the meal was cool. There was a disposable camera on each table so I snapped everyone for posterity. Later on the DJ played all the things you'd expect him to play at a wedding so his influence and the bar prices pushed me out to spiders. Scottish chris and Andy came too. Saw tall Paul and tall Mike out for the first time in ages. Andy wound up tipping a pint of cider on himself to lose heat. I drank like a fish for a change. This is taking forever to type as a result.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

The weekend starts here
Wound up working late. Overtime. It's money in the bank I guess, not like I had big plans for this evening anyway. Got tomorrow off to go to a mate's wedding. Car's in a garage at the moment, clutch is buggered. Limits my options a bit. Julie's gone home for the weekend. Gives me time to do a few dull things I gotta do.. Shame we didn't part in more positive moods. Sent her a couple of jokes by text.. hmm. Shame there's no training tonight.

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It's been a pretty pap week. At work Exchange servers have been dying and keeping me too busy whilst the clients panic and slow me down with their dumb questions. Julie's been on earlies all week and tired. We've both been pretty pissed off with work... Last night was a pain too. She doesn't like living in Hull, I'm not likely to forget that.. but it's the last thing we need to be talking about the night before she goes off to her folks. But that's the way it went. Both tired, not good. I couldn't sleep and went to look for inspiration on the web till 2am. Obviously didn't find it. Went to sleep pissed off. Woke up pissed off. Said goodbye pissed off. Went home pissed off. Went to work pi -you can guess the rest. So now at work pissed off. grate.................... Julie's back on Sunday night. I'm hard work sometimes I suppose, no doubt her break will do her good. Dunno about me. Might do.. She definitely doesn't like this city though.. doesn't agree with my belief that any place can be whatever you choose make it -unless you're stuck in some piss poor village anyway. It's not the nicest place in the world, can't deny it's quite an ugly looking city, but I reckon at the end of the day it's just another city with the same pros and cons as any other city. Fuck it gonna post this, get some food, do some more work, fuck off home and either get happy or fake it.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Last night at Julie's a spider was wandering all over the bedroom ceiling. I borrowed a decorator's ladder from the hallway and ejected it. Not before dropping it on the floor and having to move furniture and stuff to get to it after it hid. As I left this morning I bumped into Jo just returning home before work.

On Sunday I was in Princes Quay when some coffin dodger revered into my car and drove away. Or tried to drive away at least. I ran down with him trying to get him to stop to no avail. I reckon he was trying to catch me on the turns. Eventually he got to the gate to leave but I told the car park chap he'd hit my car an driven off so he stopped the guy leaving. He was a really nasty coffin dodger. Let him go in the end thinking my car was ok except for a couple of minor scratches on the bumper which I could live with. Unfortunately after letting the old *insert nasty word here* leave I did find real damage to the car.. not major but very annoying, made much worse by the guy's attitude. Wish I'd just coined his car instead of chasing him down the car park exit but there you go.. When the car park chap called security it turned out the same old person had caused problems in the car park before.. I'll console myself with the thought that to be so bitter and have such a bad attitude he's probably had a really crappy life which will soon be over, and with that attitude I doubt he'll be going anywhere nice. The excercise probably did me some good anyway.

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Friday, July 23, 2004

I've been knocking up a webiste for Hull based band Bundy. it should be coming online sometime on Monday at www.punkrockbundy.com. Did a first version but decided it was a bit slow to navigate what with downloading images so I learnt how to use frames to speed things up. Made it with Notepad and used The GIMP for the graphics. Need some content to put on there though. Hopefully Ben or Boob is gonna drop of a CD of photos and some lyrics tonight. Registered the domain name with Firevision and I'll be hosting it on my karoo webspace.

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Friday, July 16, 2004

Here Comes The Rain, Raaaaaaaain
OK I'm still at work declined the new job offer and it's raining. Inside and outside yey! My employer has a long term lease on the building but has to carry out maintenance as needed. So expensive jobs will never get done. Unfortunately this buildings roof doesn't appear to have been sealed properly and so although it's still relatively new (about 30 years old tops) rain comes gushing (good word that) down the walls and we have to scramble for towels. Luckily all the wall sockets are on RCDs so no one should get electrucuted.

Good news.. Julie's mate doesn't have a DVT. Hurrah! It's been rediagnosed as Cellulitis. Nothing like as bad or life threatening, she's being kept in hospital on an anti-biotic IV at the moment. So I'll be staying in Hull this weekendm afterall.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Attended a focus group on Monday night with Wes. We were discussing mints for a market research company. Was an easy way to make twenty quid. There were 9 of us in the group and someone from the market research firm. The whole thing was video and audio recorded. I found it was bit like being on jury service really but a bit more fun. There was a random cross section of people in the group. I commented to Wes afterwards it's amazing how thick some people really are, he agreed. Memorable suggestions were to make the mints cherry menthol flavour or assorted fruit flavours -but then they wouldn't be mints.. someone else suggested a few names for them which I believe are already in use.. One guy didn't have anything at all to offer other than he didn't like mints. One of the first questions you get asked in the selection process is "Do you like mints?".. Such a tricky Yes/No question must have caught him out..

Bad news.. Julie's best buddy, Kelly, has come back from holiday with a DVT and been admitted to hospital. Looks like it's going to be quite disruptive for a couple of years. I didn't know much about DVTs really but had assumed it was just a case of going under the knife to get them removed but it actually means a couple of years of clot busting drugs. She wasn't in an at risk group, healthy non-smoker and all that.. seems very unfair. Gonna drive Julie up to see her this weekend.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Six months down the line
Six months ago on Saturday night was when I first met Julie. Strange to thing how the decision to go get drunk in new surroundings back in January has had such a huge effect all this time later. We popped a bottle of Cava last night in recognition. It's been a fun (and fast) six months for me, hopefully for her too. Here's hoping for another 6 and then a load more.. We've found alot of common ground so far and enough differences to keep things interesting. Happy warm place.

We went to a BBQ at Rich and Vicky's on Saturday afternoon. There's now a marked change in the way things are going. Children. There were 4 there, ranging in ages from a couple of months to 4 years old. Well they're the future... goodbye to drinking games.. Never held a baby before. They're lighter than I expected. Unusual things really. Parenthood looks like fun but I'm not really ready to go that way any time soon. I can see people growing up and find it daunting and in a way dissapointing. We'll never have nights out like we used to, they went by the wayside as people paired off and moved away.

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Friday, July 09, 2004

Career Oportunities
OK sent out my CV to two agencies.. went for a job interview last night. Had to do a psychometric test which was rather wierd as well as an IQ test and a computer related multiple choice test.

The job seems ok, it's another £124 take home a month.. looks even better before deductions.. but it's a bit further from home than I'd like so I'd be travelling about an hour a day and my lunchbreaks would be spent at work.. that means effectively I'd be losing a further 10 hours a week to my job. It would also mean going out onsite about twice a month. On the other hand the job sounds a bit more varied than my current one. Bearing in mind I'm really bored with IT though do I really want to be taking a new job like this? They guy seems quite keen to take someone on ASAP, didn't try to haggle over the pay I said I was after and offered to match my current 24 days holiday. Not sure what to do really. I'd have to sort out my timekeeping if I took the job. I'd need to set off at 08:30 instead of waking up at that time.

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Thursday, July 08, 2004

I emailed my cv to two agencies yesterday morning. One got back to me at lunchtime with a job. Went to meet the for an interview this lunchtime, seems ok. I have a second interview this evening afterwork with the client. The job is a bit further away than I'd like, it being in Beverley, and it's on a helpdesk which doesn't really appeal hugely but I'll remain open minded. Still waiting to hear back form Hull Uni to... not holding my breath there though.

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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Went out just before midnight in the end. Wasn't feeling really scoiable but had an ok quiet night in the club. Coulda done without standing in the street for two hours freezing afterwards though. Puts a damper on the evening and fucks up the next day.. I'm gonna start calling taxis. Downed a couple of slow beers and Boob got me a treble vodka, stayed very sober all night. Cat was out but left early. Seemed to be alot of new faces out.

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

I was typing a text to Julie when my phone started vibrating. It was Julie calling. I've lost count of the number of times that's happened now. It's not like I'm always texting her or she's always calling me either it just tends to hapen both at once. I've gone my pissed off puppy kicking mood to happy smiley chappy in the space of one phone call. Missing her quite alot really. I don't think it's like me. She hasn't exactly gone away for a long time, just a couple of days..

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Been in a pissed off mood today, probably for no good reason. Got a text from Julie, her mum was trying to trace a mystery text. Wierdness going on in the west... J was in a pub doing hair of a dog after drinking a bit much last night. Maybe the white wine in Lancaster tastes better or something. Who knows. She's cute when she's drunk but it doesn't happen when I'm around. I'm just annoying and repetetive when I'm drunk.. I was gonna stay in tonightto be staying in tonight but in one of those moods where I'll just wind myself up so probably gonna head out for some alcoholic anaesthesia.

Yesteray the plumber guy pointed out part of my central heating system had no air vent so I er put one in myself this afternoon. Seems to have done the job. Got the heating on now 11 soldered and 3 compression joints, no leaks. Quite pleased with it. It's boring I know but it's about time I got something usefull done.

Odd thing.. Last night Billy and Mel both thought I'd lost some weight. Dont think I have. Not according to my scales anyway. Curious.

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Spiders. With Cat, Billy and Mel. Drun.k. Debbie met us in there, also saw Wes and James. Sally and Jay popped in briefly. Getting through the weekend fast. Won't be seeing Julie till Sunday night at best so opted for oblivion to get me there quicker. I only do alcohol though so tonights quick passing will be made up for with a slow hungover tomorrow. Got a call just after twelve from the girl at the centre of my world. Couldn't hear her at all though so had to hang up. Feel bad about hanging up. I only caught that she was a bit drunk and couldn't hear me... never gets drunk when we're out together. Can't be sure whether that's a good or a bad thing really. Gotta remember to take calls outside the club.. hmph. Decided t send a text with lyrics to a Cure song I heard tonight, Friday I'm in Love, checking it later seems I got that muddled that up anyway. Alcohol is really not my friend. Got on the dance floor to "Head like a Hole". the club was strangely full for a friday night. Cool.

Had a dead day today. I was on holiday as a guy was coming to look at my central heating system. He's the third plumber I've brought in for the job. Third time lucky it seems. He spotted a few flaws in the pipework instead of swapping bits out at once like the others did. I can sort it myself now or get them to do it. He was done by 09:30. I was planning to go back to work after he'd finished but couldn't be arsed. Took my car dashboard apart to try and sort an electrical problem bt got nowhere. Put it back together without causing any new problems -phew. Got a call from J in the early evening but it was just asking for help with a computer problem. Sorted that out pretty quick..

Ahh well the suns risiing and I'm waning. That fucking cat is purring loudly and I've gotta sleep off this caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Played a trick on Billy tonight. Him and Mel were dancing and his can of Red Devil was on the table. I had an empty can of the same on the table too. I half filled the empty with water and swapped the cans over. He came back took a swig and was llike "Grah.. What the fuck?!" Cat and I cracked up. Well I guess you had to be there.. I thought it was funny, so did Bill, later at least if not at the time. hehe.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

More Phishing
Got yet another phishing email today. You can see the message here. I keep getting the same message claiming to be from different banks but always with the same wording and layout, it's not even grammatically correct... Anybody falling for these things probably deserves to be ripped off.

posted by martin 11:52

Thursday morning. Work soon. Sending some new music to my mp3 player whilst Dante purrs on the desk. Just gave Julie a lift to work. She's visiting her mother tonight, not back till Sunday evening. It's always a shame when she heads off, on the other hand it's probably a good thing to have some time away from each other. Time to think and re-evaluate that kind of thing. If she were to go and I were not miss to her or she not miss me then something would be very wrong. It's also a chance for me to watch films with no plot, lots of martial arts and things exploding :) Things are still looking good although there's always the chance things will go tits up were she works.. if everything was easy we'd never really appreciate anything properly.

Finished transferring music. Just gonna post this then have breakfast for the first time this year.

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