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Monday, May 24, 2004

Karoo #@$%ing tech support..
Last week I spent three and a half hours sorting out a guy's PC after it got shafted trying to set up Karoo RapidTime internet access -that's Karoo's ADSL line. I got the thing sorted out eventually. He then called Karoo's 'tech suport' people to go through setting up his email program to use his Karoo account. They then talked hm through reinstalling ADSL modem drivers and a load of other stuff a f@$%ing monkey could've told him didn't need doing. End result? The frigging machine is shafted again. I'll no doubt sort it out for him and it'll then be fine but Kingston Communications have paid some fool to do the job who obviously can't do the work. One of the most annoying thigs about working in IT is the crass incompetence I encounter daily. This comes from the dozy end users who can't be ar$ed to learn to use their machines and from the fools employed in tech support who should be out digging ditches somewhere as they know knack all about the products they are paid to support and have knack all as far as analytical and problem solving skills go.

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Home Improvement
Been working on the dining room.. Julie had Friday off so I took it as holiday and hired some floor sanding machines. One for edges and one for big areas. The main machine had two screws to hold the sandpaper onto a spinning drum but these kept coming lose and gouging the floor then snapping. I spent most of Friday fannying about get relacement screws for it whilst J did the floor with thte edging sander. She got it good and flat then we rived up the hardboard covering part of the floor so we could access the radiaotr pipes. We cut them and moved the radiator along the wall and away from the door. Had a few problems with that though as the pipe was lower than the stopcock (yeah I think that's a funny name too) so it was still full of water which made soldering the joints impossible so we had to use compression joints instead -which I really don't like.. Anyway it's watertight now. We have to fit new floorboards where the hardboard was net. Got them and cut them to size already. Unfortunately J's got a really painfull back and having to take time off work :( I think it's gotta be from sanding the floor.. I'll take her to casualty tonight. Hope she's ok to go to Dublin, can't take any chances with back pain though.

When I first saw her back in Rock City I'd never have believed four months down the line she'd be sanding a floor with power tools and sawing copper pipes with me. Strange how things go.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Cars back
Went to see my old kung fu instructor last night to get an open reference for my Nursing Diploma application. He'd recently had an ADSL line installed and had a problem with driver for the ADSL "modem", it had screwed up his Windows 98 installation. Loads of file not found errors and the interface wasn't being detected.. then the USB driver needed replacing too. It took me three and a half hours to sort it out, left at about half twelve. Got the modem working but it looks like Karoo haven't activated his password despite the letter they sent him saying it would be up and running on Tuesday.

It was Mike's 31st birthday on Friday, we all met up in the Hogshead and had a few games of killer -a variation on pool were loads of people get to play at once. Then we headed off to Raj Pavilion for a curry. The night went really well -I needed to get out having spent the whole day going to fetch my car from some garage in Lancashire following its engine rebuild, only to find they've made a mistake with the electrics so the horn, stereo and air conditioning aren't getting any power and a tube for the power steering went too. So I'd had a hot, dull drive back and the car feels like a tank.

It looks like Julie is going to be doing a nursing degree at York university. That'll mean two years of travelling there every Friday and plenty of work. Good new for me. Fingers crossed on my application too..

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Went to Beverley with Julie for a works night with her colleagues. We did the old man pubs for some reason but it was ok -you certainly get served quicker than in the town centre pubs. It was one of those buy it, down it, move on! type crawls. Not done one of those for ages and I got a bit merry -been into my drinking less routine for a month now so possibly I'm becoming more susceptible to the demon drink in smaller quantities. Went to a locals pub in east Hull on Saturday night for a mate's 50th birthday. Nice to see Soran again. He's seeing a student over in York at the moment. The bloke who tried to kill him was caught but later released due to a lack of evidence. DNA testing is going on though as some of the attackers blood is on the weapon. I don't have a huge amount of faith in the Humberside Police's ability to secure a conviction.

I went to a discussion about the career change I'm considering. Need to get my application form done now. The course starts in January -if I get on to it. I need to write something good about why I am interested in nursing and why specifically that branch. It's a bit daunting to think of leaving a rather lucrative IT career to be a skint student for 3 years then start work at the bottom of the heap after that. Well "life is for living" as Mickey once said.. I just hope it doesn't adversely affect my lovelife.

On the homefront Cat's just painted her room in lilac and another pale pinky colour. It looks pretty good -to my relief! I was a bit dubious about her choice of colours at first but now they're up they look fine. I was planning to attack the dining room this weekend but I'm working on Saturday now.. The floorboards need sanding down as they've got plaster all over them, the skirting boards need fitting, the doorway sorting out and then the whole thing needs painting.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Another weekend away
Lancaster. Drove up on Saturday. Well I drove most of the way up but my car went pop near someplace called Chorley. Wound up getting the car recovered to a town called Leyland and then a taxi to Lancaster -tried a train but (of course) it didn't turn up. Got to Julie's folks a bit later than planned and financially much lighter. Still these things are sent try us -well to try me at least.

Once in Lancaster we went to a pub called The Bobbin then a rock night/club called The Dark Place, Julie's usual club. It's a strange place with it's white walls, suspended ceiling and slightly bouncy carpet making me think of a sports club or church function room -with enough smoke, low lighting, music and the right people it works tho. Seems to have been running as a rocknight for quite a while. Music was good with Rammstein and NIN quite early on. Sticking to my new regimen of not getting blathered I got slightly merry. Julie and her mates all said the place was pretty dead compared to usual but I thought it was cool. Put a few faces to names whilst I was there. Got my less than photogenic mug on one of her mates' websites in a couple of pics like this one with Julie. I think you can tell I've had rough day. Looks a bit like a beer advert thanks to the label on the glass. The caption would be something along the lines of "Girls like guys who drink Carling."

It was a bit strange staying at J's folks place. The first night we were given her brother's room to sleep in but wound up on the living room floor as we couldn't hack the bed or heat. The second night we went straight for the living room. The cushions from the sofas made quite a comfy bed really.

We went to Blackpool Pleasurebeach on the Sunday. One of Julie's mates, Gonzo, drove -apparently my driving style precedes me so they'd decided he was driving long before my own car died. hmm.. Anyway, I think I'm probably what's technically called a "Rollercoaster Wuss" in that they scare the crap out of me. Julie is really into them though and I like to challenge myself so not to be outdone I had to go on all of them :) There was a loop-the-loop ride where the high wobbly wooden platform we queued on was more worrying than the ride itself. We even went on the Pepsi Max Big One which is the biggest rollercoaster in Europe. It was huge. I convinced myself it'd be a shame to go all the way to Blackpool and miss out on that so on I went.. Never imagined I'd ever go to Blackpool, thanks largely to the tacky image it's currently trying to shed, but I was pleasantly surprised and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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