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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Julie's going back to Lancaster today, she'll be back here on Sunday or Monday. We haven't spent much time apart in the past couple of months so a break is probably a good thing for the both of us. Hmm "break" is probably not the right word.. certainly has an ominous ring to it. Well what I mean is it'll probably be a good thing to have some time to our own devices. She needs to catch up with her mates and family, I suspect that since we hooked up she's been seeing less of them than usual. I'll be heading up there for Saturday night out anyway. One of her mates is organising a minibus to the fetish night in Preston. Roll on the weekend.

Fun with nitrate
Just got email from my father, turns out a recent police raid uncovered a half ton of bomb making chemicals 2 minutes from my brother's house. I noticed in the BBC article a guy is winging that the police raids are demonising the muslim community.. well excuse me but I think people stashing a half ton bomb making of chemicals in a lock up is what really demonises the community. Maybe if the local Imams and community leaders did a better job they wouldn't have these extremists in their midst. If my neighbour decided to start making bombs in his shed I expect I'd be relieved to see the bacon boys drag him away not complaining it makes the street look bad.

Free toys
If anyone wants a free digital camera complete with software, USB cable and battery then go to the Which? website. They run a free 30 day trial thing and send a free camera to anyone who tries it. I subscribed to get access to an article last month, cancelled a week later, got a camera today. Not bad for 5 mins web browsing and a two minute phone call.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Thanks for the night(s)
Visited the folks last night. We went round to drop off a bonsai tree and some chocolates to say thanks for the weekend. Julie's idea.

We popped round before tea and politely discussed the usual things you talk about when visiting your parents after a few nights away. We covered brothels, vibrating beds, german scat videos and sex manuals. My father suggested a couple of interesting reads including a translated Iranian volume.

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Just back from our break/dirty weekend near Darlington. Was way cool. On the Friday we drove up there, took a detour to Harrogate. The room was nice and big, the bed was huge.

Over our extended weekend we visited the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts in Gateshead and walked over a bizzare vibrating suspended bridge to Newcastle. I'd not expected much of either town having only heard of newky brown, Jimmy Nail, soccer and Auf Weidersen Pet but both places had some really smart buildings, they seemed really well planned towns with alot invested in architecture and design. I made me realise how far behind Hull "The Pioneering City" really is. Also went to the Metro Centre for a shopping trip, food and a film -thats a place I could easily hit my card limits in. Bought a book called "The Enyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices" which we went through back in the room..

Went to Durham as well, I was surprised to find it a picturesque historic town having expected to encounter a dilapidated former mining town. Possibly Hull being such a dump lowers expectations? we had a look at the cathederal there, huge.

Just been over to York and visited the York Dungeon on the way back today. Unusual place, they have actors taking you through different parts of York's history ike the plague and Dick Turpin's hanging. Fun, fun, fun! It was a good laugh, wouldn't take my granny there tho.

At the Hotel we read through a minature copy the kamasutra. Reccomended reading for everyone who wants a laugh. I get the impression that the guy who wrote it was really into domination, humiliation and possibly had a thing for his mother, pigeons and partridges. Tells you how to enlarge your dick using an ointment made from a dead buzzard beaten to a pulp, wonder why there's no websites offering that alongside those unlikely pills..

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Going somewhere
Did the Piper on Friday after the Hogshead. Unfortunately only three of us hit the club. Shame on the lightweights. ;) Mike, Julie and myself went in and had a good night although not so hot at the end. Mike crashed at mine and I forgot to give him a pilow again. Cat had staye out and later said she'd've been fine with Mike kipping in her bed ah well.. Spent Saturday night in again. Must be an age thing. Stayed over at J's flat. A few times this week I've woken up and not been sure if I'm at hers or mine.

Invited my folks round for a meal on Sunday. For some reason J wound up doing most of the cooking so now my mother has decided I'm a bit of a bastard and a slave driver for "leaving that poor girl in the kitchen on her own". Well I guess mummy knows best.. It went really well even though J was on the fourth day of a nasty migraine. When I told my folks about that later they were quite surprised. I'd've been snappy to eveyone and everything by day two never mind day three -hell even without a migraine if I'm in the mood. I think she's finally recovered today.

Just spent 3 days doing an IT course called Updating Support Skills from Microsoft Windows NT4.0 to Windows Server 2003 (yawn) should be usefull stuff and certainly won't hurt my cv.

I should be somewhere in Dublin right now. But I'm not. I'm sat at home. Turns out it's been a long time since I last travelled. Although I don't need a passport to enter the Republic of Ireland I do need one to get a boarding pass from Ryanair. Bugger. We didn't realise untill Tuesday night. So rescheduled the trip for the end of May. Going to a spa hotel out near Darlington for a few days this weekend instead. Should be a change.

Went to Cat's shop for a passport photo before lunch. I don't photograph too well, think I look like a people trafficer in my new passport photo. Cheers Cat. Gotta get my passport application filled in and sent off asap. Luckily I didn't get charged for the hotel we're supposed to be staying in tonight. Even luckier this weekend's jaunt has been paid for by a relative as a gift. :) After dinner with Julie in town we popped into the Job(less) Centre. I didn't find my dream job. Saw Laura who was quite surprised to see me in there. Said hi and so on, she's not used the powerjet I lent her ages ago yet. The plan is for this weekend though..

Right gotta pack some stuff to take with me.

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Friday, March 19, 2004

Poorly machines and sick people
Fixed my PC USB ports last night. Hadn't worked properley since I built it some 6 months ago. I disconnected the shield pin and now its fine. A small victory for me. A small victory overshadowed by the untimely death of my washing machine.. grr.. don't need that expense.

Hooking up with a few people in the Hogshead tonight, Mike's crashing at mine -might let him have a pillow this time. Thinking about going on to the Piper later. Not sure though, I've been struck down with poorlygirlfriendonitis, a condition which isn't helped by the post club paralytic phone calls at stupid o'clock in the morning I'm already prone to.

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Bruxism for beginners
Woke up with a start during the small hours. In my sleep I'd been biting my tongue. When the pain woke me up I was still biting hard. Think I was grinding my teeth but had caught my tongue. Not good. I've managed to bite a small hole in the side of it and there's still visible teethmarks in it. I've never been a toothgrinder before. Just been reading up on it, sounds like a stress reaction. Hmm... it'll probably pass.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Petty crime
Saw a robbery yesterday lunchtime, well the getaway anyway. Three yoofs of the baseball cap and shell suit trousers variety came running round the corner of my street one had a box of bottled beer and the other two were carrying more bottles. A few seconds later one of the Jacksons staff came running round the corner and looked up the street after them. They'ed just whipped the beer and done a runner. Last night there was a police van outside the shop I guess they were taking statements. Jacksons' stores seem to get robbed a lot. Because of this they keep all the shoplifters' favourites behind the counter: spirits, coffee, chocolate, tinned salmon, tinned meat stuff, shampoo, conditioner, condoms and soap. The one near me is flooded with CCTV, you're almost always on at least two cameras in there.

At the kung fu club last night someone was talking about a thief he'd caught on a building site recently. The guy had whipped a two hundred quid battery powered quid drill. Not the charger tho..

Hull seems to have alot of idiot crime. If it were up to me I'd implement a policy of forced sterilistion and deportation. Spay the parents and pack the offenders off to some small island in the hebrides. I'd probably use radiation for the sterlisation, then I could do whole streets at a time. Council elections are approaching maybe I should go for a position with my zero tolerance policy.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Was up till about 5am on Sunday morning. Went to bed too tired to push pussycat Mika off the bed. Woke up to find her still there at midday. Was thinking about giving Julie a call when my phone started buzzing with a text from the very same. We've decided to make Sundays naturist day, it'll be optional for guests and I'd better warn my housemate. Not usre how it'll go down in Jacksons ;)

We went out for a meal last night, seem to eat out alot. Went to an italian restaraunt called Ask. I only had a vague idea of where the place was so we wound up driving round the old town for a bit before we got there. It was well worth the trip though, I even left a tip -which isn't something I usually do, being of the "no one tips me so I tip no-one" mindset. We talked about travel and stuff, there's different things we want to see and do. I don't think I can talk her into spending 3 years in northern china studying kung fu though ;) Ah well that's a dream that's losing it's appeal anyway. We wound up back at J's for a cosy evening.

Had a hellish day at work yesterday. Going by today as well it's going to be a bad week. Been dealing with Microsoft to look at a problem at a clients site. They gave me some instructions to try to sort it. I followed them to the letter. It didn't fix the problem, brought the clients three sites crashing down for a few hours instead. Had to reach for the backup tapes.. Still got the original problem. I'm about ready to throw in the towel and go sign on. Need to examine my options and so on as I keep saying. Think what I probably need is a kick up the arse really.

I get a respite soon anyway, phew, next week I'll be studying in Leeds for three days then zipping off to Dublin with a particularly personable young lady.

Got my archives on here working at last.

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

I'm going to have a rant about something that's pissed me off. I won't say what it is. It'll make no sense to anyone reading but I don't care.

Been stressed totally out of my head tonight. I don't tend to get wound up easily it takes alot. Some fuckwhit has really got to me tonight, without meaning to but still... some very nasty thoughts have been going around in my head, bad things. It's a strange dark little world inside my brain sometimes -ok used to be most of the time but things change. Spoke to a someone who's gonna deal with it amicably.. if that fails then there are a couple of options up my sleeve.. gently gently for now though.

Spoke to J at work earlier this evening, all calm now. She's great. I'm wide awake though and it's just gone half four. Better eat something and sleep a bit. Think I can sleep now. Just got a totally random text from Spencer informing me "They're only bees!" not sure where that came from, replied with "A couple of angry bees in a metal cigar case can make an impromptu vibrator"

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Went training last night. Karate on Fridays. The dojo is still recovering from a fire and has just been rewired. We spent the first half hour sweeping dust and picking up nails and bits of wood. The ground floor had apparently been replaced and the air in the building was heavy with creosote fumes. The relaxing effects of the fumes were counteracted by a video camera on a tripod Jack had set up at one end of the room.

Went to usual club with Billy and Cat, saw Keith out for the first time in ages. He's lost a shedload of weight. Had quite a good night, drank more than I should've yet again. J was working a night shift so didn't see her. After the club I sent her a text -well I tried but managed to send it to Billy instead. Good job it wasn't anything too sexually explicit.. hehe.. erm.. anyway.. Eventually got the right number and arranged to go round at 07:30 when she got in and sleep some more. Went round sometime after 8 and was still feeling the effects of the red yetis, bud and deisel -glad I didn't drink the tequila someone got me.

Spent all today in bed. Had a breakfast at about 17:30 of houmus and doritos. Julie's doing another night shift tonight. I'm staying in for a change, alone, on a saturday night. Wierd. Need to detox anyway. Got a bottle of aqualibre in.. Right tea is about ready and I'm really hungry.

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Friday, March 12, 2004

Online Credit Card Fraud
Decided to check my seldom used another.com email account today. Some fraudster has been trying to get my credit card details.. a scam known as "fishing" or "phishing" here's what I got:
On the 7th March 2004 I got an email from hostmaster@cnchost.com with the subject "Your credit card has been successfully charged for $69.95" The email claimed $69.95 had successfully been charged to my Visa card for some Viagra of all things. I'm pretty sure that if I suffered erectile dysfunction someone would have mentioned it to me by now and I don't recall ordering anythig of the sort. So oh dear it looks like someone's used my credit card.. However I don't use the address that the email was sent to for anything involving my credit card and now I think about it my plethora of credit cards are all MasterCard not Visa. Also cnchost.com is an ISP not a dodgy pharmaceuticals supplier.
It all becomes clear when I notice an email dated 12th March 2004 purporting to be from security@visa-security.com The text of the email was:

We were informed that your card is used by another person or stolen. It could happen if you have been shopping on-line, and someone got your "Billing information" including your card number. To avoid and prevent any billing mistakes and to refund your credit card, it is strongly recommended to proceed filling in the secure form on our site and applying for our Zero Liability program. This program is free and it will help us to investigate this accident.

Sincerely yours, Visa Support Assistant, Alwin Desagun.

There was a button called "Continue" to launch a website included, when I checked the source code I noticed the url was a numeric IP address rather than a URL which would give anything away. It actually tried to open http://www.demospeople.com/? which appears to have been taken offline in a hurry.

So here's the con.. you get an email saying your credit card has been charged for something you didn't order. It hasn't but you're supposed to panic a bit. Then you get the email from "visa-security.com" saying your cards been used fraudulently and go to their website to sort it out. You then give "them" your credit card details and bingo you're a victim.

I can imagine it would fool quite a few people.. but having not been born yesterday it failed. IU Credit Union mentions this scam too.

Don't believe everything you read people!

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Spent last night checking out some furniture an aunt wants rid of. Think I can home the dining table and chairs. Then went home and had a look at Mike's PC for him. Turned out it has a dead PS/2 mouse port. So I told him to get a USB mouse or a serial mouse instead. Had some spare memory kicking about so I bumped that up to two and half times what it was. So not all bad news for him. Don't know where the evening went grabbed a shower read a bit and it's nearly two. Going to have to set an alarm to tell me to go to sleep. I did that before (till I lost the watch) and think it worked for me.

Had an ok day, been talking to someone at Microsoft about a problem I just can't get my head round... Active Direcory replication across multiple sites, looks like a DNS issue but if I type anymore about it here I'll send myself to sleep.

Just got a text from J inviting me round for tea, the day just got better.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Arrived at work quite pleased with the world today. Had a nice evening, woke up in a good mood, decided to sleep some more, got up again, arrived at work on time. Sorted some client problem within twenty minutes of sitting down, happy me, the day's looking good. Then at half past nine I'm on the phone to some cock holster with his head so far up his arse I'm surprised he can get a phone to it at all. Bingo the good mood's gone in a flash. The clients can all burn.

Ahh well I've dropped off an application for a new post elsewhere, have to wait and see what happens. Could turn out to be an out of the frying pan into the fire type move.. optimism. Consulted angels last night. Borrowed some Tarot cards from Cat to take round to J's. Curious. Positive stuff though.

Right off training tonight. Really been slacking lately..

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Monday, March 08, 2004

Hungover Sunday
Went for a curry on Saturday night, Alishaan in Cottingham. Was better than previous visit there, I had a jalfreizi (sp?) which soon had my mouth burning, everyone else's seemed to be underspiced though -like last time we were there. Introduced J to Mike, Rob, Claire, Nick, Rich and Vicky -I should've probably brought nametags but she was fine. I was sat opposite Vicky who's nine months gone.. The beer with the meal seemed to go straight to my head so I left the restaurant quite merry.

We all went to the Hallgate Tav for a few drinks afterwards. I wound up drunk enough to sway when standing still. Had a hard time getting a taxi back from Cott. We dropped J off at hers then Mike and I wound up at mine getting wrecked on Stella, Bloody Mary's and neat Pisco. Evidently I called Julie at half two, can't really remember it but she couldn't understand a word I slurred. Probably just as well. Mike sent Emma a text and hasn't a clue what it said either -mind you it was probably lunchtime wherever she is anyway. Woke up on Sunday with a really bad hangover, I could still taste tomato juice and pisco. Walked round to J's whilst Mickey was still sleeping in the spare room -forgot to give him a pillow.. ah well. Didn't get a massive amount of sympathy for my self inflicted illness. Phoned Mike and went to the Zoo for a fried breakfast which seemed to bring me part way back.

Took J for a walk in little switzerland -why is it called that? It's a wood in a disused chalk quarry. I was still shaking off the last of the previous nights excess. We went back to J's, I slept for a bit and she did a really nice tea :) Went back to bed wide awake but managed to sleep eventually under J's hundred-or-so tog quilt.

Woke up this morning to really sore teeth, think I must've been grinding them in the night. Still sore now.. hope it passes soon. Going to the dentist next month anyway but I don't want to go there in pain, the guy might get ideas about pliers and the milk tooth I never lost.

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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Went to "So Wok" on Prinny Av. J was a bit dubious about the place as it appeared to be empty but the food was good and the service was prompt. There were only a handfull of other diners but it was a Tuesday night so probably not the place's busiest. I'll be up for going there again. Wonder how it gets on a weekend.

Just had both cats checked up and innoculated against nasty feline diseases. This time they don't need any dental work, phew.

Watched a film last night called The Good Son with Frodo and the Home Alone kid. Despite the major twist being really obvious from early on it's definitely worth watching. Very dark.

Been blowing off training alot recently. Better things to do and all that. With all this eating out I'll have to start doing something tho or I'm gonna balloon. Might do some after work..

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Hull is lardtown
Hull is the fattest town in Britain. Another good advertisement for the city! Yay. The news is from a survery based on hospital admissions for Type 2 diabetes. Yes Hull has the highest Type 2 diabetes incidence for any town..

Not a huge surprise really. The city's most well known bloke (or "blerk" as we say) more famous even than that guy from the Beautifull South or William Wilberforce is probably John Prescott, the epitome of hullman. He's a lardyboy no doubt and in common with his constituents has Type 2 diabetes.

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Been inspired to do some work on the house tonight. I've been attacked on three fronts with suggestions I get my house sorted out.. Julie, Cat and my mother. I don't think it's co-ordinated but I spent tonight in sanding down my plasterwork from where I bricked up a door in the outside wall last summer. Should've probably worn gloves.. think I've lost my fingerprints. Done an ok job it didn't take as long as I thought it would.

Had to pop round Laura's to get back my sanding block, she's only had it about 5 months but I figured she'd probably have finished with it by now. She's been waiting for her dickhead landlord to dispose of the rubbish left by the previous tenant in the outbuildings -she's been there coming up to a year by now I think. Today he'd dragged it round to the front of the house and piled it all up. A dead washing machine, an old mattress, polystyrene packaging, cardboard boxes and a whole heap of other junk. He told her he'd arrange for the council to collect it all today but when she called the council it turned out to be bullshit. I suggested she get a fair rent assesment done just to piss him off, she's already got environmental health coming to check out all the rubbish. One of the outbuildings is piled to the ceiling with junk and has been locked since she moved in.

Had a phone conversation with a rather nice girl. Talked about work and stuff. She has seemed to have had something called a "nice day at work", I've not experienced that phenomenon for years if ever. I am familiar with "Groundhog Day" though... Been looking at the application and job info for a post I'm thinking of going for, well a post I am going for really. Job sounds a bit dull but I could use the change. Still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.. think I may have left that a bit late now though.

J. and I have decided to head to Dublin at the end of the month. yay! Got the time off work and Julie's booked the flights. I actually texted her my credit card details which probably wasn't wise.. I'm pretty sure SMS is an insecure medium. I'll have to keep an eye open for any wierd transactions.
We'll try and arrange hotels tomorrow, before I go training -but training is another axe to grind an I'm too tired tonight).

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Monday, March 01, 2004

Foreign food and speed
Another weekend's been and gone. Went with Cat and Deb to the White Room (how many pubs run out of cider and budweiser by 21:00 on a Friday night?) then the usual club. Billy and Tat appeared, it was Sally's birthday, Jay was up from Dublin. Got inebriated.. the drink lead me to do something terrible later on: I ate doner meat. OK just deleted an entry from Friday night.. evidently I was very very drunk and apparently missing someone or other..

Went for a greek meal with J and her folks on Saturday. Was bit like being a real grown up. Never tried greek food before but it was pretty good. The best words to describe greek cusine seem to be "lots" followed closely by "more". Was a bit wierd later on at J's with her folks sleeping in the next room. Turned out that not only do I have trouble understanding her step dad but her folks have a hard time understanding me. I tend to talk too fast (thanks to the job..) which doesn't help.

On Sunday I helped J put together some furniture and managed to break a couple of drawer fronts.. damn. So we went off to Ikea to get a replacement unit. I had a bright idea to make use of the spare bits left over -well it'd be nearly a whole unit. Never been there before, strange kind of place, constant stream of people all going in the same direction. When I next get a room finished I reckon I'll be headed back there..

Got stopped for speeding on the M62.. it's been a long time coming. I tend to speed everywhere (who doesn't?) so I don't feel hard done by, just lucky to hae got away with it for so long -suppose I'll have to be more restrained for the next four years now. The guy got me with an average speed of 94 point something, he congratulated me on my lane discipline though.

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