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Friday, February 27, 2004

For richer and for poorer
This just made my day. Have a look at the Channel 4 Rich-o-meter you give it your annual income and it compares you to the rest of the UK telling you what percentage of the nations richest you're in as well as what you earn per day, hour, minute and second. Doesn't take into account assets and dependents at all but quite interesting I thought. There's evidently alot of poor people in the country. Compare it to the world and your looking loaded. OK on a more serious note I think this shows how capitalism is letting down the majority of the world's population.. someone in the UK on a fairly modest income is in the wealthiest 4% of the worlds population. Yup that's pretty bad.

I'm going to have to shelve my ideas of retraining as a physiotherapist :-( I've given it alot of thought and I really don't want to relocate to be tied into a course for 3 years. If I could do the 3 years without relocating or being tied down then it would be more feasable. Well there you go... that's that. Shame I had no direction when I was younger I guess. Gonna have to bear with computers for now.

Life's a bitch.. keep her happy.

Suspect package
Hmm scribbled that before lunch. Just been home and found a package waiting for me. Turned out to be from my brother. I figured this out before opening it because his spidery handwriting is pretty similar to mine, that and who else would write "bruva" on an envelope. Turned out to be a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. I've never heard of it or the author but he included the note "Here is a fantastic book that everyone should read! (ignore the business type stuff)". Curious. He doesn't usually send me stuff outta the blue we don't tend to have much contact at all.. I'll give it a read. Maybe it'll give me some tips how to kick start my own cult.. that'd be handy.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Rambling again..
Kung Fu last night.. loadsa bagwork. The clubs future is in a bit of doubt at the moment, needs more regular students really -suspect the fact we don't advertise anywhere doesn't help a great deal. What else.. Pancake day yesterday, made some for myself Cat and Julie. Never really made them before but it was a doddle. J had had some innoculations and had a really painfull arm which I managed to keep knocking all evening :( -That reminds me better get the cats' jabs done next week.

The character of this blog is definitely changing.. not as introspective as it was and I'm making entries in the daytime instead of half cut in the small hours. Hmm lost the link to the December archives might sort that out one day. Also need to fix the counter on www.mart2130.karoo.net at some point.

Just been told today is the start of lent. Not entirely sure what that is really. OK a quick Google search reveals "Lent is a season of intense prayer, fasting and concern for those in need." Sounds supiciously like ramadan to me..

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A step toward sexual equality
We've got a new dress code at work. It's been relaxed from "business attire", which meant all male staff must wear shirts, ties and smart trousers regardless of the weather whilst female staff wear whatever they like, to "smart casual" which means a bit more freedom than before, whilst female staff continue to wear whatever they like, of course. I'm not big on chino's or polo shirts so most of it doesn't really affect me but the major thing is ties are no longer compulsory wahey! -of course they never were for females were they... It's a welcome (and overdue) move towards equality in the work place.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Saw Julie on Saturday, she's been on nights so hadn't seen her for ages, shame I had a killer hangover for the day though. We wound up in the usual club with the usual people. I went as a priest, J made alot of people's night by wearing her catsuit -hmmmmm.. Had a drink, had a dance, J gave Boob a friendly punch in the face to his surprise and everyone's amusement, Lee was totally hammered very early on, didn't recognise Ben at first with his new Travis Bickle cut.

Got a call from Laura on Sunday, she was after some help putting a shelving unit together. Apprently the instructions were in hebrew. I was going to help out but when I said she could meet J she opted to enlist someone else instead. Wonder if they'ed get on ok.. not sure really..

Went for a meal to a pub called "The Ketch". Wierd name for anything. A ketch is a two-masted fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel, as if you didn't know. Then it was home to check on the cats, all three ;) and back to J's to kill some big black flies.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Went to the hogshead and Piper club. The lager, red wine, apple sourz, house vodka and smirnov ices I drank have all conspired to give me the biggest and nastiest hangover in the history of my head. Fucking ouch. I'm having one of those i'll never drink again moments. The masochist in me is telling me to go running.

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Friday, February 20, 2004

Time flies.. ..aeroplanes crash
Was about to type "Wednesday already, the week is flying by" but just realised it's Thursday already.. damn I'm getting through this week faster than I thought. Good thing too. Not seeing much of a particular person this week as she's working nights so been trying to get through it quickly anyway. Bumped into Laura yesterday on my way back from work, she seemed fine. I have to say that cos she might read this drivel. Later in Tesco I noticed Becky-Ex walking away, not sure if she saw me and gave me the cold shoulder or not -not really bothered either way. She was with her chap, I did hear a rumour that they're married... well as long as they're happy in her world. Went to the dojo but no one was there. I read there's been a fire there, some kind of electrical fault so hope the place gets sorted out soon. Went training on Tuesday. Piss poor turnout yet again. Talking to Phil, looks like the kung fu club may fold unless we sort something out, neither of us wants to handle the admin/insurance side of running a club and Dudley may be winding down.

Still not sure about the whole career change idea. All the fun jobs pay knack all.. I'm not exactly rolling in it at the moment but I am used to being able to do prettymuch what I want at the drop of a hat, it'd be hard to get used to being a poor student again if I did go that route. On the other hand I recently saw an I.T. job going which I think I'll try for. Based about a mile and a half from home it'll be a longer journey there (yes I know I'm spoilt!) but possibly the change will do me good. My team leader noticed me checking my employment contract for the notice requirement.. hmm.

Just been swimming. Missed a call from a certain girl, damn. Bumped into Madoldcatlady earlier, damn damn. She rattled on about stray cats and Dante -except the daft old bat always calls him Danti. My male cat spends alot of time outside, she tells me. Well stop the press.. She told me about the time she found one stray in such bad shape she took him to the vet and had it put down. There's probably some kid somewhere wondering when the hell Mr. Miaow Miaow is gonna come home but he never will.

Listening to the Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music Split CD. The Trio and HWM go well together, they cover a couple of each others tracks on here to good effect. HWM's acoustic version of Bleeder has to be heard. Verry cool (two r's intended!).

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Weekend and work ideas
Went to the usual club on Friday. Got drunk enough to dance but (hopefully) not drunk enough to irritate. Avoided tequila.. avoided falling. A female friend was a bit touchy feely and J. shot her a look that could've nailed her to the wall. I thought that was pretty cute.

Surprised her with a very individual set of roses on Valentine's day and a card. She surprised me with a really cool shirt and an Alkaline Trio CD, I get embarassed receiving things. Shan't show my folks the card..

Went into town for food on Saturday. Encountered Pago for the first time. Was supposed to go clubbing later but I was too tired. Fell asleep at J's. Very unusual for a Saturday. Stayed home watched Bruce Almighty and did takeaways -just realised I've always said a saturday night in with a video and takeaway is the mark of getting old... Had to be done though. Had a really good weekend.

Parents on Sunday. Hmph. Don't think my mother is J's biggest fan. She's under the impression she's a force of corruption in my life. Partly my fault I guess.. Shan't lose sleep over it tho.

Had my work review yesterday. Went ok. Let my manager know I'm toying with the idea of ditching I.T. He was a bit surprised. Told him there's nothing concrete yet but that I am bored with the job. Apart from that I seem to be pretty good at what I do. Still.. it'd be nice to get a sense of achievement now and then. OK I sometimes save the day for legal firm or two but they never understand what I do and I tend to think of them as money launderers anyway.

I've been looking into pysiotherapy. It requires an NHS accredited degree which is 3 to 4 years of study, after which I'd be starting from scratch again. Not sure what to do yet. Hull doesn't teach the course so it'd mean travelling alot or relocating, not too keen on either option -its not like relocating for a new job which you can leave anytime you like.. we're talking at least 3 years on the line. Even if Hull did the course I'm not sure how I feel about having to be tied down for 3 years. Need to look into access learning. I really need to do some serious thinking and meet up with a careers advisor. Also have to find out what funding I can/can't get. Doesn't seem to be much advice around for people who already have careers.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Operation Artichoke
Went to see the mind flayer last night. Came out of it convinced I was a small terrier called Scraps. Was quite relaxing really. The theory is basically when I can't sleep I need to put myself into a hypnotic state to relax and clear my mind then sleep should come easier. Sounds similar to some bhuddist ideas I've heard and the "hypnotic state thing" was similar to a feeling you can get sometimes with breathing excercises. I'll try it for a couple of weeks. Whilst he was making suggestions he said to go to a happy memory. My mind went to Julie sleeping just visible in the early hours. Interesting. I was aware of everything he said but also kind of day dreaming too, it was an unusual experience.

Saw J. later on, she was a bit disoriented having nodded off at home whilst I was being hypnotised.. curious.. I slept ok except for waking up before 6, went back to sleep later on with no problems though.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Shattered (as usual)
Tired tired tired. Really shattered. Might not train tonight -yes I'm actually that tired! Slept so well last night too. Hmph. The days are too long and there's never enough hours in the night. Got alot of stuff to get done this evening anyway.

I'm at work at the moment. Been dealing with some real fuckwhits. I deal with alot of overpaid solicitors and incompetent but also overpaid I.T. people who tend to suffer from delusons of adequacy.. drives me up the wall sometimes. I often have to talk them through doing things a keypress at a time. When they ask which is the semi colon or "What's an amphersand?" I have to catch myself before asking if they ever went to school. I should be making more effort in the career changing area but I'm a bit stuck for where to start looking -and finding the time to look.

Tomorrow evening I'm off to see a David Blanian voodoo hypnotherapy druid devilworshipper type guy. I hope he's going to sort out my sleep problems in one fell swoop. Not sure what to expect. I think he'll probably sacrifice a goat, offer a prayer to gaia, tell me to carry a lump of quartz at all times and suggest half a pint of nightol before hypnotising me into setting up mysterious direct debits the next day. If I slept properly I might even take an interest in my current job -I seriously doubt it but who knows..

Went to bleed in a bag last night. Didn't leave as bad a track mark as the previous time. Had to lie on a rubbery strecher for the procedure. It was really comfy. I asked if you could get them in a double size but the nurse didn't enlighten me.

Visited J. yesterday evening. She'd been out in Lancaster last night and woken up with unexplained aches and pains from unremembered incidents -an alcohol related phenomenon with which I am all too familiar..

Right better do some work, they don't pay me to sit here doing nothing.. well not knowingly anyway.

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Went somewhere new last night. Change of scenery as it were. A fetish night called Consent over in Preston. Was really smart. The venue is like a church hall and the tables give it that wedding reception look but the lights are low, there's a video screen flashing up images and the music was great. They played Sisters, Rammstein, Type O Neg, Clash, and the Pistols to name a few. Was surprised to see an old regular from spiders there. Was a decent night. Quite comedic really, I don't think people were taking themselves too seriously. There was one of those people in an inflatable black rubber suit, I labelled him the deep sea diver, a few very unconvincing "ladies" with broad shoulders and stubble too. There was a guy lying in a fish tank type thing for people to grope with gloves built into the sides. J. turned down the invitation to give him a prod. Went into a smaller room and saw a fat dude getting molten wax poured on him whilst someone else played with a catoninetails type thing. Heard alot of caning going on. Loud cracking sound. Oh yeah saw a Saint Andrews Cross too which people got attached to get whipped (or teased) by a girl with a flail. Was a really relaxed do, noticed a lack of really pissed people wandering about like you get everywhere else -ok in spiders I am that person, yes, I know.. Definitely up for going there again.

Met some of Julie's friends for the first time. Seemed like nice people, I guess she'll be getting their verdict on me tonight.. She's now got purple hair. Looks really good on her.

Spent the day in Lancaster. Nice town. They've got a statue of queen victoria with a dick. Really. Well ok from one side it has. Every town should have one! -a statue that is.. there's dicks everywhere.

Heard something really harrowing today. Wish I could take the pain out of peoples pasts, or failing that go back in time and give one sick fuck a columbian necktie. My life's been a walk in the park really, I just forget how lucky I am to have it as easy as I do.

Sounds like J's definitely looking to move jobs and head to Lancaster.. hmm try not to think about it.. have to see if the psychology degree thing pans out. I hope it does. I've told her not to hold herself back 'cos of me, not sure how convincing I sound though. Have to see what the future holds I guess. My future is looking a bit subject to change nowadays anyway. The past few years I've been in a routine -or is the word rut. Work and train all week then go to spiders get drunk. Sleep. Go back to spiders again. Drink. Sleep. Then it's back to work and training. I was happy to live and die by my routine staying in this city till liver sclerosis or a drunken accident does me. Not so sure about that now. Stuff that seemed so important to me just doesn't matter at all. Aargh I gotta stop thinking about stuff. I'm shattered and hungry. Had a great weekend. Whatever happens in the future I'll deal with as it comes. I'm still in a happy place. Gonna sort some food, send a text, shower -I still smell of rubber hmm- and then laze about till sleep claims me. Cat's cleaned the house in my absence. Cool.

Heres a tasteless joke:
Q. Whats the best thing about dating homeless girls?
A. You can drop them off anywhere.
(Wasn't very PC was it?)

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Monday, February 02, 2004

I've given it some thought and decided carry on posting for now. I don't do it for anyone except myself, the process helps me organise my thoughts that the end product is yet another valueless weblog clogging the ether isn't important.. It's not a perfect record of what I'm doing or thinking, was never supposed to be.

I was walking up Springbank west at about 2 in the afternoon today I saw Andy crouched by a guy lying prone on the pavement. Turns out it was one of his workmates and the bloke was completely paralytic. He came round, didn't know he'd been asleep or much else apparently. Was staring about but didn't seem able to see shit. He couldn't stand. Andy said the guy wanted to be arrested to get a night in the cells instead of having to face his girlfriend in such a state but he didn't know what to do. Neither did I. Suggested Andy get him an ambulance and get his stomach pumped. Couldn't think of anything else.. Eventually Andy said he'd figure something out so I left them to it.

Just been to the White Room to see Trench and Bundy. Trench were ok but I already knew they would be. I'm not keen on their vocalist.. Bundy were good. Very good. It was their first proper gig too. I'll go see them again. Realised that when I fall over drunk it's when Im on the tequila.

Not going to be seeing much of Julie this week. Work, plus she's going home on Thursday. Think she needs a bit of space anyway. Don't want to crowd her. I'll dive back into training, least it stops me thinking.

I've been toying with the idea of dumping my so far fairly successfull I.T. career and doing something totally different. Retraining. Not one hundred percent sure what I'd like to do. I think physiotherapy looks interesting. Shall look into it.

Tappas in 'Cafe 1880' (or something like that). Long chat. Learned alot. Bought a latex t-shirt for next weekend. Got into it ok, felt fine, liked it. Getting it off proved a bit harder, the girl in the shop pulled it off me. Live and learn.

Met J's mate John. I had some preconceptions about the guy. He didn't look anything like I expected at all, not even close. Personality wise I was really close to the mark though. Yeah he was a complete twat. Head so far up his ownarse he couldn't through his own bullshit. Total fucking idiot, busy fucking up his son's life in the name of self indulgence. Wonder if people can figure me out from my posts on here.. I probably come across as bitter and twisted. Pretty close then ;)

Saturday night. Julie went to her fetish do with Cher and her mate. I went to Spiders and hooked up with the usual. Billy was drinking for a change. Bumped into Theresa and had a catch up natter. Not sure what she'll remember though, she was pretty hammered -hell she threw up on the floor and carried on talking.

J. etc left the fetish night early and came into the club. Cool. She looked amazing. Again. I introduced her to T. Introduced her to quite a few people. She's probably sick of the introductions to strangers by now. Mental note taken.

Tried to get J's pal to try one of the club cocktails instead of bitter.. none starter though.. hmph. Talked to him whilst she danced. Bit my fucking tongue. Worked off some energy on the dance floor at the end of the night. Sid Vicous. My Way. Rock and roll. Think J. found it entertaining which is a plus.

Went to York on Friday. Took the day off work. Spent it walking in the rain with J. felt warm inside even though we were soaked through. Christ, how wet is that. Doesn't sound like me. Searched around for some artwork to go in J's flat. We seem to have quite similar taste. Did some music shops, bought bondage strides, got coffee's to warm us up.

Friday night: we had our first spat :-( Some guy on the dance floor was hassling J. I hate blokes like that. Shows a total lack of respect to girls, maybe I'm a bit old fashioned? Who knows. Anyway I ignored Cat's good advice went over and got rid of the guy. She didn't really need me to do that for her. She didn't like that I did it at all. I'll know for next time.. I know there'll be alot of next times, I've just gotta be less protective I guess. One guy who took an interest in J. asked me if she was seeing anyone or not, I smiled told him she was my girlfriend really, he shook my hand and went on his merry way. Can't blame him for trying, no problem with that at all.

Thursday night
Deleted this post but decided to put it back on. It's pretty vague.
Trouble sleeping last night. Neighbour left an outside light on all night.. Some things it's better to be told than to find them out. Got told about one of those things. It could've really fucked things up. Maybe with anybody else it would've done. After a bit talking things through and alot of thinking I'm totally fine. Quite surprised at myself on this one. Thought I'd be bottling up some anger or hate toward a stranger but... not happening. If anything it's brought me a bit closer to someone I care about, possibly brought down a few of my barriers.

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

No too sure wether I'll carry on posting or not. Deleted a couple of recent entries.

Here's a musical interlude whilst I'm thinking... lifted from Clavicle by Alkaline Trio

Been on top of the world
since about six weeks ago
Marking the time when I was drunk enough to talk to you
I lost all train of thought as your eyes met mine
Told you I thought you were gorgeous.
You gave me your phone number I gave you mine.
before you left I said that you can bet I'll be bothering you soon
You said 'No bother, please do.'

Didn't happen exactly like that. Was pretty close though.

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