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Monday, January 26, 2004

More tired. Knew I'd be too knackered to train this evening so I went running at lunchtime. Just when it decided to rain. Got soaked through. Cold cold cold. Didn't have time to eat in the end. Busy day too.. had a team meeting this afternoon. All I could think about was sleep, sandwiches and er other stuff that wasn't work related. Texted J. thought she might be a bit too rundown to work given this morning but seems she was ok, she gets to restrain people at work which sounds cool. If you're that way out. Well ok it sounds like fun to this sick puppy anyway.

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Got home just before half seven this morning. Tired. I'll be shattered this evening. Definitely worth it. Went for a meal with Julie last night. Happy thoughts. There were a few revelations but nothing unexpected, no bombshells.. Put to rest a couple little things I'd been thinking but wasn't ever going to ask.. Gave her a lift to work. She was shattered this morning, partly my fault I guess. :-( Nurses work bad hours.

Think I'll probably stop writing this blog soon. I started it to to give me an outlet for when I was feeling sorry for myself. Its a bit redundant now.

Been trying not to neglect people this weekend. Fixed a computer for Colin on Saturdayand some minidisc player headphones for Cat on the Sunday. Dante's just come home for the first time in ages.

Right time to eat something and get ready for work..

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Time for change
Saw J. last night. I'm seriously thinking of cutting back on training, it's filled my life for more than seven years eclipsing every relationship I've had. If I don't want to mess this up I'm going to have to start making some changes for the better.

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Saturday, January 17, 2004

Did something totally different last night! Stayed home... Was all set to go out but after a beer when Sal and Jo came round I went downhill faster than a fat kid after an ice cream van. Cat and so on were staying in anyway so wound up watching channel 4 with them drinking tequila, vodka and ginger tea. Sal said she'd drop off some dodgy superstrong not available in the U.K. medicine type stuff she got from Dublin if I was that badly tonight.. Think I'm through the worst though. Woke up feeling fine this afternoon anyway. Heading to spiders later on. Jule's going there with Cher. Cool. Met her three times so far.. once totally hammered, once in loads of pain from a fall and the last time full of cold, which is pretty gross. Hopefully I'll manage to make a good impression tonight -otherwise she's gonna think I'm an alcoholic accident prone hypercondraic.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

Invited Julie round for a meal last night. Went pretty well. We hired Donnie Darko and talked through most of it. Looks like its going to be a good year.

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Monday, January 12, 2004

Billy popped round. He filled in Cat on the previous nights events and of course reminded me of a few things my selective memory had edited out. My knee is a source of much pain at the moment. Went for that drink. Happy happy.

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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Back from Nottingham. The drive down consisted of journey beers, Pro plus, RU-21, Breed 77 and cola cubes. We went to scream themed rock pub to sink a few before the club. Mel and Stuart didn't arrive till after we where in Rock City. When they did they'ed brought along Sam, Cher and this amazing looking girl in a black catsuit, so far out of my league I knew I'd crash and burn so decided not to try speaking to her. Well.. after alot of lager a few vodkas and some red bull I did talk to her. She turned out to live round the corner from me. Talked music for a bit.. she likes alotta stuf i do so we swapped numbers. hopefuly going for drink tomorrow night.

As we headed back to the car there was a few sets of steps to go down. I missed alot of them. One second I was rushing to catch up with the others the next I'm looking directly at the pavers. I'd fallen cleared cleared the steps landed in a front breakfall and slid forwards on the wet pavers. Could've been nasty. I got away with a skinned elbow and a bruised bleeding knee, my jeans are gonna need stitches . Hmm my arm's still bleeding... well it was my own fault but it was a good nite out.

Listening to His Infernal Majesty now. Better get some sleep sometime today.

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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Spiders and strangers
Just got back from spiders. Really good music tonight: Spear of Destiny, Therapy?, Sisters of Mercy, Breed 77 (2 songs!), Dinosaur Junior, Placebo, and more which my alcohol afflicted memory doesn't rightly recall -was loadsa decent tunes tho. Saw James, his band Shayler have just done a new CD. They're last one was very cool so I recommend EVERYONE to buy the new one. Now. I was hoping to buy one tonight but he dissapeared whilst I was digging a coat out of Billys car.

Looks like I'm probably heading to Nottingham Rock City tomorrow night for change of scenery.

posted by martin 04:40

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Lily writes
Got home tonight to find a note on the doormat from Lily, haven't seen her for about 2 years. She was originally a mate of an ex (Natasha). It was her new number and an open invite to visit with Laura. Hmm. Laura and I were still an item when I last saw her.. wonder what she's up to nowadays. I'll probably give Lily a buzz tomorrow night, I'm assuming she and her husband still live in the same place. She was fun with her dislike of England and Chairman Mao.

What else.. Naster came round for some fags left behind frm new year, Jo popped round when Cat came back. I went training and found out it was Phil's birthday -he'll not be celebrating though a he's going to do another of those clinical trials. Just listened to "Love Metal" by "HIM", put me in mind of late 80's rock scene, knocked off a copy I'll listen to it properly sometime. Dant'e is round at the senile cat lady's house and I've gotta get some sleep.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Chinese boxing, french passports and greek classics
Been training. Kung Fu today. Working off that xmas excess with bagwork. Means I should be able to sleep tonight.

Works been a real drag today. I've been looking into joining the French Foreign Legion for a bit of excitement but I don't want to sign away 5 whole years of my life so that's a nono. Can't really see me as a squaddie anyway, surprising where my mind will wander when it's not busy tho. Still if you want to learn a language, get a french passport and see Africa on the cheap it could be the way to go. Killed time reading a few blogs and Homer's Iliad, I downloaded a translation of it to my work machine. I've just finished book 2 and its pretty boring so far. There was a funny bit near the start when Agamemnon is being told to return the daughter of Chryses (who he's taken as the spoils of war) explains "I love her better even than my own wife" and that he wants to take her home.

posted by martin 22:41

Euthenasia anyone?
Dant'e just come home from the mad old lady's place. Fucking bitch she's already got 7 friggin cats that were obviously other peoples pets at some point. Hope he still pisses in her living room and breaks her ornaments and stuff. She complained about that when I tod her off for locking him in her house and going out. About 4 years ago she said her husband had died a few years previously, before she started collecting other peoples cats.. So call it nine years ago (going by number of cats she has and dogs she's had after him). Average life expectancy for a bloke in the U.K. is about 75 years but that's current figures so I'd guess he was about 66, women now expect to live to 79. So if he died about 9 years ago at 66 and they were roughly the same age she'll be about 75 now. So about four years left but of course that's modern figures so I guess she's living on borrowed time.

Spent the evening trawling the web. Found the blog of another Spiders regular, pretty, and read that for a bit.
Cat's been knocking up a new cv tonight because over the weekend her boss decided to sexually harrass one of her colleagues. Not good. Not bright either when his wife works in the same shop. He said he thought she was gving him all the right signals.. as if an attractive 19 year old girl is going to go fo a late forties burnt out gimp like him. Roll on mid-life crisis.

Thank god/gaia/gizmo/whatever I can get back into training again tomorrow, I've done knack all over the xmas break. Dant'e is sat on my knee, purring and biting my chin. Gotta eat smething and go to bed so I can try and sleep enough to go to work in the morning.

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

New beginnings same old people
Well... Mel's got a new bloke. Stuart. They guy who dumped his girlfriend of many years to go out with an ex of mine the minute I broke up with her. He isn't her usualy type at all, still a change is probably a good thing. Last night in Spiders there was some tall guy doing sleight of hand tricks with coins. He was tearing up fifty pence pieces and biting them in half and stuff he made his change dissapear too. I er fell over onto Kerry.. not entirely sure what happened there. Oops, make an impression people will remember anyway.. Got home and had one of Cat's pizzas.

Yesterday I chopped up the christmas tree bagged it and popped it in the wheely bin. How naughty of me. I've just ordered The Bagdad Blog book by "Salam Pax" today. Bored now.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

The big clean up
Had a new years eve party last night. Went well. House full of people, loadsa booze. I knocked up a chinese and a pasta dish to pad the beer with. Later Tat nipped to Jaksons and cooked some more food for everyone. Cool. I'd bought a load of Carling and some bottles of cava to pop on the midnight. A few other bottles of champagne were brought in too and a boatload of beer.

Today Cat and I have been sorting out the aftermath. Well I've mostly been sleeping and Cat's mostly been puking really. As usuall we've finished up with more beer than we started with as well as a bottle of tequila, a zinfandel and some smirnov ices. Not sure where Dante's got to but havent seen hime for ages. Last night Mika came out of her shell and atacked Jo. Hehe. Off to visit my folks this evening -too knackered to make tea so I'll drive 20 miles there and back instead.

Just run off a copy -I mean backup- of "The Alkaline Trio". It's a collection of their early singles, it rocks.

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