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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Office
Work.. well I'm at work but there isn't much to do as all the clients are off. Got woken up at about 02:30 this morning by text messages from a drunken lady having boyfriend issues, didn't reply went back to sleep. My room was freezing last night, time for the winter duvet to come out.

Been passing the time browsing the web. I don't know what speed the office connection is but it's damn fast. Spent a couple of minutes downloading mp3s by Multiple Injuries and Shayler as well as some Sister Machine Gun from amazon.com (amazon.co.uk doesn't do music downloads). Been reading various iraqi blogs to see what's really going on over there, looks bleak if you ask me.

After yesterday I decided to bring a book in to read at my desk. Last xmas/new year period I read the Harry Potter books (terrible reading but someone gave me them) and the year before that I learned enough HTML to knock out a passable website. So let's see what Michael Moore has to say about Stupid White Men today -actually that books worth reading just to find out what Mad Cow Disease/CJD actually is and how it works. Oh yeah he's also got a simple solution to the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Baltic Wharf Rocks -not.
Got about 4 hours sleep last night. Must stop drinking those energy drink when I'm out. Tried the rock night at Baltic Wharf last night. It sucks. We were treated to some spoken word tapes by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, some song about Yogi bear, a bit of what i guess was Chubby Brown the hilarity was topped off when the DJ gave a huge burp into the mic. That coupled with the incredibly expensive drinks prices will probably keep me away in future. The place was pretty empty anyway. Haven't been to the marina for ages but it was strange to see Pepi's closed and topical nights empty -could've been closed too. Billy got parked in front of the pub which a couple of years ago wouldn't've happened.

Went onto Spiders (as usual). Got bitten by a girl who's name escapes me. But ouch anyway. I dunno why but I seem to be getting bitten alot lately. Night went by pretty quick.

Spent most of today reading "Stupid White Men" by Michael Moore. Gotta start doing something usefull with my Sundays.

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Thursday, December 25, 2003

Xmas -I mean Christmas- is here
It's xmas day. Woohoo.. Decided to scribble a seasonal entry and found Karoo seems to be down. Can dial in and register the computer on their network but can't ping anything, including their DNS servers. Had to dig out an old Freeserve CD and set up a dial up to them.

If you use the Freeserve CD it'll shaft your IE settings. I didn't want my IE messed with so I dug about on the CD and found what I needed to make a connection manually. If you ever need to do it the dial-up number is 0845 0796699 the log name is "freeservesignup" with the password "signup" you can't browse anywhere except the sign up pages which are at https://signup.freeserve.net Once you've registered and downloaded (NOT opened) their freeserve.ins file you can then change the username and password to your chosen nodename (eg "bob.fsnet.co.uk") and password on the same dial up number. If you open the freeserve.ins file it'll shaft your IE settings too..

Anyway went to work this morning -casual day. At about half one we all went to a pub on Prinny Av, the landlord laid on some free sarnies and stuff. Had a few beers and was one of the last two to leave. Got home phoned around. Everyone was doing family suff. Fell asleep on the sofa -the downside of afternoon drinking and the reason I usually don't.

Wound up in Sharkeys with Billy, Cat, Sally and Jo. Was just waking up with a vodka redbull when Jo's dumbass homeless squaddie mate turned up. So myself Billy and Cat left and that was that.

Gave Cat her xmas pressie earlier. It's a brand spanking new chromed mesh bin. Yeah a bin. I'd originally got her a Johnny Depp DVD but when I borrowed a film off her yesterday I saw she already had it.. so I'll give it to someone else. Maybe my brother to go with the DVD player I'm gonna give him tomorrow -make that later today in fact.

Not really into xmas to be honest. If your single or have no kids it's a pretty empty time of year. I'm not knocking the couple of days off we get but the clubs are shut, everyone's visiting parents, people stop training at the dojo and the kung fu club, shops are shut.. except for Jacksons of course. Forgot to post Steph and Mari's card too.

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Started snowing last night. Watched it falling from Cats window whilst some kids in the street made a snowman. Snows always nicest when you're looking at it from inside a double glazed warm house. Not so good when you gotta walk to work in it or when it turns t black slush on the road but you can't have everything.

Just walking home from work today, bumped into ex girlfriend Leanne. Long time no see. She's just moved in with her new boyfriend. Well new to me but they've been together 4 months already. Don't think she'll be coming out much nowadays (if ever) but long as she's happy that's cool. Made her a coffee and gave her a christmas card with a monopoly tenner in it.

Yet another full weekend. Went to Piper with Cat & Tat, met tall Paul in there, Sally came out too (already drun from a works do), Spencer and Jennifer rolled up later. Spence was hammered and Jennifer was pissed off with him. Some older woman thought I was Jen's boyfriend, wierd. Well lots of lager and apple sourz later made it home.. woke up with cuts and bruises.

On Saturday it was the annual trip down to Lund pub to meet the people I don't see so much. Swap cards and catch up. Vicky is six months gone but doesn't look that big yet, so she was Rich's designated driver. Colin was without Becky again -I think maybe she doesn't like his friends.. I though Billy, Mel and I would be the only single people out but turns out Nick and Julie have split up. After I wrote them a card too.. Turns out they'ed already broken up last time I saw them out but didn't feel like telling anyone then. Pity. Still they're still mates and my guess is they'll be back on soon.

After Lund went back to Hull, I borrowed Mel's goggles and wore them to Spiders. A couple of Cat's college mates were out as well as the usuall. The night flew past.

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Everythings quiet untill..
Woke up at about four or five this morning to the quiet click of keys in the front door as Cat returned home quietly climbing up the stairs to her room. Very quiet, softly softly.. well until she tripped over Dante on the landing anyway.

I forced myself to go for a run today. This lunchtime. Just a quick one then home again, changed and back to work with some sandwiches. Not warm out there. One of the sales people at work got the tech support team a big box of chocolates today, nice touch -I probably defeated the point of running by eating a few more than I should. Oh yeah, I got a bottle of Blossom Hill from my manager on Monday too. Free stuff!

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Works been chaotic. They've got some new helpdesk software at last. I don't like it (yet).. Teething troubles at the moment.

Karate got cancelled tonight, only me showed up. Suspect the cold kept people at home. Trying to get back into my training routine but having motivation problems. Haven't been running for at least 2 months. Maybe I'll go tomorrow lunchtime -I've told myself that before though.

Soran popped round out of the blue to pick up Phil's camcorder. He'd been round at Laura's, curious, I'm guessing Twana was round too. She'd been telling him about the trip to Amsterdam. It was for Jenny's birthday. Seems a world away now, must've been about 2 and a half years ago. Maybe more, I'm pretty sure it was before Laura and I lived together. I still can't believe two of the people with us took pot from England to bloody Amsterdam...

Went to see Cat and Angie in the Avenues at lunch time, Jo and Tom popped in too. Had an online chat with Angie later on. I've decided to put up a new website with comic piccies of the crew, done Cat and myself so far. They're really just butchered msn weemees but Angie thought they were funny enough. Speaking of websites the counter for this one is broken. I'll fix it sometime. Maybe.

Just got a call from Tat to see if I'm heading down to Bug at Pozition.. wish I was! But spent a bit heavily last weekend plus drinking in the week isn't such a good thing. Cat's gone to see Return of the King, the new LOTR film. For me it's a night in watching the penultimate epsiode of Dawn -I mean Buffy -well you watch who you like.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Saddam got caught at last.

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Hey Arnold?
Stupidly heavy night. Got home at 06:50.. just in time to catch the end credits of "Hey Arnold" or something on beeb 2. Bring back Space Ghost.. Dante has been pullin xmas decs of the tree.. been to spiders.. Mel's prety mate Sam was out. Later went back to Beverleys with James and Sal. Sal was upset 'cos she couldn't call her irish boyfriend as her phone had a flat batt. She usually gets emotional after a few anyway but I still did my best. I told her to put her phone in her pocket to warm the battery so we could pull her guy's number off it at Bev's. That worked, then I let her use my mobile to call him in Dublin. She's so in love and all that. Anyway she was too messed up to dial so I called him for her and passed it over.

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Monday, December 08, 2003

Wednesday.. Position then back to Adams for SteeJay's leaving do. I nipped home and grabbed a bottle of Tequila and Liquer 43, got some lemons and coke at Jacksons on the way. On top of the voda a lager from the club I was prettymuch totalled. At some point I fell asleep with my head on Annie's lap. Dunno what time I left but I was dead on my feet, said bye to steeJay -he'll be back in Wolverhampton now.

Thursday.. the twilight zone. Woke up in th dark with my male cat walking on me. Figured it was early morning. Checked the alarm clock. Seven forty something. I was starving so I went down for some food. I noticedCat's door was open so I figured the cats had done that. I was very quiet though. Did some food, kitchen clock showed nearly eight o'clock. I was surprised by how many of the neighbours had lights on. Went to watch kids morning TV. It wasn't on.. strange it was soaps and stuff, my tv guide must've been wrong. Then I noticed my video clock, and did a double take. It showed 20:00. I'd slept through the day. That was really disorientating, I'd been wondering why it was still so dark at the time. Popped round to Donna's for a cuppa so I coud say I'd done something with the day.

Friday.. bought a christmas tree! Went to Hogshead and Piper with Mike and Billy then off to Spiders. Think I might become tee total some time.

Saturday.. White Lion's last night. Went to hook up with Pigeon and Angie, etc. As it was the place's last night it became two for one on draft beers. Nice. The rock night there is (was) ok except it tends to attract the old biker brigade. Which means they play a bit of Def Leppard, Meatloaf, Bryan Adams and other sad old man of rock type stuff.

As I was carrying a round through the pub some fat bike chick with a face only a bulldog could love made a point of walking into me instead of letting me past. Charming. Anyway she got cider spilt over her more than ample figure. I guess bumping into blokes carrying drinks is gonna be the closest she's ever gonna get to sex since she left her figure back in the 80's.

Then some guy went a bit whappy and started kicking a banister and punching walls before deciding to joke about throwing pool balls at the window. Oh that was after his smaller mate thought it'd be hilarious to throw two empty bottles through a pub full of people at the outside window then pretend someone walking past had done it.

It was ok, although I have seen more intelligent life in a rock pool than some of the people out.

Went to Spiders, no queue -cool. Just in time to see Ben being escorted out. He'd had his drink on the dance floor and been warned 4 times by the bouncer so no one to blame but himself for that one. He got let back in eventually. Lee was driving and discovered just how boring it can be when your out and sober and everyone else is getting merry.

Sunday.. a day of rest and recovery. Bought "Some Girls Wander By Mistake", a collection of the Sisters Of Mercy's early EPs and singles.

Monday.. On holiday -my last day this year unfortunately. I've decided my job is really boring so am looking to see what other options are around. Popped to the job centre to see what's available. Saw Laura, didn't say hi though -no point. Some derelict seemed to be telling her his life story, don't think she was really listening to him though. Well, if she want's to work with the bottom of the heap... Anyway I picked a console and did a search for local IT jobs. I looked under managerial and technician. Both searches came up the same.. data entry clerk and about 4 other jobs that I don't think fitted the search parameters at all. Also although the system asks you where you want to work, going as far as showing a map where you can specify the area it still came up with jobs on the other side of the country. I did a much wider search -afterall sticking with I.T. wouldn't be much of a change. Nothing.

I really preferred the old card system where you looked on aboard and saw everything available, I think the new high-tech system will make it harder to see jobs you might want to go for but hadn't thought of. I bet the current system cost the tax payer a shitload of cash to install and maintain too..

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Monday, December 01, 2003

No one was playing out on Friday. Looked like I was going to have a night in but got a txt from a ladyfriend and went out about midnight. The club was really empty and we were drinking against the clock.. walked back afterwards and polished off a bottle of vodka with diet coke.

Slept most of Saturday then went out again. Hooked up with Andy, Mike, Pigeon and a few others (I'm guessing from Multiple Injuries) at the White Lion with Cat. Next week is the place's last rocknight before it gets levelled for the bus station's facelift. Then it was off to the club. Just beat the queue.

Spent Sunday night txt chatting with Jennifer.

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