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Monday, November 24, 2003

Not a bad weekend, shame to be back in the office. Went to the Hogshead on Friday night. Colin's managed to break his hand. He fell over whilst running. Ironic really, whenever I suggested he come to karate or kung fu with me he was always concerned about breaking a hand and being unable to work, he might've learned to fall properly though.. Anyway he's not got it in a cast because he doesn't want to miss any time off work and as it's not been set at all the knuckle has moved backwards into the hand.

Went to see Therapy? at the Leadmill in Sheffield on Saturday night. They did some oldies and some of their new stuff. Pretty good, then had a bit of a bop afterwards before we headed back to Hull, leaving Mike in Sheffield to go sleep in a skip.

On Sunday went to the "Light Dragoon" for a pub lunch with mother, brother and brother's girlfriend. If you go there avoid the steak, it was not good.. Then in the evening went to hospital with Cat to see Tat and Sal. His face is healing really fast. Just a bit pink now, you wouldn't believe how it looked on the Thursday compared to yesterday.

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Bad stuff..
Went to Bug on Wednesday night, was knackered though and had to work to stay awake to be honest. Saw Sally and she told me about Tat. Apparently at work a bottle of acid exploded in his face. Sounds pretty bad. He's staying in the eye hospital at the moment. She then got very drunk and emotional. I said I'd pop in and visit him, after work. Drank much vodka.

I headed to hospital last night. Bumped into Beccy on Anlaby Road and stopped for a natter. We talked about housemates and xmas cards.

When I reached the eye hospital I was just heading to the ward when Tat and his brother walked up the corridor. I'd been expecting something along the lines of the Toxic Avenger but the accident was a week ago and the swelling had come down. Still looked very raw and red. I suggested he could say he was in Blazing Squad -what with the burns and all. Looks like he's gonna be in all weekend and a few days into next week I'd guess. Apparently he's not on strong pain killers which is probably a good thing. The acid hit his arms and leg too, looks like his wrist will have a nasty scar for quite a while. He can't see properly yet but I think that'll get back to normal with time.

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Monday, November 17, 2003

It's Laura's birthday today, 22. We're not talking at the moment though..

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Another weekend gone..
Went for a bit of a works do on Friday. Did Pave and Dukes then the Queens and onto Bev road for The Bevvy and Zach's. Never been to the Bevvy before but the "DJ" is a complete tosser. He's not so much a DJ as the kid who puts on cheesy music like Wham and other get-ure-granny-dancing songs, but then he talks over the friggin music anyway. And he does talk shite. Apparently he only has the gig 'cos his dad owns the pub well that's what he said over his mic and I can believe it -he certainly didn't get it for his razor sharp wit, musical taste and ability to beat match. His "humour" is from the camp of Lilly Savage.

Spiders on Saturday, I have and admirer. unfortunately she's an ex of a mate and although he says he doesn't mind and I should go for it.. I have rules about mates exes. So it's a no go for me. Shame though, she's a really nice girl. Saw Claire and got her name wrong.. doh. Saw Keith's ex Claire too, she's doing good seeing a new bloke and so on.

Couples.. Inside the club Spencer and I were stood opposite a happy couple. The fella was happy, talking and joking with his greasy mate whilst his girlfriend tried vainly not to look bored and neglected. Eventually the unwashed mate (yeah he did have an aroma noticeable over the cig smoke and alcohol in the air) went to the bar. I thought right now they'll talk to each other. But.. no. The bloke just looked bored and stood around whilst she carried on pretending not to be bored. Eventually soap distant reappeared and the bloke resumed his reparte, leaving her bored as ever. Why do people bother? If it gets to that point move on..

Outside I saw Sam and a mate leaning against the club wall, then I crossed the road and was surprised to see her standing by the fence as well. Double take time, even in my drink addled state I figured that couldn't be right. Turns out she has a sister two minutes younger.

Keith came and got all the stuff I'd been storing whilst Cat and Jo went off to watch football on a pub TV. I then spent the afternoon assembling some wooden crates sorry "chests" and insulating hot water and heating pipes. I started my pipe insulating project during the week and wondered why the insulation was all wet. Fearing a leaky joint (well I did solder them myself and I ain't no plumber) I had a look. Turned out the wet stuff was blood, mine. Mr Stanley makes exceedingly sharp knives.

Just been to the Adelphi tonight. Saw Jame's other band "Trench" then Velcra and Breed 77. Looking at their website I get the impression their used to much bigger venues really, but they still went for it. Nice way to spend Sunday evening, all three bands rocked.

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Monday, November 10, 2003


Side effect on metronidazole.. Over the weekend I noticed that alot people seemed to have really bad halitosis, smelt like rotting meat. Nobody else seemed to notice. Eventually I realised it was actually alcohol on peoples' breath and the reason it was so awful is the metonidazole I'm on. This morning when I got to work I caught the same wiff from a colleague, either he was drinking last night or he was drinking this morning. After lunch I could tell who'd been to the pub for a pint too.

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Back to the grind
Back to work tomorrow after my week of being ill. It's been the longest illness I can remember having. It's been bloody boring to be honest. I'm also dealing with fallout from granting one of Laura's mates some professional credibility. Still it is my own fault, I should've known better, they're all chemical disasters.. I cannot be arsed wasting my time anymore.

Went out last night and was alternating orange juice and water. Didn't feel quite right really. Gave James & Bev a lift home after club, saw a shiny big red and grey 4x4 pickup truck stopped in the road on one of the back streets when we were leaving which we all thought was a bit odd, at 3am. Noticed it mentioned on Phil's blog too so I'm guessing it must've been there for a while. He postulates it might've been udercover coppers but I doubt it, they couldn't have picked a more conspicuous vehicle and if they didn't want to be seen they'ed've pulled it to the side of the road but instead it looked like they'ed driven up to the junction then stopped, killed the lights and waited. Mafioso goings on I'd guess.

I was clearing out some boxes, thought they were Cat's but one was Keith's. I'm storing some stuff for him since he got booted out. I noticed previously that apart from his rent he also had letters from British Gas, O2 and a local vet threatening legal action for non-payment of debts. Anyway I had a look in this box and fond some paperwork from 1999, before he moved in with Donna. Turns out he left unpaid rent on his flat in Albany Street and a bank was chasing him over debt on an account too. It doesn't take Miss Marple to figure out his story about the rent mix up has a few holes in it. some people arent too sharp but I doubt anyone could make the same mistake twice. So his stuffs gotta go. I'll have to give him a buzz tomorrow.

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Saturday, November 08, 2003

Definitely improving. Just dealing with the eating and sleeping thing now. Decided to change the colourscheme on this page today. Brighten it up a bit and make it more readable.

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Friday, November 07, 2003

On the mend
Looks like I'm getting better. My temperature came down to a toasty warm 38 degrees C, and last night I slept for nearly 6 hours. The laceration on my lip seems to have closed at last so I can eat again. Problem is after a week of not being able to eat properly it's proving a bit tricky to get myself back into it. Still feel really naseous. Forced down some ministrone (how do you spell that?) soup today and had some cereal for breakfast.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Poor me
I'm a bit (well ok alot) under the weather as they say -what does that even mean anyway? I'm ill ok. On Tuesday last week Aidie caught me in the mouth with a forearm strike and although he didn't follow it through it was enough to loosen alot of teeth, my upper teeth bit into the top of the lip, my lower teeth went into the inside. After checking no teeth were actually out and waiting for the bleeding to slow we carried on training as normal. I went to work the next day and the day after that. I had a bit of discomfort but no more than you'd expect from a smack in the mouth, i figured bonjela would deal with the inside damage and the outside would heal pretty fast.


By Friday afternoon it had got alot more painfull and I was really hot. I tried to get an appointment with my GP, or their practice nurse but (of course) nothing was available for a week.. so after work I called the night doctor and wound up going to see him, ironically he turned out to be the senior partner from my GP's practice. He was surprised I'd been with them for 8 years or so and we'd never met before, I guess that means I don't often get ill. He put me on a five day course of flucloxacillin (thats an antibiotic). So I started them on Friday night before going out.

The common belief that antibiotics and alcohol make instantly paralyticaly drunk isn't something I subscribe to. The reasons your advised not to is becasue (A) your body is trying to fight of an infection and as alocohol depresses your immuno system it's not going to help things and (B) some specific antibiotics cause a disulfiram-like reaction with alcohol. The effects of disulfiram and alcohol are not that you get instantly pissed either by the way.. were talking loads of vomiting, throbbing headache, heavy sweating, blurred vision and a whole boatload of other unpleasant things. It's actually used to stop alocoholics drinking. The reason people think they will be instantly out of it when they do take antibiotics and alcohol is because they're so fucking stupid they'll believe anything to the point that they get a placebo affect -that or they just drink themselves into the ground and then say "Oh it's 'cos I was on antibiotics". When the fact is "No, it's because you drank enough alcohol to pickle a pony in."

Anyway back to me and my lacerated lip. On Sunday night things wer much much worse. The biggest cut which had been a thin white line with a white circle where my canine went in was now about 5 times wider and my temperature was clearing 39 degrees C which is never a good thing. I couldn't eat properly or sleep properly because of the pain -even with the prescription painkillers I had naughtilly kept following a previous training injury. I wound up ringing in to work sick on Monday and today. I don't like the thought of being off sick, I always think it sounds like skiving. So I buzzed my manager and got the rest of the week off as holiday (which I don't intend to claim back).

Got an emerency appointment to see my GP this morning and she proscribed me metronidazole as well as another five days of flucloxacillin if required. I hope this does the trick. Unfortunately metronidazole IS one of those anti-biotics with a disulfiram-like reaction to alcohol... The pharmacist advised me not to drink any alcohol for 2 full days after taking the course, as already know about the effects I'll follow his advice.

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Chasing Amy.. what can I say.. apart from i thought it sucked. Nothing else.

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Thought I was going to a party tonight.. well 2 parties in fact. Turns out they were on Friday though, so I shit out there. Wound up going to spiders (yeah yeah). Last Halloween there was pap, too many people, couldn't move coudn't get served, this year it was way cooler. Friday (real Halloween) was busier than any friday night for the past 2 years, Tat apologised for being so wankered last week -but as I told him "We've all been there and we'll all do it again." Spike cme as pinhead from hellraiser and looked bloody briliant.

Tonight I saw Spence and Jenifer -they invited me back for a three way but NO. If they were both girls then yeah but.. moving on. At the end of the night Spence and Jenifer were necking (as exes sometimes do) and this guy was stood behind them really close by. I pointed him out to them and they moved. Then the fuckwit opened his fly and I realised he was about to piss there and then. I hit him with a palm strike and he went backwards into the coat queue.. I told him to fuck off. He did. Fucking wanker. No doubt it provided some entertainment for those queing and to be fair gave me a short story to tell too. But how fucking disgusting... Oh yeah Jenifer said I'm a genuinely nice guy and should have girls queing up, I told her I'm really a total bastard and I just hide it when she's around.

I bumped into Ricky and Al. Ricky is now an orderly at some nuthouse in the city. One of his nutters we to the kung fu club and remembered me. Shit.

What else.. Billy came in fancy dress as a townie -I figured he looked like a wealthy british sex tourist visiting a third world country, Mark came as someone outta mushroomhead and looked alot like a Panda, Ben had painted his face black, Sam was wearing a terrible bridesmaid dress and Gemma wore a red ballgown and looked really nice. She was hammered. Jenifer said she'd come as a goth -but he had white socks and pink laces and no black nail varnish, yeah I do nitpick and yeah I take the piss.

Right now I'm off to watch "Chasing Amy".

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