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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Shit shit shit.
Went running and got my car last night. This lunchtime I noticed the light reflected on the roof didn't look quite right. Some cunt's run over it and left two dents in the roof and one in the bonnet. Not deep ones but fucking annoying. Gonna cost me to sort that out. Hope the paintwork didn't crack. Called the police and got a crime number, doubt those useless fuck's will do anything tho. Only reported it so they'ed have to include it in their stats. Which reminds me when I got twatted last week there was a pig sat in his car across the road who didn't do shit. I want my fucking council tax back. These fuckers are a waste of money. And another thing.. why are they still called the Humberside Police when Humberside doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for bloody years??

Come to think of it in my experience they haven't been any use to me at all.. One year I caught some guy trying to nick my car. I chased him up two streets and called the bacon boys from about 20 metres behind the cunt and not HALF A MiLE from the nearsest police building and they still failed to get him. They also didn't get the shit that nicked my car stereo. Hell they didn't even get me after a bloody GATSO camera flashed me doing 90 miles an hour through roadworks..

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Cats and dogs
Went bowling yesterday for the first time in years. Turns out I'm not very good. I was still suffering from Friday night though. After clubbing I'd gone back to a house and been on vodka, dry cider and some kind of apple schnapps that was an opaque green colour. When I got home about 09:30 I found I'd managed to pick up a bottle of water along the way too. Tall Paul got bitten by a dog.

Had to walk back to the club to get my car. Felt like shit. Went round to Beverley's to meet up with James and Tat to go bowling later and they all agreed I looked like shit.

Last night went straight to the club. Whilst I was queuing I was surprised to see Kat walk by. We had a chat in the club, she's nice as ever and I think confused as ever too. When her boyfriend rolled up she said he didn't look too happy so we told him I go out with Cat. Phil drew a face on my diesel. I borrowed an umbrella off of Sarah.

Gotta go get my car later, left it on Sharp Street last night -might go for a run and get it then.

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Fisticuffs on New Cleveland street
Another nite another ..well whatever. Was a so so night in the club. Apparently I fell over on Friday, I can't remember that but 4 different people told me about it so I guess it must be true. Friday was a really good night, tonight was boring.

Outside I was talking to Sam about girls, well it's a common interest. A group of about 30 (well maybe 20 taking into account the beer inspired exageration) townies came past. I got lamped by 2 of them. Not hard, it's got to be admitted but the thought was there. I might've got hit a bit harder if one of them had actually stopped walking past when he struck but then he might've got a kick in the rocks and an elbow in the gob... might've but didn't as they both kept walking in their group. Wish I was that hard. I'd be able to get sweets of kids and stuff.

A third one did actually stop and start yapping. Safe with his "gang" behind him and all. He offered me a one-on-one round the corner. There was actually a police car round that corner so I declined -that and I'm not into gay sex anyway. One of his white shirted buddies decided to spit on me as he walked past (very punk rock..) but he missed. Again if he'd stopped walking.. he could've hidden behind his mouthy mate and gobbed over his shoulder but I'm guessing he wasn't an ideas man. The yappy one who was inviting me "round the corner just you and me" (yeah right and a tube of KY I don't doubt.. fuck off) turned out to be from Sunderland. Sex tourist perhaps? SteeJay says they all got arrested in the end. There was certainly alot of police cars around.

What I don't understand is when these towny cock holsters had walked past and stopped in a big group about 3 different fights kicked off in the crowd from the club. After theyed gone to their gaybar or wherever they were heading I saw a couple of mates both short guys arguing with some tall kid. The tall kid was saying "4 onto 1 come on then.." Paul and Alex are lightly built short kids, not the sort with any weight to throw around so I decided to stay close in case it kicked off. The bouncers came over and they dispersed. The lanky kid was then telling us that my mates had started on him.. I've known Paul for years and that didn't sound like the him to me. So I asked Paul what had happened. Turns out the tall guy started on one of their group on the dance floor and then outside the club Paul asked for a word and the tall guy punched him. Nice.

Handbags at dawn.

What else happened today? Bumped into Theresa and had a natter er what else? Springbank got closed off by the police due to a suspect package.

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Friday, October 17, 2003

Reality bites
I have a relative over in Spain who has had mental problems for a while, it's been prettymuch ignored over the years -I suspect people were in denial about it really. Anyway a while ago he decided to see a doctor himself and was diagnosed schizophrenic. The doctor gave him some pills to control it and he was able to function normally. Well.. except that the doctor had forgotten to mention the side effects of the pills. Eventually sick of the side effects he stopped taking the pills. On Wednesday he had some kind of episode, the police had to come out.. it took 12 people to restrain him and get him into the ambulance.

He's been sectioned, and is in hospital in Jerez. That probably makes your own problems seem pretty minor doesn't it..

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

It's Hull Fair week! Well ok it started last weekend really. Europe's biggest travelling fair assembles once a year in this lucky city. With it comes traffic congestion, petty crime, parking problems, a shitload of litter, noise pollution and the smell of deisel genarators running for hours mixing with burgers stands, hot dogs and popcorn. I'll be giving the pickpockets and pissed kids a miss this year.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

...she's a flight risk
When I started this blog I went to blogwise.com to register it. Whilst browsing I found a blog called "...she's a flight risk", as the name starts with full stops it's at the top of the alphabetical listing. Possibly a clever move by Isabella, so anyway I've been following it since pretty near to it's inception. It's not locked by the firewall at work and helps get me through a dull afternoon now and again. Recently Esquire ran an article on the blog. What's the fuss? The premise is the girl "Isabella" is a rich young lady on the run from her powerfull family, she writing her blog on a laptop as she goes, meeting various dodgy characters and so on. Is it true or is it fiction? Can't really say for sure. I very much doubt it's true but there's a part of me that wants to believe it, and there's always the chance I guess. What I can say for sure is the girl is a very talented writer, she keeps the reader interested and seems to research what she's typng about. Compared to all the other dross out there in blogland (yes whatthehull included.. -obviously) it stands way above the rest.

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Monday, October 13, 2003

Another weekend's been and gone. Prettymuch the same as every other so far. On Friday I had a slightly drunk text conversation with a girl who'd dumped her boyfriend -she got back with him by Saturday night. Got cried on by another female friend who'd also recently split with her fella. On saturday I was talking to a girl whose name I can NEVER remember, try as I might. I also had a conversation with a girl who'd just dumped her girlfriend, seems we'd met ages ago but I seem too be having trouble remembering names at the moment. Seems like a bad time for couples anyway. Laura popped round, haven't seen her for about 2 weeks, to borrow some tools.

Just been to see "Underworld" with Cat, Billy & Mel. I though it was really good except the bit at the end where the old vampire gets his head cut. That bit was totally out of place -that and the same lame effect has been seen in too many other films. The protagonist was a total babe although she would've been a bit sweaty doing all that running round, juping and fighting in her close fitting PVC outfit. Still it's fantasy so why not.

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Why do I waste valuable time
To my disbelief I have actually underestimated the stupidity of those around me.. At work this week I discovered a client's server had been hacked into. We don't cover the operating system for them as they wanted to do it themselves -on the cheap. Without looking too hard I found a warez ftp site, a port scanner and a log file from the port scanner. The port scanner went on back in June.

I told the client they've been hacked and need their IT people to sort out their systems.. three days later they haven't done a thing. Why? They don't believe they've been hacked. I printed of a copy of the warez site login screen for them. Didn't sway them at all. Heads in the sand. I ofered to show them on their server the files I had found and what they were. Not interested. Fine. Not my problem. Meanwhile that server is gonna stay wide open.

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Monday, October 06, 2003

Hadn't seen my male cat, Dant'e, for two nights when the mad old cat lady who lives on the next street popped round. He'd been in her outbuilding for the past three days. She though he might be ill as he hadn't eaten anything all that time.. I ent round and brought him home. He seemed very subdued, was slavering quite alot and wouldn't eat although he did lick his food. He'd evidently been slavering on his legs and was pretty gross. Looked like a visit to the vets was in order but..

Well I've got a really dry painfull sore throat at the moment, I've been taking antseptic throat things for it and it's going away. My housemate Cat said she had a painfull throat on Thursday. I figure my cat must have also got it. So having given him some milk which he drank ok I got him to eat some food afterwards. I've just been dosing the cats' water with a drip of vinegar to soothe his throat and gonna keep him in for couple of days.

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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Bug@pozition. Heavy drinking night. Outside I saw an amazing looking girl who I thought was a friend of a friend. Turns out she was a total stranger -but I rattled on for a few minutes before I realised.

Shared a cab back with billy and Cat. Just made and ate pasta. Still drunk. Got work tomorrow. Fuck.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Busy weekend. On Saturday night after clubbing Mel went a bit wappy (alohol...) and I left Bill trying to calm her down in the street. I wound up helping out a mate by pretending to be her boyfriend till 5 in the morning. When I left the flat there were no taxis and it was bloody cold so I wound up running the three miles or so home. Fun fun fun.

Cats moved in! We're gonna try it for two weeks to see if we can hack living under same roof before we do the rent thing. I think it'll work out pretty good. She's always shared a bedroom with her sister and now she's got her own room I think she's enjoying the privacy, which means we're not in each other's space all the time. So I don't think this is ging to the huge impact I was worried it might be.

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