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Thursday, September 25, 2003

Been to Bug@Pozition. Tat and Sal were ou. Kickass major drinking night. Yeah, I'm still hammered. Night was cool as fuck. Billy had apparently been rqmraiding sweetshops as he'd brought out 2 boxes of skull or snake shaped confectionry. I was only gonna stop out for an hour or so but wound up staying in and drinking like a fish... voda, vodka, vodka.

When I got home I had a piece of paper with a female friend's mobile number on it waiting for me...

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Monday, September 22, 2003

Alone Again Or

Hooked up with a few mates at Lund pub on Saturday night then went on to Spiders. Met Video Vicky for the first time in a long time, she's finished her studenting days and is waiting for her result finger crossed for her. Sally was out, it was sister's hen or work do. Outside the club I saw her again, she'd lost her sister. I was walking her home but she lives bloody miles away and couldn't get a cab so I put her up. Training room, spare bed. She taxied home this morning.

Broke up with Laura today. Popped round and gave her what stuff she had here and brought back mine. Wasn't a huge surprise. She didn't seem too bothered which doesn't really say much. So I'm single again, at the age I'm at that's now probably going to be it. Fantastic. Great. In the words of Tenpole Tudor "Wunderbar". Not sure why it went wrong really -well I have a few ideasof course, no doubt she'll have different ones though.

Well dwelling on it won't change anything so.. watched Final Destination 2 tonight, that was really good.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

The Funeral

Went to my great uncle Brian's funeral today, got an extended lunch break from work. He was very keen on his cat, Solomon, so he'd left a request that instead of buying flowers for the funeral everybody give a donation to the Cat Protection League. So a donation was made. The ceremony was at the Chants Av crematorium, wasn't what I expected, no pushing god and no hymns. The music played was Fanfare For The Common Man at the start, then something interesting that sounded a bit like Clannad but in some (I think) african language and at the end the curtains closed to Wagner's Flight Of The Valkyries.

Then it was off to a do at the Springhead Rugby Club where Brian had spent alot of his time in life. Met various family members that I hadn't seen for probably as much as twenty years. The do was pretty good too, shame I had to leave and go back to work tho. Still it's a pity I didn't get to know Brian in life, if his funeral and wake were anything to go by he evidently knew how to enjoy himself.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Had an unexpected visit from old ex girlfriend Gina, she was with her old buddy Bromz. They're getting married in November. Bit of a surprise that, Ive been invited to the do.. Hope it works out for them.

My great uncle Brian died recently. He was due to pick up his wife and didn't turn up. She got a taxi home and found him sitting in an armchair with the cat asleep on his lap and a newspaper. He'd had a massive heart attack whilst reading the paper evidenty and instantly died where he sat. The coroner says it'll have been so fast he won't have known what happened which is probably one of the nicer ways to go.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Pissed off and tired. Days are too long and evenings too short. Don't seem to be seeing much of Laura since she got back. Didn't see that much of her before she went now I think about it. Been listening to Psychadelic Furs this evening.. Don't think I can be arsed to go to Bug tomorrow night, need to save some cash anyway.

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Circadian rhythm

Looks likeI'm going to have to change my weekend routine. For the past few weeks I've been up all Friday and Saturday night then sleepng most of Saturday and Sunday missing the daytime. Not a good idea. Especially a it leaves me wide awake on Sunday night and then shattered all Monday. Takes me a working week to get more or less into the swing of sleeping again but the come the weekend it all goes to pot again.

I was expecting to spend Saturday night in with Laura which would've probably helped me get things back to normal but that went tits up so out I went...

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

Inebriated Weekend (yeah another..)

Friday. White Room. Met Cat, Billy and Mel. Instead of the lights glaring on the white walls glare i expected I walked into a dark dark candlelit Room. SteJay had decided to light the place with candles stuck in beer bottles and save on electricity. The place looked very goth and was more ..well.. intimate I guess. Hope that becomes the norm in there, was pretty cool. Little DJ girl played some decent tunes too including a Cramps song. Wahey! Psychobilly bonus track. Went to (the usual club) club at kick out time. Met Paul in there and various others including Phil from Training. Also Sal looking nice as ever and a stoned Adam.

There was a nice girl dancing with her mate in leather trouser and a clingy black top. i was just saying to Paul that she looked alot like an ex of mine when Cat said "That girl reminds me of Leanne" -naming the afore mentioned ex. The likeness was definitely there.

Saturday. Laura's back from her 2 week holiday so I figured she'd want us to have a night in. But.. she's ill and went to bed instead. I decided to have a night in anyway. Well it was supposed to be. Come 22:00 I was piss bored so texted Bill. Met him and Mel in queue for that club I always wind up in -yeah tonight I was one of those tossers that walks half way past the queue and pushes in where their mates are. Bit surprised there was a queue at about 10 to midnight but I guess it's to do with the new batch off students.

Met Adam. Turns out some twat tried to mug him Friday night on Springbank. He had a long cut going from his temple down the side of his scalp. Some fat bloke had told him to hand over his cash and when told to fuck off opted to punch Adam.Hhe says he went straight down and hit his hea on the kerb, hence the cut. Anyway he got back up and in his drunken state he layed into the portly puggilist. The silly mugger ran away. Probably surprised that pissed people sometimes hit back.

Anyway Adams decided to have a flat warming do tonight so I got some take out Millers but then it fell through.. not to worry, I have tins in the fridge. Outside the club there was a few people leaning on Wes's car so I asked them (politely as you do.. ahem) to get off it. they did. Saw Wes and let him know, turns out it wasn't his car at all... oh well I've done some stranger a favour and they'll never know.

There was a bit of a kerfuffle (how good a word is that) outside the club... seems to be becoming the norm which isn't a good thing. A police car pulled up in the middle of the road and two stab vested police yoofs walked around for a short while which seemed to stop it all. I think another car stopped nearby later on too. What are these kids on... when I was that age we used to come out of the club pull out a ball or frisby and have a game in the street behind the club. Later on come time to head off Mel and some gay guy had a big arguement. I dunno why she gave him time of day in the first place, he was a tool. His mate was ok, trying to do a bit of damage control but the tool kept coming back for more. Motor mouth. I guess either he hadn't pulled or it was just his turn to be the lady.. Was a tosser either way.

The other item of note was some 16 year old girl tried to buy my Placebo t-shirt off me. It's of the "£5 from some dodgy bloke outside the gig" variety and since I got it back in 1997 it's acquired a cigarette hole from some drunken fagash that couldn't control his cancer sticks. Anyway I said if she wanted to buy it she'd have to bring out a top for me to wear home. It's not the first time I've had girls trying to buy my top there and then. Strange. Also got a flyer for a Multiple Injuries gig on the 27th. I'll try to make it.. seeing them is still on my list of things to do before I die list.

Saw a fim called "About Schmidt" on Thursday night. It was supposed to be a comedy but it was total depressing drivel. Not reccomended at all. Got my car back today (Yay!) My brother down in London had had his car stolen (bastards, burnings too good). So my dad gave him his car as he was going to change it anyway and part exchange prices are bit pap. However this left my dad carless for a week so I'd lent him mine.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003


Got tomorrow off. Wahey! Just been to Bug at Pozition (yeah if it was my club I'd've called it "Position" or something better but spelt right anyway, there you go). anyway Pozition has EVERYTHING a decent club should have. Loads of lighting effects, a truckload of differrent bars, 3 differnt kinds of music (ok one is r'n'b shite but hey it's variety), CCTV and er lots of stairs(?) Yeah the place is a fucking maze. It was pretty easy to get lost in there. First impressions were "this place has everything -but it still sucks!" as the night wore on I got a drank more vodka and saw a more people I knew so I warmed. Finished off quite happy. Problem at the moment tho is one of the three bars is playing r'n'b type stuff which means a boatload of townies in what supposed to be a rocknight -obviously there's gonna be friction.. Anyway it was an ok nite but I preferred The Room.

What else? Well Cat's going to be my lodger. I've suggested we try a temporary trail period first, just in case she (or me ) is hell to live with. You never know. well she's up for it so we'll give it a whirl. See how/if it works out.

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Saturday, September 06, 2003

I've got Friday on my mind

On Wednesday night 3 lads started on Billy outta the blue. He seemed fairly philosophical about it. He's got a some swelling, pain and blurred vision. There's some bruising too but pub lights seem dim enough to not show it too obviously. Anyway one of the fearless three lost his phone in the club when they got kicked out. He rang up to get it back, giving his name and address... ...obviously not the brightest star in the scottish sky. Bill's gonna be pressing charges, obviously.

Just been to the Piper club with Sam and Steph. Turns out the place is having trouble renewing it's licence because of pressure from people living round there. I'd hate to see the club shut down but on the other hand I have to admit I wouldn't want a night club at the end of my street either.

Anyway Sam and steph were both dancing most of the night so I introduced myself to a girl I've seen around in Spiders. Switched to red bull & Vodka with is a bit of a killer in there -not the cheapest club in the world.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Same old, same old

Saturday was cool. Saw Mandi for the first time in a long time, she's moved to this great metropolis from her village. We're supposed to go for a drink sometime this week, not sure if my training schedule will let that happen though. Gonna have to make time I guess.

Walked back to Prinny Av with Andy, there seemed to be some kind of taxi shortage going on. Passed a house with a "SOLD" sign in the garden. Burning and melting. Looked pretty cool at about 4am.

Had a text conversation with Cat on Monday, what is it with girls and texts? she's looking for a place to live and apparently I offered one of my rooms to her. Well I do have more space than I know what to do with -which isn't a bad thing by the way. I said best if she moves in for a week or so to see if we can live together before reaching an agreement and rent and so on.

Re-reading Robert Rankin's Brentford Trilogy at the moment. Er been training tonight. Watched a film called "Harvard Man", which was pretty good.

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