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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Got a hefty phone bill so I've decided to sort out an ISP with prepaid minutes and I've opted for Karoo. I've subscribed to their home service about an hour ago and been online about 30 minutes. I've already had a disconnection and can't seem to connect at a decent speed.. I tried connecting using my internal modem and my mobile phone to get a better speed by bundling the connections but the number isn't accessible from my mobile network. It's also taken 4 attempts to upload a very small picture to my karoo webspace without it getting corrupted. So safe to say I'm not too impressed so far.

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Monday, July 21, 2003

Got a call from my dad today. Bad news. My spanish grandma died from a brain hemmorrage at 20:45 on Saturday night.

She lived in a block of flats in Jerez de la Frontera -the place the sherry comes from, about an hours drive north from Gibraltar. It seems she'd gone down to get her post on Friday morning and had a hemmorrage. One of the neighbours found her unconcious in the lift with her letters. She was taken to hospital and didn't regain conciousness. The doctors had said that if she had regained conciousness she'd have been unable to move or speak so it's probably just well she didn't pull through. My mother flew out to see her in hospital,. when she saw her she called my dad and said she looked like she only had a few minutes of life left, she died fifty minutes later.

At 85 years old I think she's had a pretty good life, probably longer than many. In Spain funerals are dealt with very quickly. She'll be cremated on Monday.

Two years ago I repaired a japanese statue of buddha (well Hotai really) for her, it had lost its hands and a foot so I made new ones, reinforced it with brass tubes, fixed the chips and made a slate stand for it. She was quite pleased with the result. Last year she brought over a damaged wooden statue from Uganda which had alot of sentimental value for me to repair. Unfortunately I work at my own pace and hadn't actually fixed it before she died.. feel a bit bad about that.

Last week my one of my cousins down south was at a wushu (chinese martial art) class when his thumb went numb. The next thing he knew he was in a hosptial bed and it was three days later. when he came round they did various tests to see what had happened but found no problems.

After his thumb went numb he'd had a violent fit and been taken to hospital. Theyed given him an epidural and two oter injections on in each wrist to stop his thrashing and he'd stayed unconcious for three days.

Eventually what happened was figured out. He'd been over to Sweden the week before and went for a walk in some woods. In these woods there is a type of mite which has a bite that weakens the tissue surrounding the brain. Back in the U.K. at his wushu club the excercise increased his blood pressure so that the weakened tissue gave way and blood escaped causing him to pass out and fit.

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Sunday, July 20, 2003

Spiders again, where else. Tonight I had a problem getting in which was a surprise. I'd gone through the door and was waiting to pay the entry feee when I was motioned to move backwards. I stepped back letting a couple of people come by and was told I couldn't come it. I asked why, more out of surprise than anything else and went outside. I stood outside and was going to text Billy to let him know not to wait around when his head popped out of the door. He said the manager said I was being aggressive last week. We figured out it was the taxi incident, probably when I'd jumped between the driver and the loud kid.

I think Billy must've explained that I'd been trying to break up a fight not start one. Anyway the manager, I think he's the owner actually, called me in and told me he thought I'd been very aggressive the other week. He gave me the benefit of the doubt and let me in though. He'd said to Billy that I'd previously been bared for causing some trouble with the bar staff upstairs which makes me think he was thinking of someone else. I rarely go upstairs in there, except last Friday when I was sat with Sally, Tat and James and got a pint of deisel from the bar, didn't have any problem though. Either way though I know full well a nightclub can refuse entry to anyone and doesn't have to give a reason to anyone.

I noticed that tonight the lad who offered to hotwire the taxi, told his mate to do a runner and then told the driver's wife to fuck off was out. His nose looked fine.

Saw jenny for the first time in ages, she's on a break from her fella. They've been together for a couple of months or so but I've never met the guy. Seems he gave her the push whilst on a paranoia trip and now he's regretting it but she's moving on. I suggested that if she gets it back on with him she'll have the upper hand.

Sleep beckons..

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Sunday, July 13, 2003

Spiders. So hot everyone was outside, really quick to get served tho. Spoke to Jess for the first time in ages. Rescued Cat from two blokes trying to chat her up.

I wound up with a spare pint of lager as well as my diesel. I didn't really want the lager so I decided to give it away. I cannot believe how difficult it was to give away a pint of lager! I got:
I don't drink pints.
I don't drink lager.
I don't drink the lager in here.
I'm driving, this is my last drink.
I only drink the cocktails.
I only drink shorts.
I already have a drink.
Gave it to some guy Kate had pulled.

Later, outside Jimbob (no that's not his name at all really) turned up in his cab. Everyone was stood about talking when some people came up to his empty cab.. someone tells them there's no driver in it. One of the ladz said he could hotwire it, not a the brightest thing to suggest -especially as Jimbob was within earshot and told him so. A few minutes later one of the group fell over and broke the cab grill with his head. Pretty unlucky. I went round to see if he was concussed, but he seemed ok just surprised.

Jimbob told the lad he wanted paying for the damage. Turned out the lad was from Manchester, anyway he went round the houses saying he had no money, no ID, nothing in the bank, no cash cards.. eventually he pulled out a student union card, turned out he was lying about no cashcard. Jimbob said he'd drive him to a cashpoint so he could pay for the damage. The lad got in the cab but changed his mind and decided to start arguing over what Jimbob said the damage cost. At one point I suggested the kid just call the police and get them to sort it out, even got out my phone. They probably wouldn't have got involved really but if they'ed just taken down a few names and addresses then it could've be sorted out later on. At worst the kid might've got a caution for drunkeness, but I doubt it very much. Anyway he didnt go for that, maybe some dodgy substances were involoved, I'll never know.

One his mates decided to start arguing too -the same kid who'd offered to hotwire the cab earlier. Bright lad, tactfull.. kept suggesting his mate do a runner which I don't think helped. Then he told Jimbob's wife who was saying how much the cab had cost them to fuck off. With that Jimbob went for him. I jumped between them and walked the tactless lad backwards whilst Billy grabbed Jimbob. Later Cat said standing between them wasn't my brightest move, putting myself in harms way and all.. Jimbob had managed to clip the lad so his nose was bleeding, didn't look broken though.

At that point the third lad and the girlfriend of motormouth got worried. I told them there was nothing to worry about really, the punch could've been avoided so easily. The kid who fell and his mouthy mate went off with Jimbob and Billy and the damage got paid for. Could've happened alot quicker though and without the trouble.

Whilst they were gone the girlfriend actually though her bloke was going to get a kicking. I tried to reaassure her that was definitely not going to happen but I don't think she believed me. The lad who was left did actually call the police after the cab had gone -shame he didn't do it earlier I think. I thought he was calling for a taxi at the time "I need a car to get here now." Three vans turned up but they didn't wait around long, I think a marked car drove by twice too.

Well eventually the cab came back, everything was done and dusted. The 2 lads were fine. And here I am back at my keyboard in the early hours.

Hmm just noticed my archive files are working. Smart.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Whilst pretending to be busy at work today I found a picture of myself and Laura on http://www.arachnphilia.net and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not exactly what you'd call photogenic. Well I do work with computers so that's probably to be expected.

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Monday, July 07, 2003

Hung over. Saturday night. Duke's, Piper then home and drank till about 4am. Put Mike up on the futon but forgot to give him a pillow, sheets or a quilt. He had a sleeping bag though.

Spent today being knackered and hung over. Watched Jackie Chan's "The Tuxedo" on DVD round at Cols.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Took the car to work this afternoon to avoid getting soaked. On Thoresby street I noticed a parked police car thought nothing of it and put on my seatbelt. then i found a blue van -well I thought it was a van anyway- was parked blocking the street, it's stopped next to a parking space too.. Anyway I waited then gave the horn a bib. Two chaps came out of the house carrying something long and black. "Could be a body in that" I thought.. well when they reached the van I saw it was a body, on a stretcher with a black rubbery looking sheet on it -bodybag maybe? They put it in the back of the van and when they closd the doors I saw it said "Private Abulance" on it. Two policemen also came out of the house as well as two other people who I guess must've been friends or family of the deceased. Not something I see everyday.

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