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Monday, June 30, 2003

Spent Saturday training, a local ju-jitsu club hosted a course to raise funds for their venue. Left me knackered so went to sleep for 3 hours and went out at about 23:30. Spiders was full of bloody kids.. This week some fool got chucked out for pissing on the fence in the courtyard bit. After kicking out time someone got knocked out in a fight and someone else got his nose split by some wuss who rabbit punched him then hid behind his mates. Like being in a playground. Apart from that it was actually a decent night. Saw Emma out for the first time in I don't know how long. I've recently changed my poison of choice to snakebite and black -makes for a cheap night at £1.30 a pint.

Just been out for a meal in the Zoo with some mates, Chris came up from Edinburgh and helped us lose a pub quiz ;) Was a bit like the early days when I first went to live on Newland Av, same people all taking the piss out of each other and having a laugh. Just needed Rob out to complete the picture.

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Monday, June 23, 2003

Spiders last night, the place was full of stupid kiddies, then went round to Laura's new house. Got woken up at twenty to six this by her housemate shouting at her bloke. Very considerate of her..

Been to visit my parents again. One night last week my dad got a phone call from the police they said his car had been stolen and abandoned in Hull, somewhere in Gypsyville. Knowing his car was parked in the garage he said he very much doubted it. TThe copper said it was a white Maestro with the registration K121RAG. This was a car that was part exchanged to Dixons about a year ago. They had never sorted out the registration documents and one of the employees had obviously been using the car till it dropped and then abandoned it. Professional? I don't think so.. legal? I doubt it. I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be a huge fine for not updating your registration details when you get a car from someone and I know dumping knackered cars in the street isn't legal either otherwise the police wouldn't have got involved. So what does this say to you about Dixons? Draw your own conclusions.

Just thinking of the garden, when I was at my parent earlier on my dad showed me three trees and a bush that all seem to be dying at the same time plus one in a neighbours garden that was looking dead. Very odd, wonder if there's something dodgy deep under the soil that their roots have located..

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Saturday, June 21, 2003

Just finished bricking up a doorway in the house, it's on an external wall so two bricks thick. Missed 3 nights training working on that one, glad it's over. The house is full of sand and cement now from me trampling it in and out.

The air conditioning at work is fucked so it's really hot in there at the moment. Someone brought in a digital thermometer and this afternoon was 27 degrees C.

Thinking of work, the other day one of the girls at work had need of something from my first aid kit. I get a nominal bonus for being one of the two first aiders but being a software house there isn't much for us to do. Just the occasional plaster gets asked for or paracetamol -which we aren't allowed to give out anyway. This was a slight chaage tho. Turned out her blouse had broken and she needed a safety pin to preserve her modesty.. I didn't get to administer it tho.

Still haven't got archiving working. Seems to be an archive file missing or something (?) anyway I've set this page to only show the latest 20 posts for now.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Trying to sort out archiving for this site.. it's getting too long.

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Friday, June 06, 2003

Stories and footage of allied soldiers abusing iraqi POWs are getting into the media. Not a huge surprise. I very much doubt anything will come of the UK and US military investigations to follow though.

Channel 4 was interviewing reporters and cameramen who'd been embedded or roving and showing footage of burned and mangled civilians, wrecked vehicles and bits of people blown up by friendly fire. I think that stuff should have been shown in the first place to give people a proper handle on what was going on. Thinking back, the coverage at the time suggested that when a civilian got killed it was a rare occurrence but there was often burned out obviously non-military vehicles in the background of what we were being shown.

I wonder how that kid who lost his arms is doing nowadays? Seems he's not really news anymore. Nor is that young girl who got shot in the head when americans shot the crap out of her family's passing car. On the otherhand some footballer bleaches his hair and that gets in the papers.. doesn't say much for the nation does it? Meanwhile fighting is still going on in Iraq -and Afghanistan too lest we forget.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Today I bumped into a mate who was attacked with an axe a coupe of weeks back. He seemed to be in good spirits. Doesn't look too bad, some scarring on his head that hair will cover and some nasty cuts on his hand and a busted finger. He spent a bit of time in the plastic surgery unit getting his hand sorted out.

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Monday, June 02, 2003

Mike came back from his travels this weekend. For his first Saturday night out after a year away we wound up going to Tube in Silhouettes.. The place was nearly empty, about 90% of the tiny clientelle were blokes and apart from the early nineties indie stuff the music was pap. I shan't be heading back there anytime soon.

Finished painting the railings at last, or to be honest I'd have to say finished fucking painting those sodding railings at bloody last. Took two days off and a weekend to get the job done. Still shouldn't need redoing for a few years.

Was going to go to Aftermath at the Welly Club tonight to see Shayler (formerly Hooker) but spent the evening setting a up a PC for Laura's family instead. Still got a bottle of wine and a chinese for my troubles.

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