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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Spent two hours at work on one call talking to some dense old lady. She was a good arguement for euthenasia. A major part of my job is talking to idiots when something has gone wrong, or as frequently happens when they've done something stupid and screwed up their network. Usually it doesn't bother me, I repeat my instructions to them over and over untill they do what I tell them or I just ignore their yapping dial into their systems figure out what they've done and sort it out myself. But today... I could've quite happily garrotted the old dear with her bloody mouse lead.

Anyway after work spent four hours sanding my railings so I can repaint them tomorrow. Had to stop when it got too dark to see what I was doing. Had a chinwag with Phil and completely failed to recognise Sally, Cat and Jo when they bibbed me from the car. I never recognise people in cars though, I just see a car.

Planned to stay in this evening but got bored and headed over to the Room. It's half term at the moment so the place was packed out with College kiddies. Still it was a decent night. Don't seem to have had any bad ones since I started typing this blog do I?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Another long weekend has shot past. Just been training. The bank holiday monday was okay. Went for a run, did a few laps of Pearson park -saw a few squirrels, alcoholics, ducks and some kids having a BBQ near a tree. Talked to Natasha, an ex-girlfriend, she's coming back to Hull sometime next month. I've told her she can buy me lunch, we'll see. People at work find it wierd that I manage to stay on good terms with my various exes but I think it makes things easier. Once you know someone so well it's a real waste to throw it away.

What else? Went to Billy's, he's been chucking out stuff that the landlord, other housemates and various acquaintances have left behind. Washing machines, computers, pick axe handles, a 3 piece suite, cupboards -the usual stuff. I took home my BBQ, been there for about a year, oh and a bit of furniture from what was once my room there. My female cat used to live at Billy's house too back when the landlord moved an old wino in, before Mike became and international hobo.

Popped round to Laura's and watched (endured) a Kevin Costner film called Dragonfly. It was enlightening insofar as I didn't know anyone really made films so boring.

Do I go to the Room tomorrow or don't I? Tricky one. I'm skint, but get paid tomorrow (well about an hour ago seen as midnights gone). I have got Thursday off but I need to sand and paint some railings -isn't my life rock'n'roll.

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

Cool thunderstorm today. Street was covered in hailstones, a bit freaky for May. Spiders last night once again. As we were leaving I got a call from Kat, couldn't hear her too well tho. Haven't spoken to her for absolute ages, nice to be remembered. Anyway there are worse things in the world than getting phone calls from drunk girls -phone calls from drunk blokes for one.

Went for a meal with some mates. Someone's sister was going out on a blind date arranged over the internet. They're supposed recognise each others car number plates at their meeting place.. I have serious doubts about people who use the net for meeting girls. I suspect if you really do want to hook up with a serial rapist then internet dating is definitely the way to go.. but otherwise..

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Friday, May 23, 2003

Busy week. Went to my parents on Wednesday night with Laura and gave Kim the cat a bath -the vet said she needed one.. She's eleven years old and pretty big. I think it's fair to say she didn't really enjoy her first bathing experience. I came away unscathed.

Last night I took the canvas from the kung fu club mat round to Angie's. It's a twenty by twenty foot square with three seams in it. Some of the stitching in the seams had broken and our temporary duct tape solution wasn't really holding. Angie machine stitched the damaged seams. I'll fit it back in the club on Monday night or go early on Tuesday and do it before training.

Channel hopping last night I caught a bit of Channel 5's "Celebrity Detox Camp". The show consists of four B-list celebrities, former 80's popster Kim Wilde (twenty years on), Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who seems to be famous for being a bit dim and easily upset, some bloke from an irish boy band (that split ages ago) and Richard Blackwood, undergoing colonic irrigation.. If I wanted to watch people getting enemas I am sure there are internet sites catering for that.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Wasn't that last post boring... insurance who cares about that! Well night has fallen. I've been to the dojo. Got a message from Kat with her new phone number. She's someone I tend to text or call after 02:30 in the morning on weeknights for a natter. Forgot her birthday last month, but she forgot mine too so we're even.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Paid my phonebill today.. always wait for the red letter. Shame Kingston Comms won't take credit card payments. My home and contents insurance is up for renewal -damn. The renewal was about £340, I looked around and got quotes from various firms ranging from £490 to £220 which is a hell of a variation on the same amount of insurance. The cheapest offer was from Quoteline Direct who I've never really heard of before, I shan't say who was most expensive but they do have to finance a TV advertising campaign featuring a red phone on wheels.

"Good Mourning" by Alkaline Trio came through my letterbox this morning -ordered it from amazon.com last week. Gave me some nice background noise to eat my Special K to. :-)

Found a story about a friendship between a cow and a leopard in Gujarat. Hows that for random.

Pretty normal day at work. Went for a run at lunchtime bumped into Laura and Maria taking Kimberly to the park. Also retreived my car from where I'd left it on Saturday night, went home, let the cats in and had lunch. You can get quite alot done in your lunch hour if you put your mind to it.

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Just had my daily fight with Mika, making her take her anti-biotics as she went to the vet last week and had a tooth pulled.

Another weekend draws to a close. Got woken up on Saturday by two Laura's hammering on the front door for a cuppa. Wound up having tea at Laura's mum's. Whilst I was there I repaired a TV remote control that had been broken for a couple of years. Nice to know I have my uses.

Wound up in spiders once again on Saturday night. Laura came with me which was a change.

Just watched an interesting program on C4 about the Gaza Strip. Which made me think a bit. Since the creation of Israel back in the 1920's the arab world has been vehemently supporting the palestinians right to a second state in what is Israel -the other palestinian state being Jordan. However the same nations don't seem to give a monkey's about the Kurds who's country is currently split between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria. The kurds being the largest stateless population in the world today. Here's a link to the KDP website which has news articles from various publications. It also has pretty up to the minute (well day) news what's going on in Iraq at the moment.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Just been to Bug@Room. Was a good night, after alot of energy drinks and vodka eventually woke me up. Jess' birthday too. Got her a celebratory drink -well a bottle of water anyway. She seems to be one of those people who knows to stop drinking at some point, I just keep on till the floor rushes up to meet me or the club kicks out. DJ played some Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails so had a drunken dance and so on. Saw Adam and Sally at some point.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Well I'm in a state of disbelief tonight. Just found out one of my mates had a brush with death. Two people, one with a gun and one with an axe, attacked him in the back of a car. Shan't put much detail on here as a Police investigation is ongoing, I'd assume it's attempted murder. It's the kind of thing that only happens in films or on TV to people you don't know. Haven't spoken to him yet, he's not answering phone, but from what I can gather it was pretty nasty -well obviously if two shitbags attack you one with an axe and one with a gun it's not going to go well. Twenty someting stitches in his head and a metal pin in his hand.. don't know what else yet. I've trained with him for a few years and know he's an exceptionally good fighter -which is probably why he survived the attack. I'll try and speak to one of his mates tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

The kid who lived next door to me till I was 9 or so commited suicide last week. He was 5 years older than me. Strangled himself with some kind of strap from a garage. His neighbours found him after his dog started howling.

Having a few thoughts about mortality. I'm still living under the illusion that I'm going to live forever. I think alot of us secretly believe that one.

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Monday, May 12, 2003

Sunday.. rain. For many people Monday is the worst day of the week, for me it's Sunday. It's a buffer to sort out your sleeping in time for Monday.

Deleted a young lady's number. Someone who missed the great April phone purge.

Popped round to Laura's and watched "My Little Eye" on video. She made some popcorn. I gave her a massage. Discussed life, love, the future, the past, other people and everything in between.

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Sunday, May 11, 2003

Went for a meal with Billy and Zoe, haven't seen her for ages. Then went to Spiders as per usual. Was an OK night saw usual faces (although there were a few notable absences). Talked with Jess for a bit. Saw Spencer, he was hammered. Wound up trying make sure he got home ok -even forwent my lift! As we were walking he tried to stop every car that came by.

We met three townies, one with his right hand bleeding from badly cut knuckles, tried to draw Spence into a scrap.. nothing happened.. he offered to start on me.. I suggested he get his hand looked at instead.. nothing kicked off. It looked to me like he'd hurt his hand punching a wall. Must be a bright lad that one.

Found Sally and Spence's girlfriend Jennifer eventually and shared a cab back from the rank near Sharkeys. Got home at 04:15.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Went to Bug@Room last night. Neither myself nor Cat drank anything remotely alcoholic -it was a bit dull to be honest. Not that many people in, but then it is exam time so they're excused. Hell of a job getting to sleep after all those energy drinks.

Different kind of day today, I'm on a first aid top up course Thursday and Friday. It's a nice change from work and a bit of a laugh as well. Spent the afternoon trying to resucitate a dummy after a morning of bandaging people. It's a health and safety course really, we don't get to do emergency tracheotomies or anything like that..

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Bank holiday Monday.. Cut back the grass in front of the house, it was over a foot long in places. Not a bad way to spend the day, hot sun, light breeze and the gentle sound of german industrial rock to mask the snipping of the shears.

Nipped down to Billy's for a cuppa and a natter. Phoned Laura, she's found a new place to move into, just around the corner. Had a txt conversation with Helen -who was also wankered on Saturday night. Then watched Battle Royale, it's gotta be one of the most engaging films I've ever seen.

Just checked my counter and found I've had a visit from the .gov domain. That's the U.S. Government.. Interesting. Maybe I'll just put a bit here about how they should have finished what they started in Afghanistan before going into Iraq, and done a better job looking after Iraq's infrastructure and utilities (like the Geneva convention says to). And just maybe they might want to sort out their own problems at home (I'm thinking of people living out of bins whilst crooked businessmen run the country type of stuff, but there's more..) before trying to police the whole planet. Maybe I'll just put a pointer to www.yellowtimes.org.

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Sunday, May 04, 2003

Been in the garden today, sleeping off Saturday night... too many red yeti's again -thought I'd slow myself down a bit with a few budweisers but I don't think that really helped. Shan't put any details on here about last night apart from went to the Fairmaid in Cottingham and then the Hallgate before Spiders. I'm considering a week of no alcohol, it does me no good socially, physically or financially afterall.

Sam and Leanne are back from Teneriffe, Sam got a job offer whilst over there and is seriously thinking about going.

Had a chat with Cat through MSN messenger. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who regrets drunken things from last nite. We've both decided to try an alcohol free week. As incentive if one of us has a drink we have to give the other a fiver. -about 2 mins after we settled on that she sent me a text saying she's gotta drink Saturday night due to a commitment.. Well that still leaves bank holiday monday and this Wednesday in the Room anyway.

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Friday, May 02, 2003

Not a very interesting day at work.. I'm a systems support analyst so how interesting could it get? Filled in an online form to renew my free subscription for Computer Weekly (I read the cartoon then recycle it, ok?) and under job description put "Drinks Machine Operative", wonder if they'll still send me it. Spending Friday night in for a change -gotta make up for Wednesday's excesses. Went training, of course.

Dracula and Kingston Upon Hull: I'm reading Dracula (Bram Stoker, 1897) at the moment, in chapter nine Hull gets a short mention. Mina Harker travels from Whitby to Hull, to board a boat for Hamburg. Well I thought it was interesting. -a bit anyway.

Don't shoot at lions if your gonna start crying when it bites back.

In this world you get what you give as someone called Rolf Rohwer recently discovered. He's an american big game hunter who got mauled by a charging lion, after shooting it. Rather than learning a valuable lesson in cause and effect he's suing the company that made the bullet he used. The guy's lawyer said "The lion died basically while chewing on my client." He apparently suffered permanent damage to his arms legs and back -bearing in mind that the lion died I'd say he got off pretty lightly.

Not only did the eye-for-an-eye type justice make me smile but look at the guy's name.. Rolf Rohwer.. his initials are Argh! Argh! Yeah, you shouldn't mock the afflicted but if you get your kicks wandering around the serenghetti, or wherever, shooting anything that moves what can you expect.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003

Been out to Bug at the Room. Met the usual crew. Drank a bit more than I should have.. talked to a few people.. some knobhead started shouting, I walked away.. don't actually know who he is but he has a stretched earlobe with a metal ring in it, a handfull of metal up his nose and shouts alot (I suspect his facial metalwork rules out a physical confrontation). Shan't lose any sleep over it.

Booked tomorrow morning off so I don't have to go in knackered with a hangover.

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