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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Another day another dollar. Quite literally as the third to last working day every month is payday for this boy :-) Looks like I might finish next month in the black.

Went to the dojo for a karate session this evening, still need to catch up on the weekends missed sleep tho. Got a call from Phil from the kung fu club asking how it went yesterday, gave Soran a buzz later too to let him know the result.

Col popped round for his PC and dropped off a bottle of wine for my troubles. Billy gave me a bottle of red yesterday for a few months loan of my strimmer -more like year now I think about it.

Got woken up to the gentle sound of my male cat puking this morning.. really nice way to start the day. I think the mad old lady on the street behind must have been feeding him again last night. I've already told her not to as he's not meant to eat tinned food but when those marbles start to roll you just can't get through to her. She means well but I've spent a fortune in vets bills to getting his teeth sorted out and stuff. Very annoying.

On a lighter note got a couple of calls from Laura (former live-in young lover) this evening. She'd been to the pub with her house mate and some student friends and was rather drunk.

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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Travelled to Padiham in Lancashire today for a martial arts contest. It was a three way event with Hull vs. Liverpool vs. Lancashire. The Hull team was made up of myself and 4 more from the kung fu club and 4 from two of Hull's ju-jitsu clubs.

I had meant to stay home last night because of today's 07:45 start and so I'd be OK for fighting, but wound up going to Spiders and drinking too many Red Yeti's instead. Got home afbout 03:30 and the energy drinks kept me awake for ages, last time I checked the clock before sleeping it was 05:25 in the morning.. anyway I managed to get some shut eye in Dudley's car on the way.

I had two fights, won them both. Ryan, Adrian, Pat and Steve also won a kumite bout each. Barry, Pat and Wayne won a back-to-back session each and to round it off Lee and Bret also won in the (defence/counter against) "random attack" rounds. Hull won the (huge) trophy for this year, looks like I've got it this month then it'll get passed on next month.

The standards were high and the atmosphere really good. We finished off with a couple of pints in the Dutchman.

On another note, today is my dad's birthday. Couldn't visit 'cos of the competition so phoned instead.

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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Later that same day ...
Didn't go to the dojo today, taking it easy so went for a run instead. Logged onto msn and registered a persona. I was right about Col's PC, it was cluttered with porn dialers and internet file sharing software -no wonder the thing was crawling. Tidied it all up and now it runs at a decent speed. He got me tea in Duke's as payment.

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Got woken up by a text from Cat this morning. Col's bringing his computer round later for me to sort out for him (again) probably clogged up with porn dialers and internet aware software looking for updates (again). Mental note to self: in next life don't pick any skills people might want me to use outside the workplace.

Yesterday being the last Friday of the month was "Casual Day" where I work, this means instead of the usual office attire we can wear prettymuch what we like -of course if you're a girl then there is no dresscode anyway so it's the same as any other day. In many cases people come to work looking a hell of alot smarter than usual. Away go the cheap supermarket shirts, polyester ties and matalan trousers and out come designer jeans and recently ironed sports-casual tops.

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Friday, April 25, 2003

Been catching up on situation in Iraq today -since the news websites got blocked at work I've not been keeping track. Let's see muslims are concerned the christian charities that want to go to Iraq are going to try and convert muslims to christianity.. Well yeah they have a point, if the christian charities only wanted to help Iraq they'ed just donate funds to the Red Cross/Crescent wouldn't they. Other news.. the boy who got his arms blown off and lost his family is being treated in Kuwait.. nice of the US Military to fly him there.. right.. well it'd be nicer if they hadn't blown his arms off in the first place methinks. Tariq Azziz (sp?) arrested various half brothers of Saddam arrested.. UK anti war MP alledgedly receiving funds from Iraqi Ba'ath party. Interesting, have to see how that pans out in the courts..

An american chap risks his life to save his dog from a burning building, horay! Then he gets arrested for it and lead off in handcuffs.. Boo.

According to Ananova rock is beating pop in the music stakes read it here. Let's have a celebrity TV boxing match to illustrate it. Lets see.. how about Will Young, the nations favourite Popstar(tm) versus er... former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins. Yeah that'd be a bit one sided... we'll give Mr. Rollins a half brick and no gloves then.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Back at kung fu after a two month stint of injury time. Nice to be active again. Two months of sitting around really isn't good -ok for some it's a lifestyle decision ..whatever..

During my time off I've had time to sample the delights of TV. I really resent paying for a TV licence especially when airtime on BBC1 and BBC2 is given over to advertising BBC channels I do not receive and radio stations that don't play what I want to hear.

Here is my TV run down:
1. Interior design programs. It is NOT amazing what a difference five hundred quid, an interior designer (working for free), a carpenter onsite (also working for zip), a couple of lackeys (also unpaid), and all the tools you can eat (at no charge) will make to your home.

2. Perfume adverts. Does this pretentious artwank really sell stuff? And why are they always in french? let's have one in say welsh or urdu for a change?

3. English soaps. Life is terrible, things only get a bit better so they can get even worse than they were in the first place. Eastenders and Brookside must shift a hell of alot of lithium. How come soap people don't live in front of the TV bitching about soaps and soccer like real people?

4. Aussie soaps. Childish adults and mature kids. The girls are all babes just like in real australian suburbia.. d'you reckon.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Can't fault it.. Got me there.

6. Family Fortunes -makes me shudder. Rewarding people for thinking the same as the rest? What happened to free thinking..

7. Charmed. Plots are prettty lame but gotta admit I'll watch it for Phoebe. Oh and Love Spit Love's cover of What Time Is Now used as the theme is superb -you can download it from here if you like.

8. Boys and Girls. I shan't say a thing -ok I will say something. I didn't such shallow people existed.

9. Your Face Or Mine.. what makes people want to humiliate themselves on national TV like that? Come on people have a bit of self respect. And I wonder how many relationships this show is going to kill..

10. Fawlty Towers, Fools and Horses, other old shows probably still being shown on UKGold. Why does the BBC still show these? If they were horses they'ed've been glue years ago.

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Monday, April 21, 2003

Been to visit my folks outside the city in the land of no signal. Tonight the conversation turned to religion, it's amazing what people will still believe nowadays.. If you gathered up all the pieces of the "true cross" kicking around you could probably make a lifesize copy of the Ark Royal.

I'm not into religion -except in a "..people really believe that?" kind of way. But if I had to choose one I think the John Frum movement looks as good as any. If you haven't heard of it, it's a cargo cult from the pacific, possibly the only one left. It's based largely on events dating as far back as the 1940s or 50s. The story goes that a chap called John Frum "King of America" turned up on a beach on an island in the Melanesian archipelago. Together with his mate Tom Navy he put the islanders to work, clearing landing strips and constructing harbours and paying them in goods from modern america, stuff like battery operated radios and such -which must have wowed the natives who had probably never seen anything not made out of bamboo before.

Eventually the americans left and the islanders await the return of John Frum with his amazing gifts, some clearing airstrips or making (bamboo) radio masts to aid him. John doesn't seem to have left much by way of instruction apart form telling them to ignore the missionaries and do their own thing.

It occurs to me that Hull has a whopping great big dock and the Humberside Airport is just a stone's throw and a bridge toll away.. Meaning all the hardwork traditionally associated with a cargo cult -like constructing jetties and clearing airstips in the jungle- has been done, we could just sit about waiting for the free stuff to arrive.

How does that sound to you? I think I could go for that..

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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Been out celebrating my birthday, wahey, and Rob's, his is Tuesday. Went to "Wok Ever" in Cott, really good banquet meal -not cheap but the food (and the service) was spot on. Had a surprise chorus of "Happy birthday to you" which was er nice.. cheers folks! Nicked my speech from Rich, but don't think he noticed. Nice one to Claire and Nick for organising it. Popped into Hallgate tav afterwards for a couple.

When people tailed off went to Spiders.. wearing a badge with "21" on it (cheers Bill -sorry Col I couldn't bring myself to wear yours!), suspect no-one really fell for it tho. Killed alot of brain cells with Red Yetis and Tequila, can't be that many left now.

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Saturday, April 19, 2003

Got older today, well yes we all get older everyday I know, but today I hit a milestone. Time for some lifestyle changes.. or not as the case may be.

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