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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

two films to avid and one to watch
Busy weekend. spiders on Friday night, Yanesha dropped by on Saturday, then spiders on the evening. Kelly came back for a post club beverage. On Sunday night Yanesha came round to cook tea for me -she did a really good prawn in hot sauce dish and introduced me to okra which I'd never encountered before. Amy came by on the bank holiday monday evening with some beers and I cooked us both a stir fry. Aside from being sociable I've also been working on the pond and lined the edge with pavers and lined them with pebbles rocks and stones -sounds wierd I know but looks good. Dante is still drinking ot of it though. Started training my leaning dwarf conifer. Planning to go to Eating The Elephant on Thursday night, seems a few people I know may be there. Better drag my self to training tomorrow.

Spoke to Sassi very briefly on MSN Messenger on Sunday. She finishes university imminently, then she'll be heading into the fast moving exciting world of accounting ;p Well whatever works for her. Been talking to Vicky on myspace this evening and watched a film called Serenity from Joss Wedon (or however you spell it) it was pretty cool. I'd reccomend it. Actually on the film front two films to avoid are "Magnolias" which was 3 hours of shite with a "what's the fucking point of that!?" ending, and "Sideways" which is allegedly an intelligent black comedy. In fact it's some far side of middle aged divorcee who drinks too much skating on the edge of depression and breakdown whilst arguing with his mate who's trying to help the whinging bastard -after 45 minutes I had to turn it off.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Time out
At last I have two weeks of no uni and no placement and best of all no coursework. Nice. Tought I'd sort out the garden a bit. Whoever said gardening is a relaxing pastime has obviously never seen my garden. what a garden is really is a collection of trees and plants battling for resources and trying to choke, starve and strangle each other whilst the wildlife tries to kill everything indiscriminately. I found a tree in the corner of the garden had been making a break towards the centre of the garden. i kid you not. The tunk was about 40 degrees from horizontal and it had curved toward the centre. Never thought a tree could move so much. Part of the reason is it's fight with the bush thing next to it, they're always jostling for space. I sepent n hour sharpening and fire hardening timber to make stakes to hold it in place and hopefully train it into the shape I want. It's a fucksight taller now so fingers crossed it'll start to grow upwards instead of sidways. Cut the grass, it's a mess tho, gonna have to do alot of patching on it.

I've had 3 dwarf confiers in pots for two or three years and they're pretty root bound y now so I've decied to try and make them into bonsai. Done one as a formal upright, remains to be seen if it survives tho :-s think I'll do one in the slanting style as it had tilted in the pot anyway and been growing llike that for a while. Also have a ficus I've had for years that needs the roots pruning, think I'll repot that as a clump bonsai perhaps.

Spent yesterday at Christines. We worked on the mess that is her garden. Both strimming at the same time we got it done. I found with the safety guard removed I could have a longer strimmer wire and cut more with it. My legs are still tingly and itchy from all the stings from diced bits of nettle tho. Her garden really needs turning over completely, leveling and planting from scratch. We then went to get frogspawn from her mums pond to populate mine with but it'd sunk so we only got 3 eggs in the end -she's gonna get me some from the church pond at some point :)

Today I hired a dinner suit for the HAGS ball. That's next friday. And bought pavers and cement to redo the pond edge -decided I don't like the way it loks at the moment so changing it. Looks like I'll have to sell off some Kenmare shares this month to meet the expenses I'm incurring.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another birthday
Just finished being 32. This blog is now 3 years old. Spent tonight talking on MSN to (Manchester)Vicky and Sam then swapped a few texts with Kelly. It's been a pretty bad year in retrospect but it's had it's good points, such as meeting Christine, Sassi, Mark, Adam, Vicky, Kate, (Manchester)Vicky, Kelly, a few other people. So as the lovebites of Friday night fade (thank fuck!) I start new year. Anything can happen, although it may not, and although things may not get better they might get no worse. I've no idea what the year holds but fingers crossed it's gonna be a good one. Not seeing much of Christine these days. hmm.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter. Woopifucking doo..
Good friday came and went -what's good about it? Everywhere is closed, couldn't got training or to my usuall friday night haunt. Went out for a drink with a colleague to meet a couple of mates at a pub in town. Fucking hell town is expensive place to drink in. Anyway it was an ok evening got back and had some wine. On the Saturday went to Lund pub to meet a few people, all couples, and all heavily pregnant.. hohum.. then to spiders for drinks and drinks. Easter sunday I was mooching around the house being a pissed off lil bugger as I do now and then when Amy came online and we decided to head out for a drink. she put some makeup over some bitemarks I had acquied earleir in the week -bite marks.. I ask you. Gross things.. we wound up going for a meal and to the Piper lub. Got home and Amy decided she needed another bottle of wine so we got one. Easter Monay today -but that's really just another suckass Sunday. Bit of a dull day, chatted to a few people on MSN. Just spent nearly 3 hours on the phone to Christine, I think we've put the world to rights -or about as right as it's gonna get.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Busy Bee
Well it's been a while, yet again.. That's probably a good thiing tho as it means I've been a busy bee. Finished last placement ok, got the CAP document done -all 6000 words of the thing. Currently working on a very dull essay. Socially it's been a busy time, went out for Tat's birthday for some drinks then a meal then more drinks then to Sassi's birthday. Went for a drink with Amy and her mate a couple of weekends back before I went to spiders and she went to Attic. Wound up going to meet her in Zebra afterwards -that place is a fucking hole so I shan't be going there again! Anyway there was some guy out who had a crsh on her and unfortunately had a pink and purple stripey jumper -guess he must've borrowed it from his sister or his gay cousin perhaps? He wasn't too impressed when Amy left with me hohum.. you'd think he'd've got the message but talking to Amy later he evidently hadn't.. Well she's doing ok anyways, working on the same essay as me. Actualy she just got diagnosed dyspraxic which is a pain but probably explains her bruises for her -that and gets her a grant from the LEA for some pretty cool kit like I got for being dyslexic.

Went out a couple of times for drinks with Vicky, she's got back with her ex -which isn't a bad thing. Kelly is back out again after her 9 weeks of staying in with a busted bone great to see her out again. Bumping into Christine in Spiders quite a bit, which is a good thing. didn't see her for a while and rather missed her smiley drunken way. She came round for some wine a few nights back. I think we met at the wrong time and fucked things up, life's a bitch tho -what can you do? Anyway it seems we've got alot of unresolved stuff between us and still mean alot to each other which is good and bad at the same time. I was talking it over with Cat and it was looking bizzarely like I was growing up but then on Monday night it turned out that's not to be anytime soon. Life's a bitch. Just been to Uni with Yanesha this lunchtime -she had a library book to return that I wanted to use for my assignment. We had some coffee and a natter, don't think I've really spoken to her properly before, anyway I invited her round for tea tonight.

Been training alot lately which I think is a good thing. Even managed last Saturday :) Kinda achey just now tho. Decided to try and improve my health, and just bought a nice heavy Judo suit which should make the Friday Kata sessions more physically challenging for me. Well gonna try and go for a swim now then read through these dull library books looking for stuff to reference in my dull essay.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Death, near death, new aquaintances and alcohol
Haven't blogged on here for ages. Someone in my class died on Thursday night whilst driving home from uni. That was quite surreal, strange to see so many people so upset -including the ones who started the course this year and hadn't even known her a month. Class got cancelled and we drank alotta coffee then went to Sanctuary (the student union) and the Gardeners Arms. When I left I stopped by Sassi's on the way. I thought I popped in for five minutes had a cuppa and left but later Sassi told me I'd been there for over an hour and they weren't sure if I was awake or not for most of that time. Oops.. well drinking from 11:30 before dinner is obviousy not a good idea. Don't think I've mentioned Sassi on here before, we've had friends in common and been around the same places for years but not really spoken much untill relatively recently.

Later I went to Spiders. Had a dull night really, I was tired and and drank myself sober. Shared a taxi to Sassi's place aterwards. Walking home at a qurter to 4 in the morning someone tried to run me over. Quite annoying, he had to sswerve across the road to hit me but I moved between parked cars and he missed.

Was going to go to 'Rock The Rez' on Saturday but at the last minute decided I couldn't be arsed. After a few texts from Sassi I decided to go out afterall and grabbed a black cab down to uni. Glad i did. There weren't many people I new in there, Just Sassi, Millie, Claire and a girl called Vicky I'd spoken to briefly ast week in Spiders. Had a few email conversations with Vicky during the week. I spent most of the evening talking to her. Afterwards there wa a prty at Sassi, Fiona and Malin's place. I walked up there with Vicky. She's rather nice, certainly smiles alot. We got there and had a drink, and nater. didn't see much of Sassi unfortunately. Then eventually I headed off and walked home Vicky along with Sheridan. We popped into hers for a cuppa then I left at around 4 or 5 walking home through what was left of the snow. Got home used a nearby skip to disose of some old skirting board then spent an hour on the phone with Kelly (who hasn't been out for ages thanks to a broken ankle).

Woke up on sunday after a couple of hours sleep with a cold, annoying -and my own fault really from spending so much time walking in the snow ,grr> coulda stopped at Sassi's on Friday and didn't really need to walk Vicky home on the Saturday afterall. Got a text message off Vicky, nice, spent the day doing very little other than chatting with her, Sassi and Amy on MSN messenger. Rang in sick today, spending the day being knackered and feeling rough. Had 2000mg of vitamin C so far, probably double that by evening.

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nights out and cunts
well a couple of people will be a bit dissapointed as seem to have fallen into some kind of relationship with the colleague I went out for a drink with. She's rather nice so it's all good ;) Had a surreal onversation with Christine about it so we're no longer doing the casual (but damnably good) sex thing together. She's talking to her ex again and not sure what's going on but she's still happy and smiley.

Went to spiders on Friday, spent alot of it talking to Sassi. Afterwards went to the Office with goth Laura and two other people. Had a couple of beers, not really interested in paying for a dance although Laura had a few. A ladyfriend's mobile phone number has appeared on my mobile, that must've been from Friday night too.

Last night went to Spiders with Cat, Amy met us in there -her first time there in ages. I'd been hoping to bump into Kelly but she'd left ill before I saw her. Went back to mine and shared a bottle of wine with Amy :)

This morning found some fucking cunt has smashed a window on my car. Turns out the fucker smashed about 30 car windows on mine and neighbourig streets. Luckily he got caught by an off duty pig. Fucking amazed that the local farce actually caught someone to bue honest. I'm out of pocket £60 excess plus gonna have to not go to placement tomorrow whilst I wait for it to be fixed. My placement isn't a part of town you want to park a car with a window missing.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

After the drunken friday night what I really needed was a quiet night in. But as if that was ever gong to happen. Instead I went for a drink with a girl outta my class. Went to Pave for beers then the Piper for more beers, apple sourz and sambuca. After kicking out from there went back to mine and polished off two bottles of Cava and half a bag of crisps between us. At some point Billy dropped by around 3 and was surprised to see company. Saw a side to Amelia I'd never seen before, turns out she's not always the shy quiet creature she appears to be. Twas a very cool evening :)

Went to visit a relative in hospital today. My folks were there and my aunt, who as usuall asked me if I was "courting". I said I wouldn't really call it that but kind of. So then she went into stupid questions mode about my lovelife/sexlife which yeah I really do want to discuss with her and my folks, not. Had a look at the ill relatives observations which was interesting kindof. After what seemeed like an age but was probably just a half hour I got tired of the deaf and don't listens saying what and went home.

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Back at the office
Busy bee. Back at uni and so on. Still oing to Spiders alt. Been talking to Kelly quite a bit. Not seen or heard anything of the ex since before xmas. Went to Spiders last night and then a few of us headed off to The Office for a change. I didn't actually go for the dancers just the beer :) Spent most of the time there talking to Suzanne. One tof the dancers was there witha broken collar bone. I sorted her sling when we were leaving. Taxied home and found Kelly online around 5am. Feeling rough at the moment. Supposed to be out tonight with a colleague.

Just downloaded aload of Transvision Vamp videos. Cool.. feeling a bit rough and wondering if there's more to life -it'll pass tho..

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Friday, January 06, 2006

A burning thing
Got a package from thailand today. It was my fire poi :) Woohoo! gave them a quick test spin in the garden. Managed not to burn myself! Whilst spinning (with a neighbour watching from a back window) I noticed that I was much more carefull with the things on fire. Must be a subconcious self preservation thing. I found spinning the fire poi quite an adrenalin rush, much more so than using my regular heavy poi. Unfortunately after refueling and having a another session this evening one of the poi hit me in the head and broke [grr] seems the link joining the chain to the wick wasn't too good I checked the unbroken one and could see it had started to open too. Cheap shite I guess. Could'a been pretty nasty. Is it was the broken burning wick ricocheted off my head and hit the ground burning a few leaves on the oldest of three yukka in my garden. Thank fuck it didn't go into someone elses garden! The centre of the wick is a thin metal tube and that cut me as it hit me but ot to badly. I've washed out all the carbon as I didn't fancy being tattooed. Just ordered some new fire poi from a uk firm.

Whilst they were working they were cool as hell anyway. The noise of the flames wizzing round is really something. Looking forward to getting my new ones :) Just been checking fire poi safety inof on the web. I did remove my top and wear close fitting thick denim but next time I'll wet my hair too as the one theat hit me did singe and eyebrow -don't think anyone'll notice it tho hehe (phew!)

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 starts pt II
Went to Kellys mate's house with a bottle of cava in my cot pocket. Almost everyone else had hit the hay. We messed around in the kitchen for a while (no, not like that you sick pervs!) and talking -ok piss taking really. She's had a text from a male friend who was a bit intimidated by the spiky haired bloke hehe. Met her mate Lee. We carried on drinking I got a few names wrong. "Start the year as you mean to finish it!" was the catchphrase of the night. Eventually the telly came on as people started waking up. The mother of the guy who's house it was was staying over. Eventually she surfaced and started asking who everyone was. I told her was a gatecrasher who'd found the place open and wandered in hehe -don't think she was impressed with that haha. At one point I opened my eyes and realised I'd been asleep with Kelly using me as a pillow (how rude!) so I decided to make an exit. I couldn't wake her up so I moved her onto the sofa and popped a duvet on her before leaving. Headed home with a killer sore head, stopped to buy food in Co-Op then at the checkout realised I had no cash at all.. oops. Got home said Hi to Cat, she said I looked wrecked still. Time to sleep now.

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2006 starts
The year is over. 2006 started well tho. We had a few drinks at mine then went to Spiders, kick out was almost 3, left with Claire's number, went to the White Room. Left there at 6:30. I was gonna hop into a cab with andy and his mate but after we just missed black cab I discovered there were 2 other people to get theboked cab so with me there was too many fo one cab. Eventually I said I'd head off and get home and leave those who had the taxi booked to get their cab as theye'd planned. Andy who'd arrived in the White Room after 5am walked back with me as he knew the shortest way. We discussed exes and put the world to rights as we went. Sahme I never saw Christine tonight

Was planing to go to bed after typing thi drunken drivel but Kelly just phoned and I'm off out again..

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Family duty in London
Went to London to visit a relative, a fucking annoying relative to be honest. Bit of a waste of two days travelling and I missed training on Friday because of it too :-( The journey was a bit of a nightmare as we did 60mph all the way -which I thought was a bit ot of character of my father but I think he'd recently had a fine so is perhaps on best behaviour. Had a really good if stupidly overpriced meal in some deathly expensive pub/dining place with russian waiters, spoilt only by the annoying relatives yapping. After that we left for a travel lodge hotel on a service station were we stayed for the night. I had fuck all to do and no one to hang about with but luckily I'd brought my laptop with me so watched a couple of episodes of family guy before turning in for the night. Only got bout three hours sleep tops thanks to the noise of engines outside. After a shitty evening that didn't set me up nicely for the day ahead. I woke about 05:30 and watched tv for a bit then packed my bag and went in search of breakfast. I left the 'sleeping' sign on my door so the cleaner didn't go in my room, checkout wasn't til 12 anyway. Walked around the restraunts and decided it was all too expensive before getting a tuna salad from a vending machine and heading back to my room. I was surprised to find the cleaner had fucking walke in and started doing stuff despite the sign I left on the door. She explained she'd seen me take my bag and thought I'd left the sign on by mistake. Yeah cos I'm a fucking retard.. and of course I took my fucking stuff cos I didn't trust the hotel staff to stay the fuck out of there -quite rightly so it appears. I got rid of her then used the laptop to play music whilst I read the Economist review of 2005 and waited for my folks to surface from their room so we could get back to real life. Got home late having missed training and too pissed off to go out in the evening. Spent it helping Cat sort out some video files she was editing on her laptop.

Main memories of London? People drive slowly and stuff costs alot.

Went to meadowhell today and replaced my shoes.

Thank fuck this year is nearly over. Anyway I'm going out tonight to a party then a club or to a party then a club then a party depending on how it works out. Happy new years eve bitches!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

There's a hole in my shoe, and that rhymes with fuck you
As a fairly shit year draws to a close my smart shoes decided to break finishing the year nicely. Quite amusing I guess especially as we now have proer snow and slush. I wasn't the happiest sould tramping round the city centre looking for new shoes today. Obviously I came away without any. Lots of dozy people out for the sales. It would probably be a good time for a cull. Slept ok lat night but woke up at 6am so still got a deficit to make up. dont think i'll go to Bug tonight (gotta save for some fucking shoes afterall!). Went out with Cat last night for a chinese at Mei Sum, she was impressed by my knowledge of Hotai and the seven luck gods. We discussed religion quite a bit actually and came to the conclusion that Joseph must have been retarded, "Joseph, babe, I'm pregnant. Put down the hammer hon. I know we haven't done it for ages but it was erm God, yeah God. Heavenly body umm.. So er that's ok isn't it? It's not like I did the neighbour on the table you made whilst you were busy at work last Thursday." "Duh yea ok I'll look after you and raise Gods kid then no prob" Then he let the family business go to ruin whilst they dragged a donkey to bethlehem were three strange old guys said "We've come to watch the birth, hurr hurr, we're kings see? Hurr hurr." but that's a whole different story. Later on talked to Colin on the phone and had a text conversation with Christine, she was asking about baby oil Twister. Sounds fun...

This morning I made a few new years resolution type things: get fit(ter) and don't suffer fools. So if anyone doesn't hear from me for a while that's why ;) Had a phone number purge recently too. Off to bloody London tomorrow night, there's other things I'd rather be doing tho.. I had set my mind on going for a run this morning till I saw the snow and wussed out. Have to ask Col about running in snow sometime. The news has stories about snow on it -erm excuse me but is SNOW in DECEMBER in ENGLAND really NEWS? It's not like it's never happened before is it, for fucks sake.

Watched 80's movie Pretty in Pink on DVD recently, mainly on the strength of the title track but it was reccomended by a couple of people. They forgot to mention it's a chick flick to me, hmph, decent soundtrack though. Done a bit of a tidying up today. Found a red rose Julie had dried after we went for a meal last Valentines day. Aw.. how sweet.. well it'll probably go in the wheely bin with the catshit, probaly a metaphor in there if I can be arsed to think about it. Anyway hope te dojo is open tonight althought it's gonna be sub zero in there..

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Monday, December 26, 2005

Well christmas day just finished. Can't really say give a flying fuck (like that expression tho). I don't like xmas and I don't like all the false and forced xmas spirit. Got given a big wallet I'll put with the one Laura got me years ago that I've also never used, a couple of tops I wouldn't be seen dead in and some foodstuff -although my parents seem unaware I haven't had a sweet tooth for about 15 years. My folks' video broke but I couldn't do anything with it as they had no screwdrivers.

Went to the rock nite on wednesday didn't sleep thursday night. On Friday I went to meet Christine and her sister in the Zoo, then we went to the Piper. Talked to a girl for a bit which rattled her boyfriend, he especially didn't seem too happy when ,as they left early, she popped back to say g'night. Christine found it quite amusing too. Wound up ratted and got no sleep that night either. Went to bed at 11am on Saturday and managed 4 hours. Headed into ott to meet a few people for drinks on xmas eve, Billy, Mel, Col and Mike (no Emma). There were people queueing to get into the Halgate so we went to the fairmaid which was ok once the kids cleared off. However after a coupe of drinks Col wanted to go to a pub with more ladies. We headed to some other pub whose name I forget. It was packed and there were indeed more lades although Col didn't actually speak to any.. hmm. My ex Leanne was out with her current bloke (he didn't say hi tho) talked to her for a bit, updated phone numbers. She said she'd been by to drop off a card but got the wong street, not to worry. She looked really great -but then to be honest she did. Exchange pecks then I fnd the others and had more lagers.

Got home to find Sam, Andy and Rob watching films with Cat. I got a vodka and we then set about ripping the piss out of Carrie on the TV. Rob was seriously scared of Dante, my hyper aggressive pussy cat haha. He nearly bricked it when the cat leapt from my shoulder onto him. Hit the sack in the early morning after Andy and Rob left. Woke up to the gentle sound of Sam yelling at me to wake up from the kitchen. She'll make an annoying mum someday. didn't think such a small person could make quite that much noise. Her and Cat made xmas dinner which was really good, nice to have waitress service too :) They'ed even got me a pressie, a really smart framed photographic print Cat had made to go in the dining room. After dinner they went to visit their respective parents and I span poi outside for a bit. Eventually I went to visit my folks and swap gifts.

Anyway that's it for another year, wonder if the guy across the street will take down his lights this year.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is nearly here, I know this cos Cat has decorated a tree in the living room. Very smart it looks too, all colour coordinated and stuff. Aside from that I'm not really a very christmassy person. I'm not religious for one thing and the birth of the christians' son of god, a muslim prophet and a hebrew messiah doesn't do anything for me, I don't believe in fairy tales. Anyway in honour of that fact, rumour, legend, or bedtime story, depending on your point of view, I've been out trying to xmas shop for people. Funny how religious events always cost money, Easter egg or Valentines card anyone?. Call me a tad sceptic if you like. Tired of wandering through shops looking at shelves of shite and and circumnavigating those slow moving wide people that seem to get wheeled out every xmas for the sole purpose of clogging up shops and streets.

Went to a village pub the other night to say hi to a handfull of people who've made the parental pilgrimage from the places they choose to live to visit the parents they choose to live away from. See if people have changed and stuff -well other than everyone being pregnant or driving anyway. Christmas just pisses me off generally really. It's a time for famlies and couples, great. Just a shame it gets inflicted on the rest of us too..

Anyway went o the pub and heard the usual xmas musical fare and was quite surprised by a cheery greeting from the barmaid. It was great to see people again seems to take a wedding or an xmas to get us lot to meet up, unfortunately some faces were absent what with being on the wrong side of the country or the equator and all.

Saw Dom for the first time in his singledom, he seems same as ever, sarcastic and cutting as everyone else hehe. 75% of the girls out were pregnant which was wierd and most of the lads were driving so rounds included coffees and stuff. Saw an ultra sound of Rob and Claires baby, at nearly two months old it's head was huge so i obviously pointed this out to the father :) I got given a few cards and felt slightly guilty at not giving them out myself this year -but only slightly. A couple of people gave me their email adddresses so they can enjoy my dodgy mass emails.. Met Nick's girlfriend for the first time ever theyre lookng at moving into a new place together -expecting the sounds of tiny feet in 2006. It's like everyone suddenly decided to grow up.

When people started leaving I went to Spiders, talked to some girl in the queue then met Cat and Mel inside. Later met Lee and Mark. No Kelly, she was apparently in Manchester (lucky be-atch!), Christine was in Liverpool watching Echo and the Bunnymen (lucky be-atch!). Cat and Mel left early on.. got a cab with Lee and Mark, although I live in the totally opposite direction to them.

Just installed a downloaded copy of Quick Office onto my Palm z22. Been playing with that. It means I can edit Word documents on it which should be usefull -erm well which should be usefull in the in the event I haven't got my laptop with me anyway hehe. Toys..

The usual problem sleeping tonight. Haven't been asleep yet grr.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Been busy with coursework lately. had to bang out 4 essays and had them in on the Monday just gone. Managed it ok. The first two weren't too difficult but the second two were really dull so I couldn't get into them. After many failed attempts to get into them I did as all nighters. All handed in now, phew.

Working all night and not having to go to uni I've slipped into being nocturnal again it jst happens so easily. Last night I decided not to go to bed untill this evening. So I've been up since yesterday and I've just been out running to make sure I'm good and tired tonight. See if I can quick fix my circadian rhythm.

Spoke to Julie recently, actually I saw her a couple of weeks ago. She had a meeting at her old workplace and came to visit. The jobs not going at al well. The unit she was given a job at now doesn't open for about 18 months (!) on top of the time she's already been waiting around. I thought they sounded like a disorganised set of wankers before she even decided to apply for the job when a relative of hers was ringing her up for advice on what they needed to do. Anyway you can't tell some peple and no doubt it's all in someone elses hands and so on.. anyway she's currently not liking the job she's doing to fiill in and can't afford to move anywhere else for another job for the forseeable future. It's a bitch..

I on the other hand have been pretty busy socially, hitting spiders twice a week, even managed the wednesday rock night last week after finishing my essays. Met a few new people. Got a couple of new close female friends in the past few weeks. That's always cool -although alotta people still think I'm on the pull wheever I speak to young lady when the reality is I don't feel the need. Things are going ok with Christine I think, she texts alot when she's drunk tho -but then who doesn't hehe. Helped an acquaintance on msn with relationship worries. Her fella was soon texting her back.

What else? All being well Laura, my diminutive ex, will have given birth last Sunday (11th December). That's a strange thing to think about so I er shan't. Another mate who gave birth last month is having trouble with the shithead father, from what i can gather tho I don't know how she failed to see the signs.. like limited supervised weekly acces to existing kids, not being allowed near his ex, applying for credit cards using her address after a week of knowing her.. well those things would start bells ringing in my head anyway. Other stuff.. everyone is pregnant apprantly. Well ok not quite everyne but alotta a female friends in long term relationships are pregnant. Strange. Guess any xmas do's or BBQs next summer will be rather quiet affairs -people are growing up that's a bit scary. However I still don't feel the need. Last month taling to a girl I didn't know at Spiders she asked how long I'd been going. I told her about 15 years. She looked at me like I was an idiot and said what three times before I confided I was probably older than she thought. Haha.

Finally got the money from my Disabled Students Allowance -not sure if dylexia etc should come under that as it's officially a learning difficulty not a learning disability. You say you're getting a disabled student allowance and people expect you to be in a wheelchair or have Down or something not to be an able bodied articulate kinda person. Anyway the NHS Pensons peple payed the money straight to my bank account. I figured the official supplier had stupidly high markups on some of the kit I needed to get so checked if I had to use them. Luckily I didn't so I sen the supplier a shotened list of stuff I wasn't going to shop around for then went out and bought a far better laptop than the one reccomended for much less money. This morning I bought an extended warranty for it -only ecause I'm not allowed to save any of the cash and a new printer -an HP 3310 which is an all in one jobbie with built in wireless networking so I can set it up on my PC, Laptop and Cats laptop. Cat's rather pleased cos it scans negatives and slides which I'm sure she'll make use of. The Laptop I got is a widescreen Sony Vaio VGN-FS315M, I wouldn't normally spend so much on a laptop as I'm not a fan of them but it was free and I need it to do work on placement with. For the first time ever I have some properly licensed Microsoft products. The software I needed was soe mnd mapping software to help order the chaos in my head, some dictaion software and some oration software. There was a rather smart solid state dictaphone and a Palm z22 organiser too. And thats christmas come early for me :)

My bonsai trees are still alive, the one I thought had died might still be hanging on -finger crossed. I've moved them all outside as they're pines and a confier and all need to weather the freezing of winter as part of their growth cycle. Also decided to try for some indoor trees and planted a few banyan tree seeds in pots and some guava seeds that I got given.

Dante's had more teeth removed a few weeks back. He's now got 5 left: one upper canine, three premolars and one molar. He seems to be far more friendly now that before for some reason although he still bites and scratches like hell -his bites are less painfull but quite gross and wet. Last Thursday he decided to wake me up and put three big red scratches on my face. I looked a bit of a gimp.

Hmm long entry that :)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This could be love..
...love for fire

I was just getting down to writing an essay on social inclusion and maternity [big yawn] when my mobile rang. It was Tat, haven't seen him out in ages so that was cool. He asked if I was busy tonight and I said 'Nope.' He and Leah had got two tickets to see Alkaline Trio in Nottingham but were too knackered to go ..so he was wonderng if I could use them. Hell Yes! He even drove them round :) Oh yeah I also found a 20 quid note what a roll I was on! I needed someone to go with so checked my MSN messenger and saw Boob online with an Alkaline Trio logo as his display pic so I asked him if he was doing anything and if he fancied a trip to Nottingham. "are you being serious?" He thought I was taking the piss hehe.

He came round, we taxied to Cott where I'd left my car at the weekend and hightailed it to Nottingham. It was foggy as fuck and I made the mistake of flashing a police car to get outta the way when I wanted to pass at 90. When I saw the crest on the door I dropped back for a bit. Doh! We even missed a turn in the fog.

I don't often do gigs these days but they were totally amazing. No bullshit, no posturing just full on punk rock'n'roll darkness. They played stuff from Goddamnit, Maybe I'll Catch Fire, From Here To Infirmary, Good Mourning and Crimson as well as one song I didn't recognise. I hadn't expected them to be so good live especially with their newer stuff as it's so much more more produced, but they pulled it off convicingly and it all worked together so well. You wouldn't guess they'ed been playing some of the songs for about 8 years there was so much energy and enthusiasm. They even played 'Clavicle' which was mine and a previous girlfriend's song (aw..). I've been listening to them for years but had no idea they had such a following, it was so cool to see the venue packed to capacity and about 200 people bobbing in time and singing along to 'my' band LOL

I snapped some pics and sank a couple of beers, bought a couple of bootleg t-shirts outside (shall give one to Tat sometime) then we crawled home through some seriously thick fog.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Gaps in my memory, gaps in my blog
Neglecting my blog again. That real life thing gets in the way sometimes.

Met a couple of new people recently. A few weeks back I emailed someone on myspace 'cos she had an Alkaline Trio video on her profile, she was online and emailed me back then recognised me in Spiders the next night. Also started talking to a little goth girl who seems quite on the ball although when I asked if she wanted to go for a drink sometime, meaning a coffee on campus, she thought I meant a date. It was worth it tho just to see the horror on her face! :) I let her off the hook tho and told her it was ok to say no. She seems ok tho. had a look at a couple of her profiles she's evidently a thinker like me. That's cool. What's a bit annoying tho is whenever I talk to someone new everybody around me assumes I'm on the pull ... Hell, last weekend talking to another girl things got a bit wierd when she thought I was quite successfully trying to pull her. That was very wierd. Hasn't happened for a while.. Wound up talking online to Kelly about it for ages after I got home.

ON Saturday night I went to Beverley with Colin and Andy, no one else was up for a beer -"Fucking couples" as Col said before Andy reminded him of his most recent stint with a girl who hated his mates and wouldn't let' him out hehe. After that I went to Spiders to hook up with Ben and so on. Saw Kelly out too, her mate Nicole was a bit miffed about me and Kel winding her up about a kiss that never happened. She was going to give me a lift home (in their taxi assume) but I wandered off and met someone I used to trin with years ago who wanted me to dance. I acquiesced then coudn't find Kelly again, she phoned twice but I couldn't hear a word anyway. I left with Ben etc and got a taxi home on my ownsome. Then got a drunk call from Kel and we talked till about 5 am. Nice way to wind down after a hectic night. Didn't see Christine all weekend.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Did my first injection today. It was a subcutaneous insulin injection with a clever dose measuring syringe. Placement is going ok seen some clients. Unfortunately one the people I've been working with is now off for a while which can't be helped.

Interesting stuff: a bloke who lived near my childhood home is up on 12 counts of indecency involving boys under 16, not good. Did he do it? I dunno yet, have to see what the court decides.

What else.. the lump in an exes breast turned out to be nothing to worry about. Good.

Been to spiders last weekend. Sam was out on Saturday. She's quite an amusing creature. I've seen inside her head actually.. three cross sectional views. Quite impressive. There's two new pictures of me on one of the spiders websites. I look a total fucking gimp as usual. I seem to have got a really at face on them somehow. Speaking of photo's I wanted something cool for my myspace site and msn space so on Monday before training i got Cat to photograph me doing some firebreathing. With digital cameras it was a bit tricky cos of the split second delay but I think we got one that's ok.

Went to the library yesterday and bumped into a girl I knew years ago. she's a student at mickey mouse universty too. Se said I've lost weight.. not sure if that's good or bad really. Cat's just got back from Bug (lucky her!) and I ouht to turn in too. Time has been moving way too fast for me of late, hence m lack of blog entries. Writing 4 essays for uni at the moment. Just sent my ex a first draft of the first one to see what she thinks.

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